2011 Delta 99 Nominations
Here are this years nominees for the Most Desirable Women
presented in alphabetical order by first name. There are 252
lovely ladies nominated but only 99 can make the grade.
Zoe Saldana
Zoe's obviously got an ultra lean body, but instead of looking
unhealthy or frail, she exudes sass and vigor. She comes across as
confident, funny, self-aware, pragmatic and ready to go. The sultry,
high-flying star of sci-fi blockbusters, Avatar & Star Trek, has a
new, more down-to-earth role as the 'face' and 'body' of Calvin
Klein's latest underwear collection. Aptly named 'Underwear Envy'.
You've got to envy anything that gets that close to this beauty
Abbie Cornish
is one of those sexy women who's talent makes her all the
more attractive. Abbie has worked with some of
Hollywood's biggest leading men, but she stays down to
earth by being 5' 8" and super hot. fearless performance as
a free-spirited sexually-charged teenager in the indie
feature "Somersault"won much deserveddritical praise
Adriana Lima
a Brazilian supermodel, best known for her work with
Victoria's Secret. She is currently the 3rd highest paid
model in the world behind Gisele Bundchen and Kate
Moss. Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima ,  became a
sexy hot MILF almost a year ago and was chosen as the
body of the 2010 Victorias Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra.
Alexis Bledel
She's got a model's delicate frame, facial features that don't
appear to be aging as the years pass by, and a set of blazing
blue eyes that you can't ignore the charm of. Gilmore Girls
star played a smokin-hot teenage hooker in the cult classic
movie “Sin City” and revamped her role as a traveling tart in
the chick flick “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2″
Alexis Dziena
A screen performer who, by her own account, was once typed as
"the good girl", Alexis Dziena has dramatically expanded her range
with work in an extremely varied series of productions. These
included the movie version of her satirical sitcom "Strangers with
Candy" & "Broken Flowers" (as a nymphet who fully disrobes to
gain the attention of Bill Murray)
Aimee Teegarden
DAY-YUM! This "Prom" queen has got it goin' on. To
quote Aimee "Spend time naked outside the bedroom.
There's something sexy about being able to appreciate her
body for everything it does, not just as a sex object," says
Teegarden. "Eating dinner - a very sensual activity in itself
- could be even more exciting naked.". Need we say more?
Ali Larter
Thanks to her superpowered role on the TV smash
Heroes, Ali Larter is finally known for more than the
mere 20 seconds she spent in a whip cream bikini for
1999's Varsity Blues.The actress is known for playing
sexy roles in  funny movies. Recently she turned
everyone’s head in the movie Obsessed where she played
the hot psycho temp that no one can deny sleeping with.
Alicia Witt
is one of those actresses who is always on the verge of being a
major movie star, but just never quite made it there. She’s done
a ton of movies, but you probably don’t even know her name,
even though whenever you see her, you probably went,
“Wow, that’s one stunning redhead”, because, well, Alicia
Witt is one stunning redhead.  Red has never looked so good.
Alyson Hannigan
Alyson currently plays "Lily Aldrin" on the CBS sitcom How I
Met Your Mother, and is probably best known for her role as
"Willow" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel, but
to me she will always be my favorite flute playing band geek.
This sweet little redhead can play me any time!
Alyssa Milano
Her childhood role as Samantha Micelli in the sitcom Who's
the Boss? made her famous, and an eight-year stint as Phoebe
Halliwell on the supernatural series Charmed brought her a
new round of fame. the perfect hot woman to keep my cool
body warm during the cold winter months! Frankly, the
woman is hot all over and has always been.
Amanda Bynes
The funny everygirl on Nickelodeon's sketch comedy
series All That and her self-titled spin-off. But as she
blossomed into adolescence, it became apparent that
Bynes not only had comedic chops but the leggy looks
She's the Man before playing Penny Lou Pingleton in the
blockbuster movie-musical Hairspray with Zac Efron .
Amanda Peet
She fired off a couple of topless rounds as a sexy dental
assistant-turned-hitwoman in The Whole Nine Yards.
Appeared in chick flicks like A Lot Like Love and as Jack
Nicholson's hot date in Something's Gotta Give. And her
hotness has got her another gig As Jack Black’s editor and
potential romantic interest in Gulliver's Travels.
Amanda Seyfried
I’ve been doing my best for a little while to point out just how hot
Amanda Seyfried is, she can look good in (or out of) almost anything.
Last year she got hot and heavy in a nude scene with Julianne
Moore, fell in love with Channing Tatum in Dear John, and stole my
heart in Letters to Juliet. This past summer Amanda took her basket
of goodies to grandma's house in "Red Riding Hood"
Amber Heard
You might not have heard of Amber Heard  but you will
be hearing and seeing a lot more of her. Pegged as the
"rising star" in Hollywood Amber appears in the new
stoner comedy Pineapple Express.  Every time I see her in
a new movie, she’s takes it to another level of hotness,
and she’s absolutely fine getting naked.
America Ferrara
Best known as the young star of the ABC mega-hit comedy soap
“Ugly Betty,” America Ferrera has made a career out of redefining
beauty (aka “hotness”), while wowing critics and winning scads of
acting awards. Still a few pounds overweight by ultra-lean
Hollywood standards, the adorable Ms. Ferrera is something of a
throwback to the more voluptuous beauties of show biz past.
Amy Adams
is so hot, she makes me want to bite somebody! For me,
in regard to the hotness personified that is Amy, it really
doesn’t get any better than her role as Delysia Lafosse in
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. She had a small cameo in
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny - Indeed, she’s
credited as Gorgeous Woman.  No irony in that credit
Anjelina Jolie
has pretty much always been hot, some say crazy too, but
definitely always hot. Angelina displays the hotness of a
maturing woman, MILFy, classy, sexy: Hotness From
Teenaged Bikini Model to All Grown Up. The rise to
Hollywood hottie fame has been no accident for Angelina. She's
a veteran at the sexy game, started young, continues to this day.
Anna Faris
She has hot little body and amazing cleavage.I definitely want to
see more of this babe. The sexy blond appears to have picked it
up a notch with her willingness to show off that sexy body. I
read she stripped completely naked, on the set of her  movie,
"What’s Your Number?". Funny but I don't recall  her being
naked - and you think that would be memorable.
Anna Kournikova
still has a little bit of star power left. Even if she only has the
ability to make the cover of the Russian Cosmopolitan. The
sometimes tennis star, sometimes model, graced the cover page
of entertainment magazine Cosmopolitan Russia for the month
of February 2010. The 29-year-old tennis champ looked
stunning on the October 2010 cover of Maxim Magazine.
Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin won an Academy Award for Best Supporting
actress at the age of 11 for her role in Piano.  Since then she has
starred in XMen as Rogue and most recently as Sookie
Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood. Anna is getting sexier every
year.  Since she is only 28 that means she may be the hottest
girl around in 10 years. She gets hotter everytime we see her.
Anne Hathaway
Little girls fell in love with Anne Hathaway as the frumpy
teen who learns she's royalty in Disney's sleeper hit, The
Princess Diaries. But Hathaway found herself typecast as
the royal girl-next-door until she shed her tiara – and her
clothes in films such as Havoc, Brokeback Mountain and
most recently Love and Other Drugs
Arielle Kebbel
may come across as sweet and light as Crème Brulee, but
that doesn't in any way dissuade me from wanting to spend
some quality face time with her smooth curves. A couple of
good Maxim spreads and a couple of promising roles have
given her a mild profile, but nothing world-changing. Still I
can't shake the feeling that she's got real greatness in her.
Ashley Greene
originally wanted to be a model, but was told she was a
bit too short. She needs only smile, or give one of those
come hither stares she excels at, and I will gladly fall to
her feet. She's a damn good looking woman. Ashley is a
whole lot of awesome in one sleek little package.
Ashley Judd
She's a sports fan, sexy as hell, and the kind of feminist
that's pro-woman, not anti-guy. How do you define
perfection? For me it's this face. And I don't know why.
Some of it is the spark and sass that ignites those eyes.
Ashley represents a unique occurrence in the universe - a
chick so damn hot and cool that her body doesn't matter.
Ashley Tisdale
ended up becoming a break out in the Disney sensation
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and its subsequent
sequels. She's hot, but not insanely hot. She's been
starring in bit roles on television since she was 10 years
old, so considering the fact that she's claiming to be
Audrey Tautou
an interesting mixture of pretty, delicate, youthful and mischievous.
A lot of times the faces that are "technically" the most beautiful
don't have the power to captivate that you find with a kisser like
this one. Audrey is full of pleasant surprises. She seems quirky and
cute, which is a devastating combo for me. There's no question
waking up to this package every day would be a very sweet deal!
Beyonce Knowles
Thick and juicy in all the right ways. Ms. Knowles is carting a
whole lot of tasty goodness in her trunk. Her generous lips and
nose co-exist with a light bone structure and some gorgeous damn
eyes. I happen to think Beyonce is sexy as hell, but in terms of
Hollywood glory she falls a bit short for me in regards to being a
true movie hottie. Not that I mind staring at her for a few hours.
Blake Lively
out" figure, her creamy smooth skin, her radiant smile.
She is the same species of human as Heidi Klum ,
somehow they're always photographed looking perfect.
