2009   Delta 99 Nominations
Here are this years nominees for the Most Desirable Women
presented in alphabetical order by first name. There are 214
lovely ladies nominated but only 99 can make the grade.
Zoe Saldana spurts pure sexiness all over. With a
tight body, adorable face, and a booty that sways so
sweetly it could claim a life of its own, Zoe reminds
us why Latin girls are so highly revered. You've seen
her in Pirates of the Caribbean, Vantage Point, And
The Terminal. But it's her role in Star Trek as the
uber-sexy Lt. Uhura that really gets our blood boiling.
Abbie Cornish has been dazzling audiences
since her 2000 appearance in the sexy lesbian
crime caper The Monkey’s Mask. Her more
recent film projects included A Good Year
(2006), Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007),
Stop-Loss (2008), and Bright Star (2008).
Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World in
1994. Since winning the Miss World title, she has
become one of the most popular stars of India's
huge film industry known as Bollywood.
Aishwarya has recently crossed over to American
audiences with a part in Pink Panther 2 (2009)
Alexis Bledel's notoriety begins with
Gilmore Girls. She's finally started branching
out into movies. With roles in blockbusters
such as 2005's Sin City and The Sisterhood of
the Traveling Pants, Alexis garners more
credibility every day.
Alexis Dziena may be best known for her role as
Kira Underlay on ABC’s Invasion (2005 to 2006).  
Prior to joining the program, she played an under-
aged temptress, Lolita Miller, in Broken Flowers  
and more recently Donald Sutherland's bikini clad
daughter in Fools Gold.
Alexa Vega has been acting professionally
since she was five years old. The Teen shot to
fame at an early age when she played the role
of Carmen Cortez, the young secret agent in
the 007 spoof "Spy Kids" trilogy. She has
obviously grown nicely since then.
Ali Larter wore a whipped cream bikini in
Varsity Blues, and eluded death thanks to her
classmates' clairvoyance in the teen thriller
Final Destination. You've also surely seen her
in Legally Blonde, Jay and Silent Bob Strike
Back, and the NBC series Heroes.
Alicia Silverstone's career was founded on her
sexiness. Her lascivious demeanor in the Aerosmith
videos is what made them so popular, and it's that
same attitude that made people take notice of her in
the movies The Crush and Clueless.
Alicia Witt doesn't show too much skin like most other
celebrities, there is something incredibly appealing about
her look. She has a way of squinting her eyes that makes
you feel like taking off your clothes. Okay, maybe that's
just me. Alicia does have it in her to be a sex goddess, she
doesn't feel the need to strut that part of herself - Too bad.
Alyson Hannigan at 5'6" and 114 pounds, there's a lot of
sexiness packed into her lithe frame. The secret to Alyson's
sexiness lies in her exciting blend of the wholesome and the
wanton. Her slight figure and cutie-pie looks seem at odds
with her exuberant sexuality. Who could ever forget what our
sweet little band camp geek does with a flute?
Alyssa Milano dropped the innocent-girl After
her stint as a child star on Who's the Boss? as
soon as she hit adulthood and took on sexually
charged roles in films like Fear and Poison Ivy II.
She also stripped down to next-to-nothing for
Candie's perfume ads.
Amanda Bynes dominated Nickelodeon's sketch
comedy programming for years with her antics on
All That and The Amanda Show, she finally
reached beyond the kids' television market with
turns in the films Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Wants
and Hairspray, and Sydney White.
Amanda Peet is a saucer-eyed American TV and movie
actress, who is most recognized for her roles in The
Whole Nine Yards movies. Amanda is a rare species -
unfortunately underrated. She may or may not get a star
on hollywood walk of fame but surely she will get it from
the admirers of her beauty and talent.
Amanda Seyfried is best known as the leading lady of
the ABBA-fueled Mamma Mia!. She was also the ditzy
Karen Smith in Mean Girls and Megan Fox's best pal in
Jennifer's Body. As a former model, Amanda definitely
isn't hurting in the looks department. Her blond hair and
blue eyes compliment her shapely 5'3" frame
Amber Heard has been blessed with naturally
stunning good looks. On top of her obvious
aesthetic qualities, Amber Heard’s penchant for
dangerous sports, such as rock climbing and
bungee jumping, only increases her sex appeal.
America Ferrara -With the instant success of
Ugly Betty in 2006, Ferrera can be considered
an overnight sensation. It's difficult to think of
someone who plays an unsexy character on TV
to be sexy in real life. But in truth Ugly Betty she
certainly is not.
Amy Adams debuted on the big screen in Drop
Dead Gorgeous - which she obviously is. She got
her big break in 2002 with a small part in Steven
Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can. Adams received
universal critical acclaim for her turn as Ashley in
Junebug. Amy certainly has all us men Enchanted.
Anjelina Jolie - When she's not busy adopting
third-world children and making the world a better
place, Angelina Jolie is making the world a prettier
place. When both men and women consistently rate you
as the woman they'd most like to sleep with, you know
you're sexy, possibly even the sexiest woman alive.
Anna Faris is known for her recurring roles in the Scary
Movie film series as well as her lead role in The Hot Chick.
She's also starred in Brokeback Mountain and Just Friends,
both in 2005, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Smiley Face, and
The House Bunny. Anna Faris has that sexy girl-next-door,
all-American thing going on, and we can't get enough of it.
Anna Friel comes off as the sort of person
who is completely comfortable in her own skin.
At a height of 5'2", nobody will ever mistake
Anna for a statuesque beauty -- but there's no
denying that she makes her lack of height work
for her.
Anna Kournikova - Aside from single-handedly
making women's tennis popular again, Anna
Kournikova is one of the most searched people on
the internet thanks to her amazing looks. Has anyone
ever looked better in a tennis outfit?  Not likely -
Anna Kournikova is sculpted like a goddess.
Anna Paquin's emergent sexuality has been put
to good use in her more recent roles such as her
portrayal of a vampire in the TV show True
Blood.But perhaps one of her sexier characters
was Rogue, one of the X-Men who discovers she
has superpowers when she receives her first kiss.
Anne Hathaway - Once pegged as a family-friendly
actress for her roles in The Princess Diaries films,
she's worked hard to shake her Disney image by
going topless as an affluent teen gone wild in Havoc
and the critically acclaimed Brokeback Mountain.
Arielle Kebbel - A veteran of numerous
movies and television shows, Arielle is still
best known for her role as Jared Padalecki’s
wife on Gilmore Girls. Look in the dictionary
under the words Pure Beauty, and you will
see Arielle's picture, she is radiant.
Ashley Greene’s petite frame and piercing eyes give
her a mysterious quality that is sure to catch the
attention of her male audience. Ashley Greene is most
famous for her role as the cutest bloodsucker in the
Twilight films, based on the fantasy novel series by
Stephenie Meyer.
Ashley Judd has the type of subdued sensuality that
drives some men wild. She left a lasting impression on
us in A Time to Kill, in which she was dressed in a
skimpy white dress in the Southern heat.
Ashley Tisdale is one of the stars of the High
School Musical trilogy. Sun-kissed skin, blond
tresses of hair and warm eyes that could heat a log
cabin in the middle of January, whether it's sex
appeal or the cute factor, we can't think straight
when Ashley Tisdale is around.
Audrey Tautou is our current reigning #1 on the Delta 99
She became an international star with the French
blockbuster, Amlie. Now receiving a barrage of Hollywood
propositions, Audrey has already starred in some English
language movies: Dirty Pretty Things, Nowhere to Go But
Up and The Da Vinci Code.
