Yvonne Strahovski - The epitome of every boy's fantasy, Yvonne Strahovski plays Sarah
Walker, Zachary "Chuck Bartowski" Levi's ass-kicking spy handler/love interest on NBC's
"Chuck."  In just a few short years she's gone from a complete unknown to the top of our list of
most desirable women in the world.

Strahovski first started her career in Australia appearing in film and TV roles, including a turn on
satirical show Double the Fist and a part in Aussie drama series HeadLand.

She sent in her audition tape for the show Chuck while in the United States auditioning for roles
in other shows, namely NBC's 2007 series Bionic Woman. She sent in an audition tape while
waiting to hear from the other two jobs. She was contacted by the producers of Chuck the next
day to come in to "run lines" with Zach Levi. The producers called her back a week later letting
her know she had been cast as Sarah Walker. Six months later, she moved to the United States.

Strahovski speaks fluent Polish and employed it in a brief exchange in the Chuck episode
"Chuck Versus the Wookiee" and during another meeting with Carina in "Chuck Versus the
Three Words". Although she portrays an American in the series, she briefly spoke in her real
Australian accent in the episode "Chuck Versus The Ex".

Yvonne Strahovski is definitely one hot chick. With her undoubted beauty, that cute smile of
hers and unbridled energy she's bound to succeed. What first attracted me to her were her eyes,
able to illuminate the darkest night. But it is her inner beauty that shines even brighter because it
is a reflection of her soul. Yvonne is different from most celebs because of her personality and
sweetness. She's the kind of person people would prefer as a partner for life over a partner for a

Delta 99 Most Desirable Women    #1
E! Online -  Girl on Top winner
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women    #3
Wizard magazine's Sexiest Women of TV list - Ranked #24

Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   Debuted at #45
IGN: Best TV Character Award
#1 Yvonne Strahovski
2009   Delta 99
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