When it comes to Blake unleashing her uber hotness, we
usually get one of the following three; 1) her killer legs, 2)
her perfect bosom, or 3) her magnificent booty.
Britney Spears
Her hotness remains a mystery, we cannot figure this girl out. One
minute, Britney is looking like she hasn't eaten a salad since 1999.
The next? Looking (almost) like her old, hot self. With her newfound
good looks, sobriety, overnight visits with the kids and overall
contentedness, Britney Spears is truly on the rebound. Where did it
come from? Will it last? These are the great mysteries of our time.
Brooke Burke
a television host, model, and dancer who is so utterly sexy
words can't begin to describe her hotness. Burke worked as a
model for Venus Swimwear and Frederick’s of Hollywood.,
She became well-known while hosting Wild On!, a popular
travel series on the E! network."It's strange," says the mom
to four kids ages 8 years to 6 months. "People ask me less
about rearing children than they do my body."
Bryce Dallas Howard
is an up and coming actress, poised for a great career.
Maybe it's because I dig her dad, director and former
actor Opie Cunningham, but Howard was more or less
a winner for me from the start. Helps that I have a
thing for red heads. She's spunky and sporty and not
afraid to push the envelope.
Cameron Diaz
got that intangible likeability that almost makes her bomb
proof. And she has definitely been in some stinkers, but
she's also brought her unique presence to a lot of great
films. Beyond that, I get the feeling she just makes movies
that would be fun to do. And gets paid a buttload to do it.
Hard to argue with a career like that.
Camilla Belle
known for her roles in The Ballad of Jack and Rose,
10,000 B.C., and the recent Push. She has a very beautiful
and exotic face. A Brazilian by nature, she got the right
curves in maximum proportions. Add up to her list of
sexy features are her defined eyebrows that made her a
Latin Seňorita even more.
Carey Mulligan
an English actress born in 1985, is slowly entering into the closed
circle of Hollywood successful actresses. The pixie starlet brings
back cute. Pretty, young and most importantly very talented,
Mulligan is an actress that seems to possess all the qualities
required in this business. Simple, elegant and classic are the three
words that are usually used to describe her style.
Carly Schroeder
played the lead in "Gracie", showcasing her ability to
be an actual athlete as well as one of those so cute and
perky chicks that they're secretly hotter than the hot
girls. She started her career on the soap opera Gernal
Hospital. The 20 year old blonde doesn't have a hugely
impressive resume but she sure is a cutie.
Carrie Underwood
brings the hotness to American country music. The chick is
blazing hot 100% of the time. Sure she won the fourth season of
American Idol. Sure she's won a few Grammy Awards. Sure
she's been party of a small country-pop Renaissance. But what
do we really care about? Carrie Underwood is hot. Not just the
hottest American Idol winner, but legit hot.
Cate Blanchett
is so hot in Notes on a Scandal, the young guys are in love
with her, and even elderly broads want a piece. Yeah
Blanchett is hot in this flick because everyone reading this
piece has at one time or another fantasized about banging their
teacher. I would however, go out on a limb and conjecture that
none of you have had a teacher looked like Cate Blanchett.
Catherine Zeta-Jones
is arguably one of the most beautiful Hollywood stars of all time.
Catherine Zeta Jones has advised the world they haven't even seen
all her hotness yet. World watch out. She won an Oscar as best
supporting actress for her deliciously villainous femme fatale in
the 2002 film Chicago and is often cast as a wily and sexy schemer.
Charisma Carpenter
is a beautiful woman with a more than acceptable body. And
now that she's dipping her toe solidly into the pond of
moviedom it's time to hope she either shows herself to be
talented, or at the very least gets naked again sometime soon.
Now that she’s raising her son, who was born in 2003, Charisma
has added another layer of hotness to her, as a bonafide MILF.
Charlize Theron
Sweet Jimminy I could stare at this face for hours. Charlize has
almost got that forgettable blonde thing going on, but some
indefinable combination of attributes has turned the whole
effect into an unforgettable masterpiece. Lovely and enticing
with a look that will likely age elegantly. What more do you
want? You can't help admiring the total package.
Claire Danes
has an air of elegance and classic beauty most women lack
nowadays. It’s comforting to see that kind of quality alive
and well in this day and age of extreme exhibitionism. I admire
that her style has remained simple and sophisticated for the
last 14 years. She's aged, but in a healthy and appetizing way.
Beautiful is beautiful and that's most definitely what Claire is.
Claire Forlani
I'd be pretty stupid to not notice how damn hot Forlani is.
Her slightly feline features have been sexy enough to at least
raise the eyebrows of even the starchiest critics, and a few
Hollywood big shots like ex-boy toy John Cusack and Brad
Pitt. She has a British mother and an Italian father, which
means she is getting the best of both worlds.
Dakota Fanning
might have been that precocious little kid but she's growing up stylish and
clearly not as affected by the limelight at so many other child stars. That
and it looks as if she's got more hottie potential than Abigail Breslin could
ever dream of. Then again, Breslin knows how to fight off zombies.But
Dakota got to share a lip-lock with Kristen Stewart in The Runnaways
Danica Patrick
is a race car driver who happens to also have a tramp stamp.
For those who need a reminder, a "tramp stamp" is a tattoo
strategically placed on the lower back from which some
people correctly or incorrectly assume a level of promiscuity.
As Vince Vaughn tells us "Might as well be a bulls eye"
Diane Lane
is 46 Years of Torturing Boys With Hotness. Diane is a hottie of
such epic proportions. Some beauty is timeless and Diane certainly
has it. She's been a gorgeous woman her whole damn life and that
doesn't look likely to change any time soon. I don't really know what
else to say. A face this perfect doesn't need commentary. Stunning is
just one of many apropos descriptors for this amazing lady.
Drew Barrymore
gets tagged as cute a lot, and she's definitely adorable, but that
makes it easy to overlook the fact that the girl is genuinely
hot too. Not many chicks can pull off this rare mixture of
sultry and silly, so to me that makes Drew all the more
special. She's a great mix of innocence and edge, hotness and
lovability, smart chick and nutty.
Elisha Cuthbert
would likely be just another forgettable McHottie if it weren't
for her unbelievably penetrating gaze. She's an actress who
gets the job done without much fanfare. Maybe she's got
more to give, and maybe not. It's rare to find someone who
can cause near spontaneous erections with a simple glance.
Eliza Dushku
her smoldering hottie status has been leading us on for years. While
there are others who might have garnered more success for having
great athletic talent if the world didn't have its hot cheerleaders, all
that sport prowess would be for naught. With undeniable hotness, we
suggest you pick up 2008’s The Alphabet Killer, in which Dushku
appears (drum roll...) topless!
Elizabeth Banks
fresh, open and generally looking like a girl you could easily
approach and would definitely want to. This chick can rock the
socks off any pin-up seeking gents without breaking a sweat.
She's as ridiculously good-looking as the female species comes.
There really is no argument on Elizabeth Banks’ hotness factor.
Ellen Pompeo
An angular-featured, fair-haired beauty who emerged from ingenue
to leading lady, Ellen  caught audiences’ attention in several films
before hooking them with her breakout role in the popular
television medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy”. The 39 year-old
Grey’s Anatomy star is still sexy despite being almost forty.
Ellen Page
has played a pregnant teen, an X-Man and a dark pedo
hunter. I've taken the time to watch Page in more than just
her breakout role in Juno, I'm a big fan of her performance in
the insanely compelling Hard Candy. Those big eyes, sweet
cheeks and child-like innocent smile are old enough to bang.
Emily Blunt
is a hottie we don't see enough of. She's the kind of chick that
makes the chick's say, "I'm not a lesbian, but I'd do her." Not only
is she drool inducing, but she's one of those actresses that is great
in whatever role you put her in (even if the material sucked).
Blunt slammed home great performances in Sunshine Cleaning,
The Great Buck Howard and The Young Victoria recently.
Emily Mortimer
Maybe it's the accent, but despite sometimes rocking a
decidedly non-Hollywood hotness, British chicks often
enflame the pants area in a way that more "traditional"
beauty does not. There's just something about the energy
shining out of that cute little mug that pushes her farther
than what's there should be able to achieve.
Emma Roberts
she carves out a heart quickening image with a
mixture of wholesome features, and maybe just a
hint of mischief lurking behind those captivating
eyes. Emma is quite hot physically. She's not so
undeniably stunning that personality and talent
don't matter. For now she's more hot girl at the high
school dance than she is Hollywood head turner.
Emma Stone
It was Judd Apatow's suggestion that she go red for Superbad
and she decided to stay with it. Current evidence would suggest
that it was a good decision. She's a grounded, smart, career kid
who made good. There's such a great zest behind her smile that I
have to assume she's pretty fun to be around. It's been awhile
since we've had a serious husky-voiced hottie to get excited about.
Emma Watson
Emma's short haircut was a nice opening salvo into manipulating
her public image, but now it looks like she's attempting to take
measures to ramp up her sex appeal as well. Emma Watson's got it
going on! She has beauty and brains. she does manage to brighten
the hell out of any scene through sheer force of hotness.
Emmy Rossum
is another up and coming hottie that's been in some high
profile films, but still manages to keep a lower profile.
You've seen her in The Phantom of the Opera and major
roles in the big-budget Hollywood motion pictures Mystic
River, The Day After Tomorrow and Poseidon Adventure.