Beyonce Knowles - With a successful singing
career she has now hit Hollywood with roles in
several major motion pictures. This goddess
possesses almost every great feature imaginable.
Best of all is that Beyonce knows how to work it.
Billie Piper has four back-to-back #1 singles in
the UK, most famous was "Because We Want
To", and she was the spokesmodel for Smash
Hits. However, she is best known to Delta Films
as Fanny Price in my favorite adaptation of Jane
Austen's Mansfield Park.
Blake Lively - The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is
one of the most successful tween movies in history.
Since then, she’s landed a gig on one of TV's hottest
shows (Gossip Girl). Along with Alexis Bledel and
America Ferrara, Blake rounds out our 'Sisterhood'
nominees. The only one missing is Amber Tamblyn.
Bridget Moynahan's perfect proportions and
statuesque height, 5'9", her legs are famous on their
own, as their great length makes for a few feet of
sex appeal. The rest of her curves are amazing as is
her ability to stare alluringly into the camera behind
perfectly disheveled curls.
Britney Spears has sex appeal, there's no denying
it. The video for "Baby One More Time," in which
Britney is dressed in a private-school uniform,
pigtails, knee-highs and all, launched her into the
stratosphere of men's "Catholic schoolgirl" fantasies.
Still it's hard to ignore the crazed shaved head incident.
Brittany Murphy is best known for her acting
roles in Clueless, 8 Mile, Uptown girls, and Sin City.
Capable of drawing people's attention through her
versatility in portraying characters on-screen.  This
petite yet energetic performer is at times beautiful or
sexy, but she can't help but
always be a cutie..
Brooke Burke - After modeling for the Frederick's of
Hollywood catalog and hosting E!'s Wild On, Brooke's
new job descriptions include swimwear designer and
full-time mom. Settling into motherhood doesn't mean
she's lost any of the mesmerizing sex appeal from the
days when she was exploring exotic locations.
Bryce Dallas Howard is the perfect antidote for
men tired of bleached blondes. This ravishing redhead
can be seen from a mile away, thanks to her ruby red
locks and her megawatt smile. Howard’s stunning
physical appearance is only half of her appeal. She
also exudes an aura of class and sophistication.
Calista Flockhart's biggest claim to fame is as
the star of Fox's Ally McBeal. Sexy is a strong
word for Calista. She's cute, but we wouldn't see
any car accidents coming as a result of Calista
crossing the street. She also has a successful
Broadway career, and a string of movies.
Cameron Diaz has taught us a lot of things: 1)
Sometimes there's nothing sexier than watching a woman
dance in guy's underwear, 2) There are other options to
hair gel, 3) It's OK for a grown man to laugh at a cartoon
once in a while and 4) If a man shows up drunk at your
door while you're on vacation it's OK have sex with him.
Camilla Belle can thank her Brazilian mom and
American dad for giving her a sexy but very wholesome
look. She is blessed with sex appeal not only from her
looks but also because of her warm and giving
personality. Camilla's a hot young thing with a keen
mind who yearns to make a difference. That's hot.
Carey Mulligan this attractive and waifish
young actress has made a big splash with her role
in An Education. One fifth of the Bennett girls
from 2005's Pride and Prejudice (all of whom
have been nominated). When all is said and done,
Carey is so adorably cute it borders on ridiculous.
Carly Schroeder began her career playing
Serena Baldwin on General Hospital. Schroeder
then appeared as Melina Bianco in The Disney
Channel's Lizzie McGuire. She has starred in a few
motion pictures such as Meen Creek and Gracie.
But lately this pretty blond has all but disappeared.
Carrie Underwood became the fourth
American Idol winner in May of 2005, then
released a new single, "Inside Your Heaven,"
which went straight to No. 1. Carrie has sex
appeal, her sweetness, beauty and country
charm certainly don't hurt.
Cate Blanchett has proven herself as a superb
dramatic actress from Elizabeth and Bandits to The
Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Aviator,and Notes On
a Scandal. Blanchett has more than her acting talent
to rely on. A blond Aussie  it is her dangerously
curvaceous body that mesmerizes us most of all.
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Besides being every
red-blooded male's fantasy she is also an A-list actress.
This voluptuous Welsh beauty is one of the sexiest
women in Hollywood. Her sultry, dark looks, sexy
accent, incredible figure, and intelligence combine to
make a phenomenal specimen of seductiveness.
Charisma Carpenter spent two years fighting
vampires on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she
reprised her role on the spin-off Angel. One of
Charisma's biggest qualities is that she doesn't look
her age. She can easily pass for a decade younger
and therefore appeals to a wide age range.
Charlize Theron  struck Oscar gold with her
gritty performance as a serial killer in Monster.
Everything about Charlize Theron is sexy. Starting
with her amazing green eyes and her magnetic
smile, and moving along her 5'10" body, Charlize
Theron can render any man helpless.
Christina Applegate became famous as the air-headed
slutty daughter Kelly Bundy on FOX's Married... With
Children. The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer
last March. Following a double mastectomy &
reconstructive surgery Christina quipped "I don't have to
wear a bra! The gals look good in tank tops."
Claire Danes' previous teen star status and her
knack for playing awkward, angst-ridden, or
victimized women detracts a bit from her sexiness.
Her own ample intellect and seriousness as an actress
have perhaps prevented her from taking any bubbly,
girly-girl roles that would make her more of a sexpot.
Claire Forlani fell in love with Death in Meet Joe
Black and was Sean Connery's daughter in The Rock.
Claire's slightly feline features have been sexy enough
to at least raise the eyebrows, and blood-pressure, of
even the starchiest critics. Even though she's appeared
in dozens of films she has yet to find stardom.
Courteney Cox starred as Monica on NBC's Friends
for 10 seasons, and proved she could take on the big
screen with roles in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the
successful Scream series. She is currently back
displaying her assets on the boob-tube starring in the
ABC comedy Cougar Town.
Dakota Fanning - The second of four Twilight
vampires to score a nomination this year (what
happened to Rachelle Lefevre?). A very
accomplished child actor, Dakota has blossomed
into a poised and beautiful teen. With natural
blond hair and blue eyes she'll be breaking hearts
Danica Patrick is a shining star in a sport governed
and controlled by men, she found her way into the
Indy Racing League in 2002. Six years later this speedy
sexpot made waves in the February 2008 Sports
Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It's hard to make a racing
suit look sexy but somehow she manages.
Denise Richards' topless makeout session in the
pool with Neve Campbell in Wild Things is still one of
the most provocative scenes ever seen in a Hollywood
movie. She was a Bond Girl in The World Is Not
Enough, and she's scored roles in Starship Troopers,
Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Love Actually.
Diane Lane's sexiest feature is debatable. For some,
it's her dark eyes, which seem capable of reducing men
to jelly in a matter of minutes. You could also make a
case for her entire face, her perfectly proportioned
figure, or her deep sultry voice. She's become the go-to
girl for portraying the lonely divorcee in movies
Drew Barrymore is Hollywood's reigning Queen of
Cute. After giving moviegoers reason to smile in E.T.,
she became the drug-addled poster girl for everything
that was wrong with Young Hollywood. She still delivers
that unique brand of Drew appeal  that her many male
and female fans have come to love over the years.
Elisha Cuthbert - Though she tentatively
established herself as an alluring figure on 24,
Cuthbert wasn’t branded a full-fledged sex
symbol until she took on the role of Danielle in
the saucy 2004 comedy The Girl Next Door. She
also appeared in Old School and Love Actually.
