Olivia Thirlby There's something about Olivia Thirlby. The Juno star has a girl-
next-door quality that makes her seem totally approachable, yet at the same time
there's this sexy part about her that just gives her the air of too cool for school.
Sge is a cutie....she isnt exotic or have all types of curves...but she is simple and
in this cases her simplicity is AMAZING.

Olivia resides in New York City where she was born and raised. She has trained
extensively in classical Shakespearian acting in New York at the American Globe
Theatre, and in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic
Art. She began acting professionally in 2003

Olivia Thirlby is actually really talented. She can act, plus she is absolutely
gorgeous, and she's only 22, so imagine how much more she can evolve as an

The funny thing is she doesn't think she's hot. When asked about her character in
"The Wackness" Olivia stated "I’m not very good at being sexy or trying to be
sexy. And so that was like a big thing for me, and a big thing to be in a bikini on
film, but I tried to make Stephanie a little bit more than just the hot girl."

Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #8
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #12  Debut on our list
#8 Olivia Thirlby
2009   Delta 99
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