Eva Green
she put even the great James Bond on notice of just what a
woman really is with a blazing effort as Vesper Lynd in Casino
Royale. She's certainly hot enough to be able to get by without
much going on upstairs, but she's too smart to play that game.
Truly an exciting talent with a body to match, Eva Green
promises to make movie screens more exciting for years to come.
Eva Longoria
Many pundits of female hotness would argue that Eva
Longoria is, pound for pound, one of the hottest
woman on the planet. The towering, 5’2” Latin
beauty became a household name thanks to Desperate
Housewives series - or perhaps Desperate
Housewives become a household name thanks to her
Famke Janssen
Seductive? Check. Enchanting? Check. Understanding? Check.
Boner? Check. It's rare to see a face that could easily range from
the one hot junkie chick your pusher has in his stable, to your
best friend's mom who you feverishly imagine cooks in the
bedroom just as well as she cooks them brownies. Delicious.
Eva Mendes
This temptress is L.A. raised, but comes from
Cuban-American stock. She has that girl next door
quality we all love. If the girl next door was way
hotter than the actual girl next door. She's cute, sweet,
seems accessible, and even has a self-deprecating
sense of humor. I've no doubt that we'll all be happy
to see her on film or in print for many years to come.
Evan Rachel Wood
This girl is amazing, and since her major splash with
Thirteen, has hardly had a misstep. She's got that ability to
play anything at any time, and do it as if each role was the
one she was born to play. Evan Rachel is serious business.
She's attractive, almost obscenely talented, and clearly
comfortable in her own skin.
Gabrielle Union
Sexy and sophisticated, Gabrielle Union is the type of
woman that screams confidence, power, and talent
ready to explode with the right opportunity.  My
eyes have been well graced by her presence, and
always look forward to seeing her again.
Gisele Bundchen
The screaming hot Brazilian supermodel is totally scorching up the
pages of glamour magazines everywhere. Giselle is the highest paid
model in the world/16th richest woman in the entertainment world.
Bundchen's was the most requested body by patients, according to
the 14th Annual “Famed Hottest Looks” survey compiled by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons
Gwyneth Paltrow
is a kind of new school Hollywood royalty in many people's
estimation. You can't ignore the fact that in repose she does
have a stunning face. overall she's got the kind of indie/major
mix that any actor would be thrilled to possess. And there's
that Oscar thing too. Can't forget that. She's a talented chick
with a resume to match.
Haley Bennett
Pulling off fresh faced and edgy is not an easy thing to do, but
somehow Haley manages it. she's got something I can't quite put my
finger on that really separates her from the pack. Bennett is actually
talented along with being ridiculously good-looking. Barring any career
or life ending gaffes, this chick has the kind of screen presence to keep
her going for years to come.
Halle Berry
When you stop to think about the hottest performances in
the past decade it's hard not to include Halle in Swordfish.
Halle Berry hasn’t starred in a hit movie since 2001, when
she won an Academy Award for Monster’s Ball . . . but she
seems to get even more gorgeous with every year that goes by.
Hayden Panettiere
Sultry and sexy are great, but I'm also a big fan of cute. Can
Hayden take a bad picture? The evidence I've reviewed so far
would indicate no. She may not have the classical beauty that
generally gets the highest marks, but this is a face that you're
never gonna get tired of looking at. Not only is she cute as hell
but the reality is that cute can be one hell of an enticing package.
Heather Graham
Not too many of the Hollywood hotties we look at here
have the ability to simply defy comparisons to any other.
She's sensual, talented, self-confident, and somehow,
despite making her living in Hollywood, manages to
appear genuinely unaffected by outside pressures to be
anything other than exactly what she is - smashing!
Hilary Duff
has managed to escape the "Hollywood Wild Child" rap, but
that doesn't mean she doesn't have a fierce streak in her like
Duff dropping a live scorpion into her pants in the movie
War, Inc. From tween cutie to full out hottie. What can I say?
She's beautiful, talented, hot, and is such a sweet-heart!
Hilary Swank
There is seriously a lot to like about Hilary Swank. She
seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a
generally affable demeanor. Hilary is a great example of
why men love women's breasts so much. Soft, buoyant,
well-formed, strong presence, but not frighteningly large
or fake. Just fucking lovely.
Isla Fisher
One of the things I love about Ms. Fisher's body is that it
has a genuine softness to it. Avoiding both the anorexic
stick look and the meticulously buffed polish that comes
from live-in trainers, Isla has a womanly body - soft,
supple, delicious. There are greater traditional beauties to
be sure, but this face is absolute perfection. The mixture of
innocence, sass, sexiness and simple gorgeosity.
Jaime Lynn Spears
She is perhaps best known playing Zoey Brooks on the
Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101 and getting pregnant at
the age of 16. Jamie Lynn has gone from white trash
pregnant teen to a smoking hot teenage MILF. I don't
know if that's what they meant by "grow a pair" but
she certainly took that advice to heart
January Jones
is legitimately leggy blonde hot, which we don't see a lot of
these days. It's too soon to tell what kind of a career she's
going to mark out for herself, but the foundation is there
for some strong showings. And hey, while she's working it
out, we all get to enjoy watching her fine form. Chick is hot
in a young Meg Ryan spliced with a porn star kinda way.
Jayma Mays
a brilliant actress best known for her roles as Charlie on
Heroes and Ugly Betty and now as Emma on Glee. after the
success of Paul Blart, I can only imagine that this impossibly
adorable natural red head is destined for more interesting
roles in the future. What a great pixie face she has.
Jean Louisa Kelly
I’m not sure where Jean Louisa Kelly has been keeping herself
lately, but it’s a crying shame she isn’t seen more often. She
looks Oh so good with naturally curly hair and genuine smile. I
love that slim frame of hers, the frizzy hair, and that sly
smile/smirk/grin that she showcases. Who can forget her redition
of Someone To Watch Over me from  Mr Holland's opus.
Jena Malone
How can you not be massively in love with Jena Malone? From
Donnie Darko to her recent turn in Into The Wild, she is not
only a very solid actress, but just painfully adorable to look at.
OK Jena isn't your classic hottie but she has genuine talent. She
was ever so hot in the shower seen from Life As A House and
looked amazing in a bikini in the horror flick The Ruins.
Jennifer Aniston
we have the delicious Jennifer Aniston doing the whole
looking good is the best revenge thing. Jennifer Aniston in a
bikini? Super hot! She looks much younger than her age and
has had a terrific body for too many years to count, long
before Friends! while many of her more recent films haven't
exactly lit up the box office, Aniston hasn't had a true "flop"
Jennifer Connelly
is too beautiful for mortals to lay eyes on-her. With that
black, flowing hair and those huge, watery eyes,
Connelly's look is at once accusing and sullen,
girl-next-door and striking. It's the type of hotness that can
make the Hulk turn pink again, the type of hotness that
makes us want to feed more quarters into the horsey ride.
Now that's a Career Oportunity I wouldn't want to miss
Jennifer Garner
was getting all sorts of hotness accolades back when she hit big
with Alias. Jennifer always looks really youthful and like she’s
always having fun, which just gives her a glow about her! while
we owe a great deal of thanks to those delectable lips for
bringing Jennifer to the public eye, we've got a feeling it'll be
those under-appreciated legs that keep her on the list
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer's ass is probably the most responsible party in
the pop culture love of big booties. She's got the top of the
line model. JLo is definitely a good looking woman. Lopez
used to be the hottest damn thing going, and no doubt the
whole Bennifer thing was nearly as damaging to her as it
was to Affleck. She is still an extremely hot woman.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
has brought new meaning to the word "effervescent." The
'90s saw Hewitt go from relative obscurity to a bona fide
teen queen, transformed from a Barbie-hawking child
actress into a men’s magazine mainstay. Affectionately
referred to here at Delta as Jennifer Love Huge-tits......
and we certainly do.
Jessica Alba
this girl is the kind of hot that makes eyes melt and brains
short circuit. Shapely, buoyant and just plain kissable. Fucking
stunning. Given enough time and willpower I might find some
flaws, but every damn time I look at her face I get lost in those
eyes, and then get sucked in to her lips. Almost hypnotic
really. Jessica is actually so intensely gorgeous that all other
considerations fall by the wayside.
Jessica Biel
has a body that is envied by many. Her body first
became news when she was training for the movie
"Blade: Trinity" and has remained a hot topic ever since.
She is in the magazines regularly. If I were to choose the
sexiest woman in Hollywood today, it might be Jessica
Biel. I love how proportioned her body is and how toned
and athletic she is. And this lady’s behind is something
to look back at when you pass her by.
Jessica Simpson
So hot in so many different ways. You might have to
suspend the laws of reality to believe that Jessica Simpson
really looks as hot as she does. While Jessica's movie career
hasn't been burning up the box office one thing that is certain
- on film Jessica Simpson is doing what she does best.
Looking Hot!
Jordana Brewster
one of the hot chicks from Chuck. we can take a
moment to pause and enjoy that gorgeous smile of
hers, as well as those sublime legs. Her smile, her eyes,
her hips, her thighs, her lips, her flawless complexion.
She is so smooth and fine! Her perfect healthy
raven-colored hair! And we have her mom to thank for
that being a native of Brazil. She's gorgeous. Jordana is
sexy. The woman is exciting. She's amazingly attractive.