Eliza Dushku started as the bratty little daughters in
True Lies & Bye Bye Love but she first captured out
attention for her bikini shopping and mechanical bull
riding in The New Guy. For a closer look at her
undeniable hotness, we suggest you pick up The Alphabet
Killer, in which Dushku appears (drum roll...) topless!
Elizabeth Banks good looks and charm combine
to give her instant sex appeal. She may not have the
kind of bad-girl persona that could really get your
blood pumping, but we know there’s a naughty
side to her. Just witness Elizabeth’s memorable
performance as the evil step-mom from Uninvited.
Elizabeth Hurley oozes sex appeal with her walk, her
talk and the glances she gives the camera. Before starring
as Vanessa Kensington in two of the three Austin Powers
movies and as the devil in Bedazzled and showing us her
perfect bikini body in The Weight of Water, Liz Hurley
was known as the face of Estée Lauder.
Ellen Pompeo has come into her own as Dr.
Meredith Grey on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. But prior
to donning scrubs she wore a stewardess uniform
and was Leo DiCaprio's "best date ever" in Catch
Me If You Can. An angular-featured, fair-haired
beauty who emerged from ingenue to leading lady.
Ellen Page's breakout title role in Juno made her a
household name practically overnight. However she first
came to our attention as the 14 year old 'lolita' Hayley
Stark in 2005 film Hard Candy - and flashes her bra a
couple times in order to expose an internet pedophile.
Page tends to play smart wisecracking characters.
Emily Blunt is best known for her memorable turn
as Streep’s sarcastic assistant in the The Devil Wears
Prada, and her role in The Jane Austen Book Club .
Emily has a physically toned body and  looks as
ravishing as a brunette as she does a red head. Adding
to her sex appeal is her adorable British accent.
Emily Deschanel stands at a slender 5’9”, and
although it looks like she has the legs to attract the
fellas, she never really shows them off. It’s Emily’s
classiness that’s most appealing. And for that she earns
extra points on the sexiness scale. She's best known as
Dr Temperance Brennan on the FOX TV series Bones
Emily Mortimer - Despite being prim and
proper on the surface, Mortimer is one sexy
British bird. Check out any of her revealing nude
scenes in Coming Home, Lovely & Amazing,
Young Adam, and The Sleeping Dictionary where
she generously showcases her stunning curves.
Emma Roberts became a bona fide teen queen with her
role opposite Sara Paxton and JoJo in Aquamarine and with
her appearance as iconic character Nancy Drew. Although
currently doing family friendly roles Julia's niece is poised
to break out into more mature characters. She has no less
than 6 projects due to come out next year.
Emma Stone has appeared on a variety of well-
known TV shows including Malcolm in the Middle and
Medium but she’s undoubtedly best known for her role
in the smash comedy hit Superbad. She's got a beautiful
face, an awesome body and the acting chops to keep
her on Hollywood's radar for a long time to come.
Emma Thompson has appeared in a series of
critically-acclaimed and award-winning films
such as Henry V,  Howards End, The Remains of
the Day,  Sense and Sensibility, and Love
Actually. Emma  was even offered Sharon
Stone's role in a little movie called Basic Instinct.
Emma Watson has achieved worldwide fame as
Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. We've
watched her grow up and bloom right in front of our
eyes. It's not just us who have a fond liking for this
British beauty, she made several sexy lists in the last
few years including Maxim's Hot 100.
Emmy Rossum is strikingly beautiful, but simply
doesn't present herself in an overtly sexual way. And she
hardly needs to, she's got plenty going for her already.
That one scene in Mystic River where she dances on the
bar with her friends - we would have gladly faced off
against  Sean Penn for a taste of Emmy then.
Eva Green, the second of our many bond girl
nominations, plays sexy double agent Vesper Lynd
opposite Daniel Craig in the recent 007 adventure.
The 'Casino Royale' actress also admits she is
worried her sultry Bond character will prevent her
from landing other movie roles in the future.
Eva Longoria had us with one gaze from her big
hazelnut eyes and a smile from her delicate mouth. It
doesn't help that her legs are to die for, and that she
has a body that makes her role as a former model
believable. Eva scored big as sexy Gabrielle Solis on
ABC's Desperate Housewives.
Famke Janssen - long before she put on her X-Men
uniform Famke was bad Bond Girl Xenia Onatopp in
GoldenEye, where she reaches orgasm while killing
people, we've been wondering what it would be like to
be on the receiving end of those killer legs. Who else
can do the nasty while being truly nasty?
Eva Mendes has always embraced her femininity.
“It's fun to be a woman,” she says. “It's fun to flirt
and wear makeup and have boobs.” Naturally we also
think it would be fun to have Eva's boobs. With a slew
of major motion pictures Mendes is quickly becoming
one of Hollywood’s most bankable actresses.
Evan Rachel Wood achieved recognition in Thirteen, an
edgy film about a young girl’s discovery of sex, drugs and
petty crime, for which she won the Delta's Choice Award
for Best Actress. Wood is a definitely hot and is attracted
to older men - Manson is 40,  Shane is 31 - and believes it
is because she is more mature than other people her age.
Gabrielle Union's movie debut came in 1999's teen hit She's
All That and was soon followed by 10 Things I Hate About
You, but these were overshadowed by her performance as
brash cheerleading captain in the hugely popular Bring It On.
To put it bluntly, Gabrielle is stacked. She is an all-around,
bona fide babe : tight body, long legs, beautiful face, and so on.
Gemma Arterton is known in the UK
for her role in the Jane Austen miniseries
Lost in Austen. To the rest of the world,
she's known as one of the new Bond
girls in Casino Royale, and more recently
as naughty school girl in St Trinians.
Gisele Bundchen has been the prime choice of
photographers, magazine editors and fashion designers
alike since 1999 when she first appeared on the cover
of Vogue. There's no denying that Gisele has a
ridiculously smoking body, though. Thanks to her,
boobs are back! So are hips! We're incredibly grateful
Gwyneth Paltrow is a blonde beauty whose looks
are reminiscent of classic Hollywood. Paltrow is
another of our Jane Austen nominees as she played the
title role in Emma. Most recently, she has reemerged
on the mainstream as the world's most desirable
superhero assistant in Iron Man and its 2010 sequel.
Haley Bennett starred as a 'Britney Spears clone' pop
singer in the hit comedy Music & Lyrics. She starred in
The Haunting of Molly Hartley and had a role in the hit
Marley and Me. Haley is also working on her debut album,
which should expose her to an entirely new audience. We
at Delta Films are very much in favor of her being exposed.
Halle Berry has starred in such movies as
Boomerang , Bulworth, the three installments
of X-Men, and is another of our bond girls in
Die Another Day. Halle was put on this Earth
to make men's jaws drop. She has done a
great job so far: Her sex appeal is undeniable.
Hayden Panettiere is mainly known for
playing Claire Bennet on Heroes. Our penchant
for cheerleaders knows no bounds and with her
all-American-girl face, rockin' body and luscious
lips Hayden is definitely our favorite short skirt
tight sweater wearing pom-pom shaker.
Heather Graham starred in some great movies like
Boogie Nights, Lost In Space, Bowfinger, Austin
Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Undeniably sexy.
She has that innocent face that seems to be hiding a
wild woman inside - And we know she can be wild -
she played a 1970s porn starlet, need we say more?
