Natalie Portman Not since the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly has an actress
possessed such a potent cocktail of elegance and beauty as Natalie Portman. Armed with a
maturity well beyond her years and a subtle sexuality that creeps up on you (it emerged full
force in Closer), Portman has become one of the most coveted and successful actresses in

When Natalie was ten she was spotted by a man from Revlon and he introduced her to Revlon
agents and she told them that she didn’t want to model, she wanted to act, so they introduced
her to acting agents. She spent three summers in a theater camp. After that she skipped a grade
due to her excellent grades and was put in the 8th grade. Most people in her school considered
as a dork cause she loved school so much. In 1993 Natalie made her first performance in the off-
broadway musical “Ruthless” as an understudy. “I kept laughing on stage because I was having
so much fun with this other girl, she would cross her eyes at me and I would start laughing, and
people would be like, Natalie your not supposed to laugh on stage. She participated at the
auditions for the role in “The Professional“, she was first rejected for being to young, then after
some more auditions the director Luc Besson chose her to play Mathilda Lando. NatalieÍs
parents felt the script was to violent and ask for it to be adjusted. The adjustments were made,
which led to a different ending.

When Natalie was filming outside of New York her and her mother went to Paris. Her father
urged her to read the Diary of Anne Frank, when they went to Anne Frank’s house in
Amsterdam. The book had a big impact on Natalie’s life.

Even from a young age, in films like The Professional and Beautiful Girls, Portman was an
object of desire (in those cases for men many years her senior). Now in her late 20s, Portman is
a picture of grace and intelligence (Harvard!), and can exude a raw sexuality (watch Closer again
and again) that most women spend their entire lives trying to achieve. The actress is notoriously
private and has kept alleged relationships with the likes of Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gael
Garcia Bernal, and Devendra Banhart tightly under wraps, and we like it that way.

Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #1
Austin Film Critics Award    -     Best Actress      for: Black Swan  
Boston Society of Film Critics Awards - BSFC Award         Best Actress     for: Black Swan
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards -  CFCA Award         Best Actress     for: Black Swan
Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards  - DFWFCA Award    Best Actress   
                                                                                  for: Black Swan
Florida Film Critics Circle Awards  -  FFCC Award         Best Actress     for: Black Swan
Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards        - Sierra Award         Best Actress     for: Black Swan
Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards  -  Best Actress in a Leading Role      for: Black Swan
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #2
Gotham Awards - Tribute Award
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #6
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #3
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films - Saturn Award Best Actress
                                                                    for: V for Vendetta
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #4
ShoWest Convention - ShoWest Award - Female Star of the Year
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #5
Golden Globes - Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
      for: Closer
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #7
National Board of Review - Best Acting by an Ensemble    for: Closer
                        Shared with: Jude Law,Clive Owen,Julia Roberts
San Diego Film Critics Society Awards - Award Best Supporting Actress       for: Closer
Teen Choice Award - Film - Choice Actress, Drama/Action Adventure
              for: Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
YoungStar Awards  - Best Young Actress/Performance in a Motion Picture Comedy
              for: Where the Heart Is (2000)
Delta's Choice Award - Best Actress     for The Professional
#1 Natalie Portman
2010  Delta 99
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