Julia Roberts
Some ladies just have that old school Hollywood glamour
about them. she exudes a comfortability in her own skin
that is outright incredible given the business she's in and the
pressures that come with it. Julia Roberts shines bright, and
is a great example of how the whole can be greater than the
sum of its parts.
Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles doesn't immediately strike you as a sexy
diva but she has been one of my personal favorites
for years. She is pure hotness right down to that itty
bitty chest. Julia looks more like a regular person
than most of the other actresses do, she looks fun and
Julianne Moore
I don't think Julianne gets a lot of credit for being as gorgeous as she is.
Not entirely sure why since she is a definite case of damn yummy.
Whatever the reason, when you get down to it this is certainly a ginger
you would NOT kick out of bed. She consistently finds interesting
projects and turns in outstanding and unique performances pretty
much every single time. Hard to do much better than this talented lass.
Kaley Cuoco
Good God Kaley Cuoco is hotness overload! Hey, if you’re
gonna have to get overloaded on something, you could do
worst than Kaley Cuoco. She's a babe when you watch her on
"The Big Bang Theory." Great body, fantastic smile and
some seriously good comedy chops. Whether catching reruns
of "8 simple Rules" or snacking on one of Kaley's various
unremarkable movies she is one hell of a Big Bang,
Kat Dennings
if you need an acerbic girl, who better to go with than the
lush-lipped and husky voiced Kat. Not only is she a great
actress, but she has body that may just rival anyone in
Hollywood. Dennings’ voluptuous body has lent itself to
some pretty salacious characters and she doesn’t apologize
for it. Her characters tend to be confident in their skin,
smart, teenaged, and very, very spirited
Kate Beckinsale
This bird hails from jolly 'ole England, so she's rocking the sexy
accent thing, but also has a completely L.A. hotness. Beauty, thy
name is Beckinsale. Kate has a body of steel and has been
showcased in form-fitting leather outfits in movies like Van
Helsing and Underworld. Beauty of this quality does not grace the
globe very often. When it does we are behooved to take notice.
Kate Bosworth
a babe that got plenty of pulses racing with her turn as a surfer
chick in Blue Crush. The Boz rocks cute like nobody's business.
The bright, sunshiney, sweet chickiness emanating from her face
is dazzling. I don't know if there's another celeb out there who is
more out and out adorable. Kate kind of sneaks up on you there's
a lot to recommend her. Plus it's so damn refreshing to look at a
young lady who seems to have her head screwed on firmly
Kate Hudson
They say that Kate lights up a room, and I don't doubt it's true.
Like her famous mom, Kate Hudson brings an aura of
happiness and earthy sexiness to her performances, which
makes her a popular with audience members of both genders.
Men like her because she’s naturally beautiful. People have
recognized her hotness, Genes play a big part in her beauty.
Kate Mara
has one loverly visage. I like girls like her who are way out
of most mortal's league, but still give off the appearance of
being accessible. It leads to a nice, comforting fantasy life.
Kate Mara is really hot but it's a little difficult to guess
where her trajectory as a screen star is going to take her.
With her hotness and ability, she deserves more.
Kate Walsh
Even at a proximity of three feet Kate Walsh is utterly stunning,
she persists in torturing men with her "ridiculous hotness." Kate
just gives off this feeling of pure, primal sexuality that I can't
really explain in physical terms. A lot of guys will agree that
this chick is just plain hot and sexy. She's like a fine aged wine
that only gets sweeter and more potent with time.
Kate Winslet
The thing you gotta love about an English Rose is
that they all seem so damn willing to get nekkid.
Heck, I think this hottie may actually have a
'requires nudity' clause in her contracts. And thank
goodness for that. Youngest actress ever to be
nominated for 4 Academy Awards. Co-star of the
highest grossing movie of all time. She's kicking
ass, taking names, and doing it all by her own rules.
Katherine Heigl
A simple glance is enough to confirm that this is a clearly
defined hottie. There shouldn't be a hesitation to the conclusion
of that certainty. Visually this is a good looking woman. This
is a seductive and classically alluring lady. Sexy enough to be
coveted by men for her large chest and yet less threatening for
women based on her icy demeanor and less than plastic curves
Katie Holmes
looks fresh-faced and gorgeous, she always comes across as cute,
bubbly, and generally non-threatening. We might not be willing to
jump on a sofa on national TV whilst declaring our love for her, but
that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the hotness of Katie
Holmes.Katie has sexy legs. I'm not sure she appreciates how hot
her long legs are. She is very pretty and has a great body.
Keira Knightly
She has one of the most naturally beautiful faces I've seen.
Knightley's hotness seems simultaneously aristocratic and
down-to-earth. For the record, I love Keira Knightley’s
breasts just the way they are. She may not be the most well-
endowed woman on the planet, but she is definitely one of
the sexiest.
Kelli Garner
is an interesting specimen. Yes, she has all the physical
requirements: the drive-up-a-lamppost body, blue eyes that
invite you in, and long, blonde hair. Yet there's more underneath.
Unlike others her age who seem to feed off closing nightclubs
and driving up lampposts with their own cars, she has no
interest in being cool. "In fact," she says, "I'm a geek."
Kelly Clarkson
Since becoming the original American Idol in 2002, Kelly has sold an
astounding 16 million albums worldwide. Kelly is a cute girl in a
wholesome girl next-door kind of way. Her personality, talent and
amazing voice makes her hot. She has this inner glow about her that
shines from the inside and that makes her hot. Clarkson has always come
off in interviews as a sweet Southerner incapable of the diva attitude.
Keri Russell
is a sweet little minx all wrapped up with talent and spunk.
She's equally at ease in big budget and indie projects, while
affecting a low key attractiveness that belies just how smoking
hot she is. Russell's extreme hotness is very under -appreciated.  
frolicking in a lawn sprinkler in a white tank top  - braless.
It's worth renting "Eigth Days a Week" just to see that.
Kirsten Dunst
Whether she's playing the cutest bloodsucker this side of
Bunnicula, or captivating the country with the power of
her nips, there's plenty to like about thiss gangly girl. she's
got more of a girl next door cute/sweet thing going on.
There is no question that Kristen Dunst is hot.
Kristen Bell
see why people are going gaga over the hotness of this face.
Bell may not be well out of the starting gates yet in terms of
longevity, but she does seem to be working towards becoming
a legit presence. She undeniably possesses the kind of looks
one generally associates with a fashion model, yet she can
also come off as an approachable, girl-next-door sort.
Kristen Stewart
By all accounts, Kristen Stewart has the basic outline of what
it takes to get a fanboy's attention. She's a pale, porcelain
skinned waif. extremely sexy and a breath of fresh air from the
majority of young actresses out there. How can anyone see her
in the pool, in "Adventureland", biting her lower lip, T-shirt
clinging to her and hair all wet, and NOT think she's hot?
Kristen Wiig
has this warmly ingratiating feeling to her. Tall, well toned and
lacking that quality of haughtiness to her that "regular"
actresses have, she's the chick that is too busy making you
laugh with her subtlety for you to notice just how outrageously
hot she can be. This funny lady is destined to make most of us
feel special in a whole other way for a very long time.
Kristin Davis
is a babe. Sure there's a little of the ice princess in her stare,
but there's also sultry fox pouring out of those pores.
Kristin Davis is one of those chicks that looks excellent on
the surface, maybe even surprisingly so. She's petite, perky
and yet tinged with just enough of a dark past to make her
more interesting. Kristin can occasionally come off like a
sex bomb. I say yea to the Hot factor of Davis.
Kristin Kreuk
is sooo damn hot it’s ridiculous. She look’s like a covergirl. The
Smallville star is very low key as compared to other hollywood
hotties. Kristin turned heads and impressed viewers in two
popular television series. She is short and evenly proportioned,
and can give off some sultry rays when she wants to. Her smooth
curves and indifferent air can be tantalizing and quite mysterious.
Laura Linney
Too few people are aware of the blazing hotness (and
willingness to get naked) of Laura Linney. She has no
qualms about baring all onscreen. Laura's amped up her
hotness over the years since then, coming to a gorgeous
fruition. I get the feeling that this is one cougar who
would scratch the fuck out of you in bed.
Lindsay Lohan
from a straight pictorial perspective, she's got the stuff of true Hollywood glamour.
Lindsay is an easy punchline these days. Quite frankly she's largely responsible for
the complete wreck that has become her personal and professional life. That makes
it easy to lose sight of the reality that she's a beautiful woman with an outstanding
body and significant talent. I really do hope she gets it together, because I have a
soft spot for adrift young adults with more promise than sense.
Liv Tyler
the beautiful star of many blockbuster hits is famous for
her striking features and luscious curves. she seems to
exude a hotness from that visage that could melt the sun.
The eyes and lips are clearly a home run. She is an
enchanting creature with an added something that
Hollywood sorely lacks most of the time - perspective.