Hilary Duff is best known for her starring role as
Lizzie McGuire on TV and movies. Her more mature
image is a definite improvement. Gone are the short
blond locks and bubble-gum fashion, replaced by a
longer mane and a sexier wardrobe. Plus she put a
live scorpion down her pants in War Inc
Hilary Swank's turn as Teena Brandon in the
independent film Boys Don't Cry won universal
acclaim as well as the Oscar for Best Actress. In
2005, Hilary Swank proved that she wasn't a
one-trick pony when she won the Best Actress
Oscar for her performance in Million Dollar Baby.
Isla Fisher -The combination of her petite body and
striking red hair got our attention immediately. At first
glance, we could have sworn Isla was barely old enough
to pose in such naughty ways. Her small frame packs a
lot, with curvy hips, a fine butt and a flat stomach.
Isla's young, angelic face completes the package.
Jaime Lynn Spears biggest claim to fame, other than
being Britney's little sister, is her under-age pregnancy
A pretty blond teen with great breasts who presents
evidence that she puts out definitely captures our
attention. Of course she might impress us more if she
demonstrated some intelligence and practice safe sex.
Jaime Pressly's no stranger to appearing au naturel.
Besides her early nude scenes in Poison Ivy: The New
Seduction, Jaime's also been known to show her stuff
in Playboy and Allure. Jaime Pressly has also been a
hot commodity on the magazine circuit. Is it any
wonder Earle wanted to marry her in the first place.
January Jones is a woman who has never been shy
about strutting her stuff. We first noticed her as Jeannie
in Love Actually, one of Colin Frissel's American girls  
Later as the wife of a border guard in The Three Burials
of Melquiades Estrada. She's currently serving time in
the 60's as Betty Draper on TVs Mad Men
Jayma Mays - Redheads armed with drifting, wide, sky
-colored eyes and pale, rosy skin tones drive some guys up
the wall with their sex appeal (like me for one). Add the fact
that she can play any role and Mays' beauty starts to leap off
the screen. She's had recurring roles on Ugly Betty & Heroes
and was Kevin James love interest in Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Jean Louisa Kelly share both a birthday and
home state with me - Born March 9 in Worcester,
Massachusetts, Kelly began performing as a child.
She made her film debut in the John Candy hit
Uncle Buck. Kelly displayed her singing talents
on-screen in Mr. Holland's Opus.
Jeanne Tripplehorn is probably best
remembered for her sizzling sex scene with Michael
Douglas in Basic Instinct. “That was my first love
scene on film, and it was complete beginner's
luck”. She followed that up with roles in The Firm,
Waterworld, Til There Was You, & Sliding Doors.
Jena Malone has more than 30 films to her credit,
she has established herself as one of her generation’s
most talented and prolific actresses.  She was the
youngest Bennett sister, Lydia, in P&P even though
she is actually older than all but Rosamund Pike. Jena
still looks ten years younger than her 25 years.
Jenna Fischer was told she wasn’t “hot enough”
to warrant a callback to Alias - despite the fact that
they thought she was talented. Her most famous
roles as Pam on  The Office and as Darlene, the
mistress of John C. Reilly, in Walk Hard: The Dewey
Cox Story prove that Fischer is quite the catch.
Jennifer Aniston has often been described as the girl
next door, but thanks to her hardcore fitness regime and
outgoing personality, she's proven that the girl next door
can just as sexy as the vixen down the block. GQ
featured the ultra fit Jennifer Aniston on the cover
completely nude, except for a red, white and blue tie.
Jennifer Beals gained stardom faster than you could say
"what a feeling" in 1983. Her sexy portrayal of blue-collar
worker/dancer Alex Owens in the movie Flashdance made
her the most recognizable actress of the 1980s. Her
unforgettable watery dance scene in the film gave many a
teenage boy a new appreciation for the term "wet dream".
Jennifer Connelly at 5'8", she strikes quite a
pose. Her gorgeous figure hasn't hurt her
popularity either. Before A Beautiful Mind,
Jennifer's sex appeal wasn't evident to everyone,
as she veered toward roles that emphasized her
acting abilities rather than her looks.
Jennifer Garner - There's something about a
woman who has the skills to play a martial arts
trained CIA agent that makes her terribly sexy.
There's also something about a woman who has a
striking physique, a gorgeous face, and soft, pouty
lips that makes her terribly sexy.
Jennifer Lopez is about as sexy as any woman can
naturally be. Considering that she hasn't had any work
done, we have to admit that she's a smokin' Latin lady.
With her olive skin, sparkling eyes, tantalizing curves,
and infamous rear, it's no wonder we love drooling
over J. Lo. Oh, and I heard she can sing and act too.
Jennifer Love Hewitt's fame started with a
goody-goody role in Party of Five. Her star continued
to rise as she starred in films like Heartbreakers,
Can't Hardly Wait, and Garfield. But her biggest
acting break came in the form of TV's Ghost
Whisperer. Let's face it - Love is her middle name.
Jessica Alba is perfectly at home prancing around in
a teeny bikini. "I'm comfortable looking sexy,” she
insists. “Hollywood always plays up your sexuality,
because that's what gets men into the theaters.” With a
string of nearly-nude performances in Honey, Sin City
and Good Luck Chuck we wholeheartedly agree.
Jessica Biel, At 5'7", towers over the majority of
young Hollywood, and her toned body gives her an
older, sexier appearance than girls who are just naturally
thin. Jessica played Mary Camden on the WB's 7th
Heaven. Hoping to change her innocent image, she posed
topless for the March 2000 issue of Gear magazine.
Jessica Simpson proved that she could look
great in Daisy Dukes in the film version of The
Dukes of Hazzard and the 2006 flick Employee of
the Month. She used to be famous for being the
believable virgin of the teenage pop sensations.
The older Jessica gets, the sexier she becomes.
Jodie Foster's roles in Taxi Driver, Contact,
Silence of the Lambs, Anna and the King, and
The Accused have contributed to her status as
one of the most awarded and respected actors
in Hollywood. Good looks, Yale education,
acting talent, with two Oscars to prove it.
Jordana Brewster  thrilled mankind by starring in
The Fast and the Furious and The Faculty - She's now
become one of our 'Chuck' girls playing his former
college sweetheart. Fans of all ages have spent countless
hours worshipping this 21-year old goddess. And for
good reason, she's definitely something to stare at.
Julia Ling has come to our notice playing Morgan Grimes
GF and Chuck's BuyMore co-worker on the popular TV
show. Along with Sarah Lancaster (who plays Chuck's
sister) Ling is one of the few beautiful women that hasn't
been Cuck's romantic interest. Julia was a state finalist in
the Miss America Pageants when she was sixteen years old.
Julia Roberts is probably most famous for being
Emma Roberts aunt. But don't let that fool you, Julia is
a talented actress in her own right with roles in The
Pelican Brief, Notting Hill, Erin Brockovich, and
Duplicity. Her luminous smile is a legendary, and an
incredible turn-on. She also looks damn good in a bikini.
Julia Stiles was the star of the movies Save The Last
Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You and had a
major part in all The Bourne films. Julia Stiles doesn't
immediately strike you as a sexy diva. She has a
tendancy to choose roles of strong, independant, and
intelligent women - which is incredibly sexy.
Julianne Moore - From her porn star stint in Boogie
Nights to her role as FBI agent Clarice in Hannibal,
Julianne makes us want more of her red-hot talent. With
her lithe figure, classy face, fiery red hair, and sultry
voice, Julianne continues to make men breathless. Doing
a monologue half-naked in Short Cuts didn't hurt either.
