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It's a very long weary flight from Orlando to the land of ice and snow. My first
glimpse of Alaska is the towering snow covered mountains thrusting
majestically out of the ground. The plane lands at 7Pm local time, we finally
arrive at the hotel an hour later at what would be midnight back home. It's 8
o'clock at night and the sun is shining and all I want to do is sleep.
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Log cabins with sod roofs are not at all uncommon in Alaska - such as this
one in downtown Anchorage that has been converted into the Visitors
Information Center. I'm told the sod needs to be replaced about once every
five years.
Mount McKinley - Denali National Park, Alaska
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Alaska, The Great Land
Into the Wild - My great Alaskan Railroad Adventure
The Great Alaska Railroad Adventure
Into the Wild - My journeys into the great frozen North.
By Roland Hansen

OK, so this has nothing to do with movies or celebrities. And Alaska is in no way shape or form frozen in mid July, just the opposite - It's warm, lush and green.
Our adventure hardly mimics that of the intrepid Chris McCandless, we stick mostly to the well populated tourist areas. I guess this is sort of a foto-blog of my trip to
Alaska, July 2009. I have wanted to see Alaska for many many years. I think my desire to visit this vast wilderness greatly increased my enjoyment of that 2007 movie
- and subsequently I stole the title for use with my little travelogue.

The Beginning

I start off at 10Am on a 3 mile hike to the local train station. It's a beautiful sunny day, welcome reprieve from the rain we've been experiencing for a month and the
deluge of a few days ago. Dragging my suitcase, laptop, and carry-on I start off strong, but by the time I reach the T station It's not just my suitcase that's dragging.
I am tired, worn out, and my feet hurt. I miss the 11 o'clock train and have to wait until the next one at 12:21. Luckily there's a Dunkin Donuts across the street from
the station so I pause for a Coffee Coolatta and a blueberry doughnut. Refreshed I sit on a bench and await my train. Commuter rail to South Station, Silver line to
Logan International. I reach my gate with just under an hour to go. I board the flight (Delta of course!) and I'm off to Orlando, FL. Orlando? I thought I was heading to
the great northern wilderness! Florida is just a stop over, I need to pick up my father who lives in Ocala. Tomorrow another Delta jet to Detroit and then yet another to
Anchorage. I have cash in my pocket, the tickets in my bag, and a smile on my face (even if my do feet hurt).
We were up ships creek without a paddle. We stayed at the Ship Creek Inn right next to the Alaska Railroad depot. I
ate reindeer sausage at breakfast - tasted just like salami.  There's an 8 foot Alaskan Grizzly in the lobby of our hotel,
wolf pelt, black bear skin, moose head, and deer head on the wall.
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Hanson MA T Station
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