Lucy Liu
People admire Lucy Liu not only because of her acting
talent, but also for her beautiful and sexy figure. What
makes it better, she never hesitates to expose it. The
attractiveness of Ms Liu is more about her exotic
nature and the attitude of mystery that she potrays.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
presents an interesting case. I find her face utterly fascinating. Not a
classic beauty but you can't take your eyes off of her. Serious but not
pretentious, curious but not insane, playful but not annoying. Does it
get much better than this? You bet! Maggie is not immediately thought
of for her bodacious body, but the plain fact is she's got one of the
better bum's in the biz. Especially when she's working as a secretary
Malin Akerman
is a starlet who's poised to go supernova. She's a very
attractive woman on the verge of cinematic greatness.
Malin's got the itty bitty titty thing going on, but it
works for her. Her pups certainly do their job standing
high and tight. They actually look fuller than they are, it
is hard to imagine anyone would complain.
Mandy Moore
is tip-top booty-real-estate. I don't know why guys aren't
clamoring all over her b/c she has long-term hotness written all
over her. Her extreme hotness may be due to the fact that she's
English, Cherokee and Irish. As Mandy matured she let her hair
go naturally dark and lost the good-girl image with an acting career
- or at least tried to. She’s still best known for wholesome flicks
Maria Bello
This is a face that should be in the Smithsonian my friends. A
really sexy section of that venerated museum. Confident,
experienced, playful, ready to rock your world if you're man
enough to earn the ride. As Vigo Mortensen's favorite after shower
snack I don't think there can be many naysayer's out there about
the sex on legs quality that Bello possesses.
Maria Sharapova
acheived considerable fame in the tennis world for her talent and
so very obvious hotness. Which is essentially the point, isn't it?
Some tennis stars stand out from the crowd because they are
very talented and continue to win title after title, year after
year. Maria  is one of these many talented players of tennis
although she also has great looks to go with that mix of talents.
Marion Cotillard
She's that French chick who owned at the 2007 Oscars. She has
such striking eyes that I'm pretty happy to stare and stare.
There's just the simple Natural Breasts Factor which deem her an
automatic winner in the game of life. Marion Cotillard is the
epitome of French beauty. She's natural and she makes it all seem
so effortless. The end result is she is one yummy piece of work.
Marisa Tomei
Some women are hot. Some are not. Some fall in between. But
Marisa Tomei belongs to a special category of the fairer sex
made up of women who you know it would do you no good to
get lucky enough to catch their eye. Why? Because the mere
flicker of their interest would cause complete and total meltdown
of all intelligent processes. No mere mortal could survive it.
Megan Fox
Megan Fox is, well, a fox! Nearly flawless, but also
apparently soulless beauty. You really don’t need to say
very much about Megan Fox. Fox is about as hot as hot
gets. Megan Fox is genius at building her brand. That brand
in my books being her sex appeal. Never thought I'd be using
the words "Megan Fox" and "genius" in the same sentence.
Melissa Joan Hart
As Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart was cute,
albeit awkward. Lucky, the awkward teen witch grew up and
got totally sexy. It was like magic! She has killer legs, wears
plenty of short skirts and smiles a lot. With those big eyes
and blonde hair she still possesses the hotness that makes
you wish she moved next door to you.
Mena Suvari
the cheerleader from American Beauty, she's blonde, she's
willing to get naked, and uh...sorry, lost my train of thought.
The reality is she has a unique and natural face that is absolutely
gorgeous. She is not for big breasts lovers, but even those cannot
pass by without taking their time to enjoy Mena’s perfect butt.
Michelle Trachtenberg
she's got a smoking hot body, but definitely had some
awkwardness growing up and is not so hot now that
you couldn't take advantage of some old self-esteem
issues to close the deal. Blowing past her early teen
years, Michelle decided to throw her childhood image
to the wolves and appeared topless in Eurotrip.  She's
come into her own. Now 26 years old and all woman.
Monica Belucci
when you talk about pound for pound sexiness there aren't
too many ladies that top the list. This international delight
incinerates the list. Belucci is the type of woman who has
built the world. Men draw inspiration for their art, wage wars,
and create poetry just for the chance to catch the momentary
affection of a vision like her.
Here's a special treat boys!
Mila Kunis
she has an OK rack. Sure it's barely present, but what is present
provides above average viewing pleasure. We'd be willing to
volunteer for a touch/taste test as well stricktly for the purpose
of journalistic accuracy.
The smoking hot lesbian sex scene with
Natalie Portman in Black Swan had to be edited multiple times
to shake the nc-17 rating. And even still it was MAJOR hot!
Miley Cyrus
OK, she's pretty and can (sort of) act - but from her pole
dancing, bong smoking, & crotch flashing, her self taken
underwear and t-shirt showering pics to her somewhat
creepy semi-nude magazine spread with her dad no less,
this talented young singer is on the fast track to a train
wreck. Miley is just the latest Disney princess to go
from wholesome to some Ho practically overnight.
Milla Jovovich
Her face is a work of art. Given the massive intensity she exudes,
and the chameleon-like ability she has to take on many different
vibes it's easy to overlook the fact that this face is as perfect an
example of the classic Russian-beauty as you're likely to encounter.
And she knows how to use it to devastating effect. wild, beautiful,
and kinda scary all at the same time. Beautiful, sexy, and talented,
what more do you want from your starlets.
Mischa Barton
she's damn pretty, and no amount of focus on glazed eyes
or oddly misaligned teeth is going to change that fact. And
the girl has no problem undressing on film. It's easy to see
why she's enflamed so many libido's. Physically at least.
Of course she's been one of our favorites ever since she
uttered  "Fuck the shit out of me!"  in The Oh in Ohio
Moon Bloodgood
is a sultry Asian mix who is ridiculously hot and seems to
be rocking the talented thing too. Finding a chick who can
pull off sultry, cute and pretty is rare. Here's an example of
a lady who isn't a homerun in any of those categories, but is
damn solid overall and certainly hot enough to be waaaaaay
out of most gent's league. Pure sultry sexiness
JoJo Levesque
She's got a body that most women would die for. And most men
would die to get. There's no doubt that this girl has some major
league tonnage under her sweater. Joanna Jojo Levesque is actually
a really pretty girl. And lately she's been using
twitter to show off
her ample attributes.
Leelee Sobieski
Cute as hell and eminently cuddleable. Her unique appeal is
like a flavor that you'd never been able to define before, but
that you knew was savory as hell as soon as you tasted it.
Since the moment I glanced upon her nubile hotness in Eyes
Wide Shut, I was smitten. There is something in her
smoldering eyes that makes Leelee look so hot and irresistible .
Natalie Portman
While the magnitude of her hotness does not quite live up to its
reputation when you subject it to cold analysis, there is no
question that most red-blooded males would rather dock their ship
in this port than any gussied up, silicone injected slut you could
find. See ladies, we're not completely shallow - we like to bang
smart chicks too! all I'm going to say: PURE AWESOMENESS!
Nicole Kidman
WASP-y, wispy, and winsome this leading lady exudes the look
and class of old school Hollywood glamour. But she's decidedly
more willing to get bare ass naked for which we are all thankful.
it's undeniable that Kidman is a gorgeous creature. For me I'd
rather treat her like fine art than steak, but she is quite a doll.
Nikki Reed
is the kind of chick who isn't gorgeous and isn't even
conventionally pretty but that type of hottie that you
could go medieval over. Her imperfections make her
nearly perfect. Nikki and Catherine Hardwicke wrote the
script for "Thirteen" in only six days. Reed was
originally going to play the role of Tracy, which is based
on herself, but ended up playing Tracy's bad influence.
Paris Hilton
Her breasts are small sure, but perfectly proportioned to Paris'
body. She also is an expert at showcasing them to maximum
effect. While it's impossible to give these little apples any kind
of star status, they are the best feature of their skeez covered
owner. She offers nothing and exists simply to be seen. She gets
a little credit for evidencing a bit of self-deprecating humor.
Norah Jones
Although it doesn't immediately jump at you because of her
style, Norah certainly has a subtle sexy side. As you listen to her
pillow-talk singles, you can feel her sensuality pouring out. Her
long, dark tresses and intense gaze make up for the fact that we
often see her behind a piano. Jones' looks match her personality:
she never flaunts herself, yet she is effortlessly sexy.
Olga Kurylenko
No question that Ms. Kurylenko is a beauty of the first order.
Even being saddled with the worst female name since Helga
can't cool the blazing hotness she possesses. But as shallow
as we fellas can be, she's gotta achieve something before she
can truly entire the Pantheon of epic sexiness. She'll have the
chance in the next few years to set the world ablaze.
Olivia Thirlby
It's rare that you see a good looking actress with a character
actor vibe. Sure she's damn good looking, but what I love
about it is that all the pieces are sort of akimbo. They say
symmetry is one of the primary markers in what makes us
find a certain face beautiful, but in Olivia's case it is the
subtle asymmetry that I'm a fan of. Olivia Thirlby is an
under the radar type hottie, but shows plenty of promise.
Olivia Wilde
She's a natural blonde who prefers how she looks as a brunette.
This is Helen of Troy, go to war with Nations kind of beauty.
She's as hot as they come, and seems to have the talent to back up
the hype that a real beauty generates. GQ magazine had her listed
as sexiest woman in the worldlast year. I don't think I would go
quite that far. She is very appealing and has a rockin' bod.
Parker Posey
Displaying an off-kilter beauty and an ability to embrace the
comically bizarre, Parker Posey has been repeatedly referred
to as "The Queen of the Indies." Posey's sex appeal comes
from her good looks and highly charged personality. While
she might be too excitable for some, her playful exuberance
is still hard to resist. Even though her wicked sense of
humor sometimes gets her into trouble, that's half the fun.