Julie Delpy undoubtedly possesses that certain je
ne sais quoi that one automatically associates with
French women. Julie’s irresistible accent and cute-
as-a-button features only add to her appeal. Much
like Ethan Hawke’s character in Before Sunrise
and Before Sunset, one can’t help but fall for her
Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory, has looks
and brains - what more could you ask for? After
cutting her teeth with guest appearances on shows like
7th Heaven, Ellen and My So-Called Life, Kaley hit the
big-time with a starring role on the popular ABC show
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.
Kat Dennings had roles in The 40 Year Old Virgin,
Charlie Bartlett, and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.
The shapely, 5’4” actress defies Hollywood
conventions remaining a brunette and refusing to tan.
The result is an unconventional sexiness, with her full,
gorgeous lips and big blue eyes set against ivory skin.
Kate Beckinsale was the darling of British theater
and American art house films, but she saved Pearl
Harbor, proved that vampires can be sexy in
Underworld, wowed Howard Hughes in The Aviator,
and stunned audiences in Nothing But the Truth.
She's another of our Austen girls having played Emma
Kate Bosworth has appeared in films like 21 and Blue
Crush, which made every man on earth wanted to
make waves with the bodacious California blond.
Anyone who has seen the poster for Blue Crush can
understand why she is famous - and she spent 90%
of the movie in a bikini.
Kate Hudson - Almost Famous made her famous.
Like her famous mom, Hudson brings an aura of
happiness and earthy sexiness to her performances,
which makes her a popular with audience members.
Genes play a part in her beauty, but Kate also credits
her interest in pole dancing for helping her stay in shape.
Kate Mara is likely best known for her work opposite
Kiefer Sutherland on 24 and for starring in Brokeback
Mountain. Still blessed with her fresh high school looks,
Kate Mara might look as pure as the driven snow, but
give us a minute with her between satin sheets and we'll
prove that preconception otherwise.
Kate Walsh - Why are guys all over the nation
tuning into Private Practice? We'll give you a clue:
She's a redhead. Kate stands 5 foot 10 inches,
making her level of sexiness that much more
fascinating. Her role on Grey's Anatomy propelled
her into the dreams of men around the world.
Kate Winslet - This Jane Austen girl isn't shy
about taking off her clothes - she's done nude
scenes in Titanic, The Reader & Little Children -
for which she won the Delta's Choice Award for
Best Actress. She looks sexy in the way a woman
is supposed to look sexy. How can you top that?
Katherine Heigl - Is there a doctor in the house? Yes there
is, and Heigl is one of the sexiest docs on the Grey's Anatomy
block. She starred opposite Gerard Depardieu in My Father
the Hero, was in the popular sci-fi drama Roswell, was the
female lead in the comedy hit Knocked Up, the chick flick 27
Dresses and The Ugly Truth opposite Gerard Butler.
Katie Holmes is most famous for being Tom Cruise's
wife, and Suri Cruise's mom. She used to act at one
point too. Katie Holmes starred in movies like Phone
Booth, Pieces of April, First Daughter, and Batman
Begins. There is something appealing about a woman
that projects a naive sexuality.
Keira Knightly is the most famous of the Bennet
girls. Since bursting onto the scene in Bend it Like
Beckham, Knightley has soared past her colleagues
at warp speed. Her role in The Pirates of The
Caribbean  trilogy landed her among the highest
paid actresses in the world.
Kelli Garner - You've seen Garner as aspiring
starlet Faith Domergue in The Aviator, as a
cheerleader in Man of the House and as Ryan
Gosling's pretty coworker in Lars and the Real
Girl where she fights for Gosling's romantic
interest against a high-priced love doll.
Kelly Clarkson - After working as a cocktail
waitress in order to pay the bills,  Clarkson won the
hearts and "Respect" of a nation in order to become the
winner of American Idol. Her single, "A Moment Like
This," broke Billboard records. Kelly doesn't have to
put much effort into turning on the boys of America.
Kelly Hu - If you're a female with Hawaiian in
your genes, it's difficult not to be sexy. If you have
a brown belt in karate on top of that, well, there's
just no getting around it. Kelly can claim both of
these assets, as well as sizzling looks. Kelly has
taken martial arts to a new high. Yeah, she's sexy.
Kelly Preston is better known as Mrs. Travolta, Kelly
deserves her individual professional merits. Kelly Preston
is an actress. She's best known for her roles in films like
For Love of the Game and Jerry Maguire. It's hard to
forget her on-screen romp with Tom Cruise where her
first line in the movie was, "Don't ever stop fucking me.”
Keri Russell, sexy? Now that she's grown her hair
long again, she's sexier than ever. If you've ever seen
the mostly forgettable flick Eight Days you can't
possibly forget the opening sequence with Keri
frolicking in a lawn sprinkler in a white tank top  -
braless. It's worth renting the movie just to see that.
Kim Kardashian  “Sexy” barely begins to describe
Kim Kardashian’s mouthwatering appeal. After all,
this voluptuous beauty has been blessed with more
tantalizing curves than a backcountry road. Having a
big bosom isn’t always easy. “I can’t live without a
great bra!” she insists. “I need the support!”
Kirsten Dunst has transformed herself into one
of Hollywood's sexiest young actresses. Her roles
have not really taken advantage of her sex appeal,
but she did make many guys drool when she
appeared in a wet T-shirt in Spider-Man and we
loved her in her cheerleading outfit in Bring It On.
Kristen Bell is best-known for playing the title
character in the drama series Veronica Mars, but it's her
donning a bikini in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples
Retreat that got us to stand up and take notice. Kristen's
sex appeal isn't overwhelming, but The 5'1" starlet could
definitely get things heated up quickly in the bedroom.
Kristen Stewart - Now that she's over the legal age, we
can label Kristen as "sexy" without getting restraining orders.
Stewart's attractiveness lies not in curves or sex appeal, but
in her devil-may-care lack of glamour, her quirkiness and her
smarts.  The Twilight actress is about to really change her
image as a teenage stripper in Welcome to the Rileys.
Kristen Wiig is that rare breed of woman,
combining razor-sharp humor with admirable facial
symmetry.  Her recent
belly-baring photo shoot for
GQ is definitely worth the Google search.  Wiig
often sacrifices looking pretty on-screen to bring her
oddball characters to life.
Kristin Davis - Youthful looking (although she's
over 40), Kristin has the rare quality of looking
innocent and cute, yet also confident and
comfortable in her skin - characteristics that
scream sexy. Because of this, she can look
playful and fun, yet still naughty and commanding.
Kristin Kreuk - It's neither kryponite nor her role as
Street Fighter that makes us weak... it's her exotic
beauty and solid acting. Kreuk has not had much
chance to show it off yet, she is most definitely a
sexy Canuck. She is short and evenly proportioned,
and can give off some sultry rays when she wants to.
Kristin Scott Thomas is a luminous British beauty best
known for her roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral,
The English Patient and Gosford Park. Thomas isn’t your
typical leading lady. She exudes a sophisticated, grown-
up beauty that can clearly be seen in everything from her
posture down to her refined cheekbones and coy smile.
Laura Linney hasn’t really had an opportunity to
play a screen siren, her understated sex appeal does
surface on occasion, if only briefly. In addition to
giving a very respectable performance, Laura helps
give Love Actually it's 'R' rating by showing us her
very respectable assets.
Lena Headey - With a role in the 300, Lena has finally
arrived and is set to conquer Hollywood like a Spartan. On
top of being sexy, seductive and charming, Lena is also an
accomplished and talented actress with notable roles  in
The Brothers Grimm  and The Devil's Advocate. She also
appeared with Piper Perabo in  Imagine Me & You.
