Olivia Thirlby is pretty, funny, and truly interesting to look at. She actually has a unique  
mix of sensuality and naivete. Thirlby’s most recognizable role may be that of pregnant teen
Juno’s best friend in the 2007 flick of the same name. Word is that Olivia has been cast in the
upcoming 3D-inclusive “Judge Dredd” movie. According to Variety, she’ll be starring alongside
Karl Urban (“Star Trek”) as Cassandra Anderson, a telepathic new recruit who partners with
the Judge and a character in the original comic published as part of UK compilation “2000 AD”

In June 2008, Thirlby was described by Vanity Fair magazine as a member of “Hollywood’s
New Wave”, along with the cast of Gossip Girl, The Jonas Brothers, Emma Roberts, Amanda
Seyfried, Kristen Stewart, Josh Peck and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

This Big Apple babe has become quite the indie darling. With credits including Snow Angels
(2007), The Answer Man (2009) and HBO's new series Bored to Death, you'd have to be six
feet under not to be wowed by this class act. Olivia's next role came in the romantic film New
York, I Love You , an anthology flick that tracks the relationships between an all-star cast in
New York City.

Olivia isn't out to be a sex symbol. She'd rather be known as an actress. That doesn't mean that
she's without her attractive physical qualities. Her slim and shapely 5'4" body is highlighted by
a bright wide smile, long hair and expressive eyes. Between her wholesome looks and her strong-
willed attitude, Olivia Thirlby might be described as the girl next door crossed with the acting
class overachiever.

Although she isn't in a rush for attention, Olivia Thirlby is still getting noticed for her acting and
her attractiveness by the media circuit. GQ featured Olivia Thirlby prominently in a February
2008 issue, and she has also been profiled in CosmoGirl and Glamour. In her hometown of New
York, The Daily News called her "the next hot thing” in a January '08 article.

About her sex scene in The Wackness - “When you're naked with somebody with a whole
bunch of people who aren't naked, it's a really bonding experience!”

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