Paz Vega
Somehow her look captures all the best attributes of a
smoldering temptress and the girl next door. Unfair, and
difficult to categorize, but this is clearly a face for the ages. I
first fell in love with Paz in the Adam Sandler comedy
Spanglish but to really get a feel for this hot blooded spaniard
you have GOT to see Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia)
Penelope Cruz
I've got to give it up here to Penelope, because she is a
sexy woman. Her mix of goofy, sexy, gangly, and elegant
often leaves me wanting more. There's just something
very pleasing about Penelope Cruz. You like her without
altogether knowing why. Kinda like a Spanish Meg
Ryan but adding a hot and spicy mixture to the dish.
Piper Perabo
Wanna know what it is that makes Piper so enticing? It's the face
baby! She's got an amazing smile to start with. On top of that
there's her ability to go from Girl Next Door to Heroin Chic in a
hot minute. Gotta love that kind of beauty range. She is rocking
the megawatt grin and to say she's easy on the eyes would
certainly be an understatement.
Rachael Leigh Cook
is the cutest thing on wheels. You remember, the geeky but
super hot art student-turned-prom queen in "She's All That".
The doe-eyed, fine-boned actressk has invited frequent
comparisons with the young Audrey Hepburn. Cook began her
career as a model at the tender age of 10, gracing Milk-Bone
boxes and Target ads. Her modeling agency sent her to read for
a short film and changed the course of her young life.
Rachel Bilson
she's got unbelievable power in that gaze. Her movie
career is basically non-existent at this point, but we
pretend like we care what she's up to on the silver
screen because she's got a tight little bod and a pleasing
countenance. Plus she's got pretty big cans for such a
little lady. She is cute as a button…so adorable and has
a great little body too
Rachel McAdams
Aside from her acting abilities, there's a reason Rachel
McAdams was cast in The Hot Chick - because she's totally
hot. She might actually be more cute-girl-next-door than sexy,
but that won't dissuade us from dreaming of her between some
classy silk sheets. With her piercing blue eyes, high
cheekbones, luscious lips, and cute dimples to boot, Rachel
commands the camera, which is always friendly to her -
whether she's a blonde, brunette or redhead.
Rachel Weisz
the British actress has managed to fly under the radar in
Hollywood while starring in films such as The Mummy and
The Constant Gardner. We think the 37-year-old actress is
definitely hot. Rachel is one of those people who I find gets
more and more gorgeous with age. I consider her to be a
goddess when it comes to anything she does on screen.
Rebecca Romijn
Rebecca’s costume in X-Men is made mostly of body paint and
some scaly prosthetics applied to her nude body. you gotta admit
that the girl is still in her prime. And by “prime” I of course mean
I would still walk over smoking hot coal and beat up little kids just
to get the chance to be dumped by Romijn. She’s that hot.
Reese Witherspoon
I personally love a cute girl. If it's a cute girl that can also rock
the sexy in certain circumstances all the better. Smart, sassy
and self-aware. Reese has the kinda eyes you want to fall
into, while also offering the slightest underbite to get your
thoughts running to her mouth and all the yummy things it
could probably do if you ever got so lucky.
Renee Zellweger
has always been cute but wouldn't often be described as
hot. And her legs and booty are spectacular. She's definitely
a beautiful woman, and classy as well. Renee Was Morgan
Freeman’s first on-screen kiss. How cool is that? I wonder
if he was narrating the kiss in his head?
“Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at hello.”
Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known mononymously as
Rihanna, is a recording artist and model. Rihanna doesn’t
have to try hard to look hot. This pop R&B diva sometimes
looks amazing on the red carpet and sometimes she misses
the mark completely, but you can never say she's not daring.
I know there are a lot of Rihanna haters out there but you
have to be honest and admit that she truly is beautiful.
Rosamund Pike
Pike's peaks are an outstanding example of lady lumps
done right. In the words of C-3PO, "Thank the maker."
Her breakout came in her early 20s, as the evil Miranda
Frost in "Die Another Day." Rosamund may not be on
everyone's list, but she's well worth a looksie. That is if
statuesque hotties with a touch of old school
Hollywood glamour fit the bill for ya.
Rosario Dawson
Well let's see, she loves comic books, speaks Klingon and
likes sex. Chicks just don't come much better than this.
Neither do ladies, lasses, babes, booty calls or womyn. This
once in a lifetime mixture of talent, sass, deliciosity,
coolness and general ice queen panache is nearly beyond
reckoning. She quite frankly seems too good to be true.
Salma Hayek
there is no question that she is an international star of the
highest order.Sweet, sassy, with a hotness that'll burn your
tongue. Salma has that perfect blend of girl next door
freshness and wanton seductress. I challenge anyone to find a
more subtle, adaptable, all-around heart stoppingly awesome
face. It's all about beauty, talent, and a little international flair
Sandra Bullock
is beautiful, smart, rich, talented and seems like a genuinely
good person.  Sandra became  popular as a romantic interest,
cast in just about anything that was manufactured to get female
asses into seats and their male counterparts right next to them.
Taking a break from her whirlwind tour of everything
Rom-Com, America's Sweetheart is now sporting Oscar gold.
Sandra Oh
You may know her as the ambitious Dr. Yang from Grey's Anatomy, or
the chick from Sideways who beat that one guy with a motorcycle
helmet. She doesn't have a girlishly pretty face, but I like the strength of
her features and then there's her body! She has one of the most expressive
faces on television, at one moment hard and impassive, the next yearning,
wry, tender, all while barely moving a muscle - it's the eyes.
Sarah Lancaster
Some girls are beautiful, some girls are sexy, some girls are
beautiful AND sexy. With talent and a captivating presence,
Sarah Lancaster is quickly turning heads as one of
Hollywood's ascending young stars. In fact, Entertainment
Weekly included Sarah among its "2004 Must List," a
barometer of all that is "smart, sexy, and reeking of power."
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Seems as though her career might be coming to an end
unless she makes a dramatic turn but no matter what
happens, Gellar will always be Buffy and she'll
always be one hell of a sex symbol in Hollywood. But
Her sexiest character ever has to be Kathryn in "Cruel
Intentions".  Her sensual voice, fantastic figure and the
will to destroy other people's lives.
Sarah Roemer
made a name for herself by rocking those bikinis in Disturbia
and getting "Little Indy" Shia Lebouf all hot and horny. And
let's not forget her shaking her cheerleader pom poms in Fired
Up! showing us that she's more than a pretty face and a hot
body. She has great legs, and a good looking face, and hair that
makes all women envious.
Scarlett Johansson
this vixen my friends, she's young, hot, voluptuous and yes,
ethereal. To steal a phrase from Seinfeld - "They're real and
they're SPEC-tacular". There's a reason cousin Scarlett Jo was
number one three years in a row. Those lips. Those eyes.
That I can be a pure as a snowflake or as dirty as a truck stop
gaze she possesses. They all come together to create a unique,
gorgeous, and completely captivating face.
Shania Twain
is blessed with the kind of bright beauty that could lighten
even the darkest of moods and a voice that could tenderly melt
even the coldest of hearts. This hot Canadian gal can certainly
warm you up on an oh so cold winter night. The name Shania
means " I'm On My Way ". Men have come to adore her
megawatt smile and infectious personality. A fantastic singer
and a lovely person. She is one beautiful and sexy lady.
Sienna Miller
Everybody and their brother has seen this lass naked, since
she obviously digs sunbathing topless, so it's been made very
clear in pictorial fashion that she's got pretty decent, but not
amazing boobs. The girl carries herself like sex on legs. Sienna
hasn't done much yet. What I've seen of her indicates that
she's got some talent, but nothing so far that knocked me out.
Taylor Swift
a clean-living, girl-next-door type who writes and sings her own
songs. Swift is unspeakably cute. Despite her air-brushed Barbie
Doll features, her pouty red lips and her smokey blue eyes,
Taylor  Swift is more wholesome than she is sexy. Swift's style is
very feminine glamourous. She's a real beauty with her distinctive
features. candy lipped, blond-a-licious, curly-haired country pop
Thora Birch
is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Her measurements are 36-25-34. I have to
be honest, Thora is just not particularly pretty and has very little
warmth as an actress . She makes this list year after year because
she flased her headlights at us in American Beauty. That's it. No
other reason. This girl has got a killer rack and isn't afraid to use it.
Tina Fey
"Isn't she too smart for this?" To which I emphatically
answer NO! After all, we may focus on breasts and butts
here, but that doesn't mean we fear intelligent chicks. We in
fact love them. Tina's brain makes this a no-brainer. She's
smart sure, and funny as hell too. Fey is a different kind of
hottie no doubt, but a hottie of the first degree nevertheless.
Uma Thurman
Can a woman with a first name that sounds like one of the
those giant horns in the Riccola commercials really be hot?
Yes. Indescribably gorgeous. There's a reason she played the
supermodel neighbor in The Truth About Cats and Dogs.
Not much to do but bow down to this Teutonic goddess and
thank the stars that we've been blessed by her presence.