Leslie Mann, You remember her as the drunk
driving party girl from The 40 Year Old Virgin,
but Leslie has had a slew of memorable roles.
Mann has starred in some of the most popular
comedies this century, including and Knocked
Up. Blond, blue-eyed and perfectly perky.
Lindsay Lohan is far from innocent. Despite
praise from the critics for her acting abilities over
the years, Lindsay's personal life seems to turn up
in the tabloids. Our former #1 has become a poster
child for Hollywood excess for club hopping
lifestyle, Drunk driving and stints in rehab.
Liv Tyler's lips - they're like beacons of sexuality. It's
amazing to look at Liv .The funny thing is that she used to be
a chubby, awkward kid with braces. She should be recast in
a re-telling of The Ugly Duckling. Daughter of Steven Tyler,
lead singer of Aerosmith, Liv's movie credits include
Armageddon, the Lord of the Rings, and The Incredible Hulk.
Lucy Liu rounds out our charlies angels nominees (along with
Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz) This Asian beauty may have
played an ice-queen on Ally McBeal, but gentlemen beware of
her front-kick. A submissive woman can be sexy, but a forceful
one is even better. Lucy kicks some big screen but in movies
such as Payback, Shanghai Noon, Charlie's Angels, and Kill Bill.
Maggie Gyllenhaal from a smaller role in Donnie
Darko to full-blown kinky star in Secretary & SherryBaby.
Standing at 5'9", Gyllenhaal exudes a sexy charm that
harkens back to a more glamorous era. Her spunky
attitude and desire to partake in the more 'scandalous'
films make her one of the sexier actresses out there.
Malin Akerman is Swedish-born and
Canadian raised, which means that this blond,
blue-eyed stunner knows how to cuddle up and
keep you warm on chilly winter nights. But, we
don't even think that we'd have to be in the same
room as Malin to be warmed by her hotness.
Mandy Moore is the quintessential "girl next door."
Her friendly and warm features are hard to resist,
but she just doesn't strike us as a crazy sexy girl
who would climb through your bedroom window at
3 a.m. and demand attention. With her good-girl
image she'd be more likely to ask you to hold hands.
Marg Helgenberger - From a turn as a ditzy
airplane mechanic in Always to solid roles in
various TV shows and movies like China Beach,
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Erin
Brockovich. This strawberry blonde displays a
youthfulness envied by women half her age.
Maria Bello was first noticed Maria on ER, but
after her role as the sexy bar owner in Coyote Ugly,
we fell in love, straight up. But it was being Viggo
Mortensen's favorite snack in A History of Violence
that really cemented her place as one of the sexiest
(and tastiest) women on our list.
Maria Sharapova -Thanks to her backhand, Maria has
several championships under her cute tennis skirt. Nothing's
hotter than a toned-to-perfection body. Tennis athletes have
long, lean, muscular bodies and Sharapova is no exception.
With her golden-blond locks and gem-like green eyes this
Russian beauty doesn't only make jaws drop on the courts.
Marion Cotillard has starred in roughly 50
films and television shows, but she's best known
in America for her role opposite Russell Crowe in
A Good Year and her Oscar winning
performance in La vie en rose. Cotillard isn't your
typical beauty, but everything about her oozes sex
Marisa Tomei - She fired up the courtroom in My
Cousin Vinny, and got our blood pumping in her
Delta Award winning nude scene in Before the Devil
Knows You're Dead. Marisa, with her sassiness and
ever present smile leaves no doubt that cute little
Italian girls with Brooklyn accents are sexy.
Mariska Hargitay is the daughter of Jayne
Mansfield, and stars as Detective Olivia Benson
on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.She
was once the token babe in movies and TV roles,
but has actually upgraded her sexiness factor by
portraying confident and assertive characters.
Megan Fox is a fox. And not just leaning over the
hood of a ’76 Camaro in “Transformers.” Yes, Fox is
beautiful and often scantily clad. She's kept busy with
roles in Transformers, How to Lose Friends & Alienate
People, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and
Jennifer's Body. We just think she's damn sexy.
Melissa Joan Hart - One look at the Sabrina, The
Teenage Witch star is enough to cast us under her spell.
It's the whole innocence thing, but like the old Loves
Baby Soft ads say "innocence is sexier than you think".
"I'm a pretty open person. Like, if I have good sex, then
the next day I'm going to tell everyone I know about it."  
Mena Suvari starred in the Oscar Award-winning
film American Beauty, and this babe can go from
funny girl in movies like Loser to a full on junky in
movies like Spun. All I can say is, Wow! Mena Suvari
is one of the least obvious about her absolute beauty
but she oozes of sexiness every time we see her.
Michelle Trachtenberg - beginning her
career as a child star in movies like Harriet the
Spy and Inspector Gadget. Now she's all grown
up. Michelle's sunny look and youthful verve are
now gelling with her blooming womanhood, and
her sexiness continues to develop as a result.
Michelle Williams has come a long way since
Dawson's Creek. Some say Michelle Williams is the
classiest woman in Hollywood. She's had lead to roles
on the big screen in Me Without You, The Station
Agent, Imaginary Heroes, Brokeback Mountain, and
I'm Not There.
Mila Kunis is one of the world's "most attractive
geeks," according to Wired.com. Mila's Ukranian
roots have gifted her with a foxy figure, while her
most noticeable features are her multicolored eyes -
green for the left and blue for the right.
Miley Cyrus - this down-home belle is certainly
one of the cutest pop stars to come along in awhile.
She seems grounded, ambitious and has a good head
on her shoulders, which means she should enjoy
success for years to come. However she has had a
tendancy to take pictures of herself in her underwear.
Milla Jovovich - Present on magazine covers and
in hit movies like The Fifth Element, Zoolander, and
Resident Evil, she is a successful yo-yo superstar
who has flung herself from fashion shows to
movies. It goes without saying that Jovovich
possesses an incredible amount of sex appeal.
Mischa Barton has always been present on our list
of most desirable women but it was her uttering the
words "Fuck the shit out of me" in The Oh in Ohio
that caused her to skyrocket into the top ten. There's
no denying Mischa Barton's natural beauty. Her
gazelle-like frame, gaunt cheek bones, and saucer eyes.
Moon Bloodgood - How did this former Lakers
cheerleader make it into the entertainment business?
Being outrageously hot certainly helped. Thanks to
her appearances in various hit TV shows and
blockbuster films, Moon Bloodgood has worked
alongside a number of Hollywood superstars.
Jeri Ryan became one of the most searched-for
celebrities on the Internet thanks to her role as the
Borg Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. With
her velvety curves, exquisite smile and seemingly
naughty attitude, Jeri makes guys instinctively pinch
themselves. She really tickled our fancy as a Borg.
JoJo Levesque turned into a teen singing
sensation. Her single "Leave (Get Out)" reached
No. 1 on the Billboard Top 40 - making JoJo, at
13, the youngest singer with that distinction. She's
branched out into acting with roles in Aquamarine
with Emma Roberts and RV with Robin Williams.
Leelee Sobieski looks like a younger version of
Helen Hunt. She's worked with the legendary
director, Stanley Kubrick in Eyes Wide Shut, been
in blockbusters like Deep Impact, and even received
a Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her role
as Joan in the made-for-TV film, Joan of Arc.
Naomi Watts’ sultry onscreen presence is undoubtedly
heightened by her willingness to participate in steamy sex
scenes, and there’s little doubt that she remains one of
the most naturally alluring actresses out there. Naomi’s
willingness to delve into exceedingly risqué territory has
never failed to impress us.