Vanessa Hudgens
I don't know if she can act, I don't know if she can sing. I can only base
what I know about her on the tabloid stories written about her and the
way she looks in pictures.... well, she looks damn good. I like that she's
not another stereotypical blonde and that she doesn't even have a
stereotypical Latina look. She's of mixed blood. I can't put my finger on
what exactly she looks like, it makes her all the more intriguing to look at.
Virginia Madsen
Looking fabulous, curvy & soft! Though she may be
numerically older than much of her competition in
Hollywood, she is by no means any less sexy. With her 5'8"
frame and her luscious blonde curls framing that beautiful
face, there is really no way she could pass for anything less
than a hottie. She has full, red, pouty lips that make a man
salivate. Her maturity has given her added self-assuredness
Yvonne Strahovski
Hollywood is still new to Strahovski. Yvonne is a 28 year old
blonde hottie from down under who has come to recognition as
the babe who teaches the tech geek how to be a super spy on the
show "Chuck." Being good-looking,
Really good looking , she's
that rare breed of actress who seems grounded and unrehearsed.  
flirtatious, provocative and funny. She has a wonderfully casual
natural beauty to her. With the last season of Chuck upon us
here's hoping Yvonne catches on in a big way in tinseltown.
Zooey Deschanel
Is there a more beautiful creature than Zooey Deschanel?
Sure we have hotter, sexier, fucktacular, more gorgeous
people in the world, but Zooey's the epitome of beauty.
People made statues of women like her in ancient greece for
Zeus' sake!  I could easily say she was probably the cutest
thing in Los Angeles but in reality she's the cutest thing ever.
Her baby blues have the power to stop men in their tracks.
Abigail Breslin
It’s so strange and unsettling when child stars grow up. Just
yesterday, it seems like Abigail Breslin was the adorable,
water-drinking moppet in “Signs.” But now she’s signing
deals for crime films and teen sex comedies, and we’re going
to watch those and just feel old, creepy, and sad. "Little Miss
Sunshine" has grown up!
Amy Smart
is a sexy actress best known for her work on the films
Varsity Blues, Road Trip, Rat Race, The Butterfly Effect,
and Crank. When I think of Amy I’m immediately drawn to
the topless webcam scene in Road Trip that was hysterical
and completely hot all at the same time.  Smart, feisty,
understanding and not afraid to get a little wild  and freaky .
Annasophia Robb
is super cute,  she's finally reached the magic age of 18 and
rest assured that this star has all the assets required to
become a major head turner. You can catch her bikini clad
body riding the waves in Soul Surfer. Unlike many child
stars, AnnaSophia appears to be genuinely grounded and
unaffected by her considerable fame.
Anne Heche
has become  as famous for her personal life as her numerous
acting roles. Despite turning in fine performances as a
working actress since the late 1980s, Anne is probably most
famous as the former lover of comedian Ellen DeGeneres. She
was also known for roles in such films as Volcano, Donnie
Brasco, Wag The Dog, Six Days Seven Nights and Psycho.
Annette Bening
is a very good actress, is classy, and not diminished in the
least by her nude and semi-nude scenes. A great looking 49
year old woman. She makes a mature man's head spin! I'm not
sure why Bening is so shy about showing off in photoshoots,
because she's perfectly happy to go buff on the big screen.
And she's got a very nice bod.
Carrie-Anne Moss
When The Matrix hit it seemed like everyone, chicks and
dudes, wanted a piece of one hardcore lass name of
Trinity. Hot, awesome, and happy to work leather like it
was made to wrap her up. There's something piercing
about her eyes, and those arched eyebrows could enflame
a person, or stop them cold.
Chelsea Handler
doesn’t want to admit it but she’s a major babe. I mean, she’s
really, really attractive, and quite possibly the only reason to watch
that ridiculous E! Channel, where Chelsea is a regular on their
neverending series of “list” shows. an amazing body and looks like
a Greek goddess with the hair, bronze skin, and all over glow.
Chloe Sevigny
isn't really going to be known for much else other than being that
mainstream-ish actress who gave a hardcore blow job in a film that
no one wanted to see until they heard that she was giving a hardcore
blow job in it. Chloe is one of those women who's "seen and done it
all". While she's currently known for her HBO series 'Big Love',
she's been in more than her fair share of indie films beforehand.
Cindy Crawford
Who would have thought that Cindy Crawford would still be
this hot at her age at forty-two she still has it! Looking
gorgeous as usual. Geez, does she ever look bad? Probably not.
It’s kind of refreshing, actually. Like a good dinner of steak
after being confronted with deep-fried Twinkies all day.
Courtney Thorne-Smith
it wasn’t long ago that this buxom blonde was one of TV’s
most sought-after sexpots. Her shapely figure and
enchanting blue eyes also made her a hit on the Hollywood
scene. A true television icon, Courtney has starred in some
of the biggest hits of the past three decades, including L.A.
Law, Melrose Place and Ally McBeal and most recently
Two and a Half men
Emily Browning
has blossomed from a cute kid into a gorgeous 20-year-old. She looks
younger than her actual age, but she gets more mature looking every
year. Now that she's out of her teens, it's probably only a matter of
time before we see her up on the screen showing a little more of herself
off. Once guys stop remembering her strictly as Violet Baudelaire,
they'll think of Emily Browning as that hot new Australian actress.
Estella Warren
This blonde girl with sexy lips comes from Canada. Even though
she is a famous model, she also well known as a good swimmer
in her country. She worked for Victoria’s Secret and Perry Ellis.
Her gorgeous look brought her to become one of “Hot 100
Babes” on Maxim magazine. she’s an actress/model/triathlete
with the girl next door look that guys fall over themselves for.
Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar and her uber tight body are two major reasons
to watch Burn Notice. Okay, so the show is pretty cool, too,
but you gotta admit, it wouldn’t be nearly as watchable without
Gabrielle Anwar strutting around in those tight dresses and, in
one episode, a bikini.
Gillian Anderson
When the X-Files Premiered on TV, the purpose of Gillian
Anderson's role was to provide a rational counterpoint to
partner Fox Mulder's obsession with assorted
creepy-crawlies. As the series became a huge hit, Anderson
became a bona fide sex symbol. A smoldering hot redhead
Anderson was easily one of hottest females in sci-fi/geekdom.
Heather Locklear
Few things are certain in life: death, taxes, and the eternal
hotness of Heather Locklear, the American actress known for
her roles in Dallas, Melrose Place, and rock stars' bedrooms.
Holy Heather Locklear! That's some serious hotness for a 48-
year-old mother of one! regardless of if you like older women
Heather Locklear’s hotness is still relevant.
Joss Stone
Soulful voice, all around hotness, gorgeous long legs
and sexy Bikini Body.  Since her explosion onto the
music scene in 2003, Joss Stone has been one of the
most soulful singers out there. One of the hottest
too. Stone made her film debut when she played the
role of Angela in the dragon movie Eragon.
Linda Fiorentino
an American actress noted for her dark beauty and
husky voice. blessed with miles of olive legs, dark
eyes and a pout that would perturb a parish priest
and drive the boys crazy. Fiorentino can take a
movie, make it a theme park and then become the
most popular attraction in the entire joint.
Meg Ryan
Blond-haired, blue-eyed with an effervescent personality. There
was a time when Meg Ryan was the cutest, most lovable, could
do no wrong, hot little piece of ass in Hollywood.  I have always
loved Meg.  She is too funny, has amazing talent, and always
wins me over with ever role she takes on. Meg has a cute Irish
face with thin, curled lips when she smiles.
Meryl Streep
Not your typical Hollywood hottie but Streep is proof that some
women get better with age ! Meryl has been nominated  for an
Academy Award 16 times since 1979 -  the record for the most
Oscar nominations of any actor or actress. She is attractive. She has
a distinctive beauty, that is genuine, and not the product of some
"plastic" preconception of what the public should view as attractive.
Michelle Pfeiffer
is still hot. For an actress that is now 53, I’d still do her about as
much as I would have when she was in her 20's, 30's, and 40's, the
woman who does not age has always been so sleek, so sharp, all in
all just devastating. It’s totally refreshing that 53-year-old Michelle
appears not to have chosen to freeze, plump, erase or fill most of
her face in order to look “younger.” And she looks even hotter for it.
Michelle Rodriguez
is Hollywood's go to girl for playing tough female characters on
screen. She's alluring, she's engaging and she's got this...
SOMETHING... that isn't matched currently in the pool of
actresses. She is sort of tomboy-ish and tuff ever since her roll in
Fast and Furious, She played a real hard ass in Resident Evil. In
her latest roll in the movie Avatar Michelle showed her skills and
her personality BIG time.
Olivia Munn
Standing apart from the throngs of blue-eyed blonde over -feminized
chicks that were previously being thrust upon us, it seemed as if
Munn didn't have to try very hard to just be that new hot chick on
the block. Boiled down, I think Munn is explosively hot. If she puts
on a bikini and poses for a magazine, she's hot. The rest of her
package, the living, breathing portion of her as a girl? Not so much
Sophie Marceau
is smokey, classy, elegant, sexy. She was a Lolita as a teen, a stone
cold fox as she aged, and now is a simple, elegant, stunning beauty.
How she has kept her timeless look is anybody's guess, but when
it comes to ridiculously good-looking people, you've got to give it
up for this vision. She's talented, and has a Some chicks are simply
top of the food chain and she's a damn good example.