Natalie Portman has never been out of the Delta top
ten. With an incredible sense of style, she carries herself
with confidence and ease, and has men turning their heads
everywhere. As impressive as her looks are even more
impressive is her talent. At the age of twelve she wowed
us in The Professional and has had a slew of hit movies.
Neve Campbell's sexiness all comes down to her
eyes and smile. They exude a kind of earnestness that
is refreshing and appealing. She is sexy because she
seems innocent and yet ready to try anything. She
found box office gold with the films The Craft, Scream,
Wild Things, Three to Tango, and The Company.
Nicole Kidman has certainly cultivated quite a sultry
image for herself over the years. Her sexy role in
Dead Calm  surely changed the way viewers thought
about her, and it goes without saying that her
willingness to participate in nude scenes has won her
male fans the world over.
Nikki Reed cowrote and starred in the disturbing
teen drama Thirteen. With that, Nikki squashed any
doubt regarding her talent early in her career and
has deftly established herself as a multifaceted
performer worth keeping an eye on. Nikki can now
be seen as one of our Twilight 'vegetarian' vampires.
Nora Zehetner despite a relatively short time as an
actress,  Zehetner has already landed nearly two dozen
roles, including that of Laynie Hart on twelve episodes of
Everwood and Eden McCain on eight episodes of Heroes
and as one of the intern doctors on Grey's Anatomy. She
has also had leading roles in Princess and Beneath.
Norah Jones' debut album, Come Away With Me, earned
her a record-breaking eight Grammys, and her subsequent
four albums were all highly anticipated and immensely
successful. Add to Norah Jones' musical gifts the fact that
she is smoking hot, Her long dark tresses and intense gaze
and what we've got here is one fine woman.
Olga Kurylenko is the Bond girl in The
Quantum of Solace, Any chick who gets cast
as a Bond girl has a great sex appeal rating.
We know that Bond, James Bond only goes
for the exotic, uber-sexy, off-the-chart hotties,
and Olga is definitely one of them.
Olivia Thirlby's slim and shapely 5'4" body is highlighted by a
bright wide smile, long hair and expressive eyes. Between her
wholesome looks and her strong-willed attitude, Thirlby might be
described as the girl next door crossed with the acting class
overachiever. Her impressive resume includes Juno, Snow Angels,
Love Comes Lately, The Secret, The Wackness,  and Uncertainty.
Olivia Wilde joined the cast of The O.C. as
bisexual Alex Kelly. And when she finally seduced
Mischa Barton's character, Marissa, we felt a little
less embarrassed about dabbling in a teen drama.
Nowadays, you can see Wilde playing a young
doctor on the award-winning drama House M.D.
Parker Posey's sex appeal comes from her good
looks and highly charged personality. While she
might be too excitable for some, her playful
exuberance is still hard to resist. Even though her
wicked sense of humor sometimes gets her into
trouble, that's half the fun.
Paz Vega is undeniably sexy; her eyes alone brim
with sensuality. She faces the camera head on,
dominating it and the viewer. Her gaze is strong and
feminine in a way that's hard to fake. It's obvious
that Paz Vega knows how gorgeous she is, and she
isn't afraid to show it. And what a body!
Penelope Cruz has appeared in a number of successful films,
such as Blow, Vanilla Sky, Volver, and The Good Night. Cruz’s
status as a bona fide sex symbol has been firmly in place for
well over a decade now, as the actress established herself early
on as the textbook definition of a sultry Spaniard. And her
willingness to take off her top certainly wins points with us.
Piper Perabo - This sexy Coyote Ugly princess
is Hollywood's new "It" girl, and after one good
look at her, it's not hard to figure out why. She
has the kind of lips and eyes that make magazine
editors drool. She starred in the Delta Award
winning best romance Imagine Me and You.
Queen Latifah is round and curvaceous in all the
right places. She is a lot of woman and, if she can back
up her rap verses, she's a hell of an animal in the sack.
This feistiness, compounded with a generous set of
breasts, makes her a desirable crossover entertainer.
Rachael Ray - This Food Network star has
become a pop culture icon thanks to her own
daytime talk show. This former cheerleader is
sexy, just not super-sexy. But that's OK for
Rachael Ray. "I'm a cook, I'm over 35 and
these young guys love it," she says.
Rachel Bilson - With her feisty attitude and tight
body, we'll never complain about seeing her
weekly on Chuck or on the big screen in Jumper.
This naughty angel can catch your attention as
much with her sexy grin as with a sway of her
hips. Her facial features may make you think she's
still in high school, but her compact body won't.
Rachel Hurd-Wood of An American Haunting
is a fiery redhead, and one of the sexiest
screamers horror movies have seen in a while.
Rachel is still growing up and she hasn't had
time to truly flaunt any sex appeal on-screen. So
far, she's stuck to mostly innocent and
wholesome roles like Wendy in Peter Pan.
Rachel McAdams is a Canadian siren with a sweet face and
a serious funny bone who has taken the silver screen by storm.
McAdams vaulted onto the A-list with roles in hits like Mean
Girls, The Notebook and Wedding Crashers. With her piercing
blue eyes, high cheekbones, luscious lips, and cute dimples to
boot, Rachel commands the camera, which is always friendly
to her - whether she's a blonde, brunette, or redhead.
Rachel Weisz first caught our eye in The Mummy, she
was so sweet, innocent and alluring, she radiated sexiness
(and left us wondering where this little angel had been
hiding all those years). In the sequel to The Mummy, she
not only trimmed up, but added a hint of sexual flirtation to
her character that had us reaching for the ice in our sodas.
Rebecca Romijn has been on numerous magazine
covers and her acting career has definitely taken off,
thanks to her role as Mystique in the X-Men franchise
and a critically acclaimed role in Femme Fatale and Ugly
Betty. The true indication of her success, though, is her
Victoria's Secret catalog cover.
Reese Witherspoon - After getting her foot in the door
with Fear, Reese proves that although she's Legally Blonde,
she's all smarts. Reese Witherspoon has starred in a number
of successful films over the past few years including
Pleasantville, Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde, Sweet Home
Alabama, Walk The Line, and Four Christmases.
Renee Zellweger is a refreshing blend of unabashed
innocence and sex appeal. This super-talented actress
had us at "hello". Zellweger has a way of making enticing
faces that remind us that, although she's a regular
woman, she can switch on the charm on demand. Every
woman should come equipped with this feature.
Rihanna - We love a girl with a voluptuous
body, and Rihanna's dance skills demonstrate
how flexible and limber she can be. Google
her music video for "Rehab," and watch her
roll around the hood of a red convertible in a
green bikini and get an idea for yourself.
Rosamund Pike has been immortalized as the Bond
girl Miranda Frost in Die Another Day, she was
also the eldest Bennet sister in Pride & Prejudice.  
A strawberry blonde with large eyes, beautiful lips
and flawless skin, Pike is the type of woman you
always wish would sit next to you on a flight.
Rosario Dawson has earned stability in the
industry through her sheer acting talents. Full lips,
dark features and a stunning body make Rosario one
of the sexiest young ladies in the business. Given
her relatively young age, it seems as if her sexiness,
like her star value, is just going to keep on climbing.
Salma Hayek - This Mexican beauty is voluptuous
and fiery. Hayek makes us lose our breath, and she's an
extraordinary actress, too. She's hotter than a Ferrari
full of Victoria's Secret models on a blazing day in
South Beach. And the hot-blooded Latin passion that
pours out of her sexy skin only adds fuel to the fire.
Sandra Bullock is one of the queens of romantic
comedies with The Miss Congeniality flicks, While
You Were Sleeping, Forces of Nature, The Lake
House, and now The Proposal. Thanks to the similar
nature of the characters she has played, Bullock
seems more like the girl next door than a sex kitten.
Sandra Oh has the most expressive eyes we've ever
seen. Sandra certainly possesses a sultriness that’s
impossible to resist. Her exotic looks are
complemented by the unmistakably confident aura that
seems to surround her at all times. She stepped into
the spotlight thanks to her gig on Grey’s Anatomy.
Saoirse Ronan is an Academy Award-nominated Irish
actress. Ronan received multiple award nominations for her
role as the young Briony Tallis in the film Atonement. She
plays Susie Salmon in the 2009 film adaptation The Lovely
Bones. At 15 years old she may be a bit young to make the
list but
as this pic shows she certainly deserves a nomination.
Sara Paxton made waves as a mermaid in
Aquamarine, and also had roles in other flicks
including Superhero Movie and The Last House
on the Left. The sun-kissed Los Angelean is
undeniably beautiful. Sara Paxton’s youthful
veneer presents aura of innocence.
Sarah Lancaster stars as Ellie Bartowski on NBC's
"Chuck." With talent and a captivating presence, Sarah
is quickly turning heads as one of Hollywood's
ascending young stars. While a product of Kansas,
Sarah’s family moved to southern California in her early
years. It is here where she began her pursuit of acting.
Sarah Michelle Gellar definitely gives off the
innocent girl-next-door vibe, which is part of her
appeal and part of the reason men are so attracted
to her. Men love her innocent look, but they also
love the bad girl that lurks inside. To see that bad
girl just rent Cruel Intentions, YIKES!
Sarah Roemer - Her pleasant next-door features are
accentuated by her model body. Since taking up acting,
Roemer hasn't shied away from making the most of her
beauty as the bikini clad girl next door in Disturbia or
shaking her pom-poms in Fired Up. This actress reminds
us that we'll always have a soft spot for cheerleaders.
Scarlett Johansson - Anyone who has seen Lost in
Translation will never forget the opening scene featuring
Johansson's bottom in semi-transparent underwear. Since
then, Scarlett has become one of the biggest sex symbols
in Hollywood. An extra part of Scarlett Johansson's allure
is her uniquely throaty voice, which entices us.
Scout Taylor-Compton is Hollywood's scream
queen du jour. Best-known as the new Laurie Strode
in the Halloween reboot and its sequel, she hasn't
made the mistake of being too funny, having too much
sex or saying "I'll be right back" - all things that would
almost certainly get her killed in a horror movie.
Shania Twain might sing about corny stuff, but her
sex appeal is off the charts. She is one heck of a
woman! Her long, dark hair, luscious lips and perfect
curves make her a pleasure to watch. This
Canadian-born, midriff-baring, singer is one of the most
successful artists in music history.
Shannon Elizabeth - After showing the world her
assets in American Pie, Shannon decided to take the
comedy route once more and starred in The Grand and
Deal. She also appeared in a star-studded season of
Dancing With The Stars. She looks attractive even if she's
wearing a parka, jogging pants and construction boots.
Sienna Miller knows a thing or two about dressing
for success. Despite her statuesque frame and beautiful,
subtle curves, Sienna Miller has always shied away
from dressing like a tart. She wowed us in Alfie and
Layer Cake, and was cast as The Baroness for 2009's
action film G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.
Talulah Riley is the last of our five Bennett
sister nominees. She’s both beautiful and
charming. While not a conventional beauty she
managed to show us a bit of her sexy wild
side in this years Pirate Radio and St Trinians.
Tara Reid - From the bubbbly wife in The Big
Lebowski to the virgin from American Pie, Reid our lips:
Tara's super sexy. She is a very sexy girl with a physique
worthy of worship. But she's probably most famous for
her impressive assets, one of which was on display at a
P. Diddy party in November 2004 - nipple and all.
Taylor Momsen made her film debut as little Cindy
Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This
Sixteen-year-old actress, singer, and model landed the
September cover of Teen Vogue. Momsen admits to
living a very adult life for someone her age and prefers
dressing in her own style rather than hire a stylist.
Taylor Swift has amazing vocal abilities, a sweetheart
and looks to kill. We're not ashamed to say how much
we love this glowing blonde, with her hot body, pretty
face and adorably bubbly personality. Taylor Swift is
the toast of Nashville thanks to the success of her
self-titled debut album.
Tea Leoni - From TV's The Naked Truth to  Jurassic
Park 3 and the comedy Spanglish, we'd love to bag
Tea. Tea, pronounced "Tay-uh," means goddess in
Italian, while Leoni means "lions". The goddess lioness
that is Tea is a lean and femininely muscular sex kitten
with a pair of sensationally long legs and a sexy midriff.
Thora Birch is best known for the scene in
American Beauty where she stands topless in front of
her window. Although her younger years witnessed
roles in such films as Patriot Games and Clear and
Present Danger, Thora didn't really hit it big until her
role as Jane Burnham in American Beauty. Yes, we
admit it, Thora gets nominated by flashing her tits at us
Tina Fey - It's got to be the glasses. Those shapely
specs are like twin-lens veils that hide the hot
woman underneath the nerdy front. Who knows
what kind of wild woman lurks beneath that coy
exterior? She's got an adorable smile, and the bottom
line is, who can resist a cute and funny woman?
Toni Collette has established herself as one of
Hollywood's most versatile actresses with roles
in The Sixth Sense, The Hours, and About a
Boy.  At 5’6”, she’s got the average body of a
woman in her mid-30s, but there’s something
undeniable about her quirky looks. Her smile,
albeit toothy, is welcoming and contagious.
Tyra Banks has pure animal magnetism written
all over her. She's voluptuous and curvy in all the
right spots, and do we love that. Her cat-like eyes
and confidence on and off the runway lends her an
I-could-destroy-you aura that could translate nicely
to the bedroom. She's shown the world that she's
more than just a smokin' face and hot walk.
Uma Thurman's success can invariably be
linked to her unique looks, but so can that of most
of Hollywood's leading actresses. Uma Thurman,
who started out as a fashion model, is one of the
sexiest women in the world, though it is a gentle,
quiet sexy -- the kind James Bond would love
Vanessa Hudgens There’s little doubt that she's is best
known for her star-making performance in the High
School Musical trilogy. But it was some controversial nude
photos of her that surfaced on the internet that attracted a
more grown-up type of attention to this barely legal starlet.
Given Vanessa's exotic beauty there's no denying that she
can cause men to salivate when she walks down the street.
Virginia Madsen scored in 2004 with her role
as a wine fan, and we'd love to get Sideways
with her and some pinot. With her 5'8" frame
and her luscious blonde curls framing that
beautiful face, there is really no way she could
pass for anything less than a hottie. She has full,
red, pouty lips just begging to be kissed.
Yvonne Strahovski - undoubtedly the
hottest of all the "Chuck" girls Yvonne is tall
(nearly 6' in heels), lean and muscular in a very
feminine way, and bodaciously stacked. We
love witnessing how hot she can be when she
gets to kick butt and do all the martial arts stuff
on her show. We couldn't help falling in love
with her weiner-licious short skirt and pig-tails.
Zooey Deschanel - Known for her stellar turns in
mostly indie flicks, actress and singer Zooey
Deschanel is changing the face of cinema one
ridiculously amazing role at a time. Measuring in at a
modest 34-24-35 her baby blues have the power to
stop men in their tracks with a wholesome
representation of the All-American Everygirl.