Shannon Doherty
is hot, there is no denying. People say she is getting
old, which is what happens everyone else in life, but
really she is only 37 yrs old.  Shannen is beautiful and
talented! She's not a bad girl but she does play one on
TV. As part of a sexy sisterly trio of witches, Shannen
proved that there was life after Beverly Hills, 90210
Summer Glau
she played Cameron, the helpful, butt-kicking robot on the TV
show Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She’s a
beautiful, sexy and talented actress AND ballet dancer. Summer
is totally amazing. Amazing legs.. Amazing everything. She's
different looking, pretty in an exotic way, believably tough and
sporty despite the fact that she looks break-ably thin.
Thandie Newton
A quirky lass with a surprisingly tasty body and looks that
are appealing, though different from the classic beauty. Even
that slight freckle under her right eye adds just the right
amount of imperfection to support the surrounding perfection.
she can radiate a welcoming warmth and vulnerability that
sucks you in. Hard to imagine a more classically pretty face.
Vanessa Williams
is one of the lucky few that just gets more beautiful with each
passing year. At 48 Vanessa Williams looks better than ever.
Being at ease with herself and her body is sexy. Every woman
should accentuate their best assets and not be afraid to show
them off. The former beauty queen and star on ABC’s former
hit TV show Ugly Betty Whatever Vanessa’s beauty regime
may be, it is certainly working for her.
Aishwarya Rai
This Bollywood actress and former Miss World is often
referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” A
striking brunette with hooded eyes and full lips, she
appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Elle, and other
fashion magazines. A triple threat: model, beauty pageant
queen, and movie star.
Alexa Vega
All grown up and hot as hell. When did Alexa Vega grow
up? One moment she was in those “Spy Kids” movies
and the next she’s an adult woman in a evening dress.  
Uber cute and talented she has worked with a slew of A-
list actors such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen Hunt and
Antonio Banderas
Amber Valletta
There are some women who have an incredible look that exudes
sexiness and confidence. Amber's piercing eyes not only let
men know she is in control, but also make men lose control.
She played the sexy Allegra Cole in the romantic comedy Hitch
, and is one of the few Hollywood ladies who's both talented
enough to be an actress, and beautiful enough to be a model.
Anna Popplewell
Young, innocent, British - need we say more? We
love Anna Popplewell for her sweet exterior as
well as her touch of edginess (she carries a bag of
arrows on her back, after all). With her dark hair
and milky white skin, we can even see her in a sexy
little pinup getup (or is it just us)?
Ariel Winter
I must confess I'd never heard of Ariel WInter until a
few months ago when I caught the first season of
Modern Family on DVD. I'm now an avid viewer of
this season and I must say that the past Summer has
been very good to Winter. She has grown up nicely
Ashlee Simpson
Automatically famous as the younger sister of pop star
Jessica Simpson. Ashlee's main appeal comes from her
fresh-faced youth and natural exuberance. Refreshingly, she
isn't as blatant with her personal life as her sister, Jessica,
who made headlines by declaring her premarital virginity with
much hoopla. But that doesn't mean Ashlee is timid about sex.
Ashley Johnson
Breaking into show business at age 2 as a clothing model, Ashley
Johnson has since emerged as one of the more prolific young actresses
in Hollywood with over sixty projects under her belt. She is probably
best remembered as the attractive and troublesome Chrissy Seaver on
the ABC hit sitcom "Growing Pains."  Fortunately, Ashley's blond
goldilocks make her much more of a fetching lass these days.
Avril Lavigne
Let it be said that Avril Lavigne has developed into a lovely
young woman. Her smoldering lips, big blue eyes and pale
skin make for an enticing package -- one that we hope will
only get better with age. She is a beautiful girl, but wears
WAY too much eye makeup for my tastes.
Bonnie Wright
She shot to fame playing little Ginny Weasley in the Harry
Potter movies. But Bonnie Wright has shown once and for
all that she is all grown-up. Maybe I’m a little biased
because I love redheads, so I love Bonnie’s orange locks.
Also, she has a slightly edgier (dare I say sexier?) look.
Brittany Snow
With her all-American looks and confident demeanor, Brittany
Snow certainly exudes a down-home sexiness that’s virtually
impossible to resist.  But her good-girl image is currently being
taken apart piece-by-piece, thanks to admittedly risqué
appearances in movies like John Tucker Must Die and The
Pacifier. Her role in the film "On the Doll" erases any questions
regarding her sultriness, as she plays a seasoned prostitute.
  Carla Gugino
This ultra vixen is one of the sexiest unknown sex
symbols as far as we're concerned. Her turn as the
seductive lesbian stripper in The Center of the
World was scintillating. 2009's Women in Trouble
and 2010's Elektra Luxx, in the two films, Carla
Gugino plays Elektra Luxx, a porn star whose life
gets messy after she finds out she's pregnant.
Chloe Grace Moretz
She is beautiful, talented, down to earth, funny, kind,
and polite. For those of you have been living under a
rock Chloe is an actress who played the foul mouthed
vampire in Let Me In, and most recently helped the
title character repair his mechanical man in Hugo.
Christina Hendrix
combines the voluptuous curves and ample bosom so
admired back in the 1960s with the sassy attitude that
drives men crazy today. Add in a mane of fiery red hair
and a fashion sense that does nothing to hide her
assets, and you can see why this young lass has so
captivated men of all ages.
Danielle Panabaker
At this point in her career, Danielle seems determined to
prove herself as an actress rather than score points as a
sexy screen star. Somehow, we find that kind of hot.  
Looks aside, she is also one of the smartest women
you'll ever meet. She finished high school at 14 and
completed a B.A. at 19..Now that we find VERY hot.
Demi Lovato
Another one of the Disney singer/actresses that I had never
even heard of prior to six months ago. Her mom was a Dallas
Cowboys Cheerleader during the 1982-83 season, and was a
country recording artist - so I guess we know where she gets
her looks and talent from.
Denise Richards
Her topless makeout session in the pool with Neve Campbell in Wild
Things is still one of the most provocative scenes we've seen in a
Hollywood movie, and that was 12 years ago. She has two children
now. Denise is definitely near the top of the list of celebrity MILFs.
She was a Bond girl in The World Is Not Enough, solidifying her sex
symbol status - and Carla "the friendly one" in Love Actually.
Elle Fanning
At 13 Elle is a bit young to make our list but there is no
denying she's as cute as they come and an incredibly
talented actress. And her recent stints in Super 8 and We
Bougth a Zoo have shown she's growing up and on teh
verge of becoming a very beautiful young woman.
Emily Osment
The younger sister of the kid who sees dead people.
You may know her as Miley Cyrus’ fun and carefree
friend in Hannah Montana. Fairly petite at 4' 11" the 19
year old singer and actress will probably be stuck
playing teen roles for years to come.
Evanna Lynch
The supercute Evanna Lynch, who was added to the Harry Potter cast as Luna
Lovegood , has a pretty special look to her - with blonder than blonde hair and
pale blue eyes. .All she's done so far is harry Potter so it still remains for
Evanna to prove herself as an actress. There's just something immediately
charming about Lynch's style - of course, it probably helps that we Americans
are predisposed to find anybody with a Irish accent to be immediately charming.
Gemma Arterton
is known in the UK for her role in the Jane Austen-inspired
miniseries Lost in Austen and as a noughty schoolgirl in St
Trinians. To the rest of the world, she's known as one of the new
Bond girls in Daniel Craig's Quantum of Solace. Her timeless
visage and effortless charm are what every man wants to come
home to, and her willingness to play dress up on screen probably
translates to a willingness to play dress up in the bedroom too.
Georgie Henley
made her screen debut aged nine in a hugely successful
children’s film – and has blossomed into a sassy,
stylish young woman. With her endearing combination
of charm, intelligence and emergent beauty. She has
stunning blue eyes, great bone structure and perfect
skin. On one level Georgie is surprisingly mature, but
on another she is admirably normal, the 16-year-old is
both touchingly childlike and decidedly teenage.
Hailee Steinfeld
has wowed audiences all over with her big screen debut
in 'True Grit,' and there's no doubt that she's one to
watch. Her father is Jewish and her mother is of
Filipino, African-American and European-American
descent. No wonder she's so beautiful! There is some
hooplah because Hailee is reported to have a nude
scene in the upcoming Romeo and Juliet.
Jennette McCurdy
best known for her role as Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom
iCarly. Apparently this is another one of those "tween" shows. I've
never watched it or , up until recently, heard of Jennette. But on
doing a bit of research for this page I found she is one hot little
number. Why hasn't anyone told me about her? she's a tight little
package. At 19, she's also completely legal, so all's good in the hood.
Kate Middleton
The latest British Princess and future Queen of England to grace us
with her charm and beauty. She burst into the public consciousness
this past summer. Next week the Duchess of Cambridge caps a
remarkable year by celebrating her 30th birthday.  Royal insiders
have called Kate Middleton, with her grace and sporty elegance, "a
natural" as Prince William's wife. The captivating brunette may not
come from royalty, but she does have good breeding.
Katie Leung
The lovely Miss Leung had no significant acting experience
before showing up on the big screen as Cho Chang, Harry
Potter's first love interest. While Katie isn't a traditional hottie
in the bleached-blond sense her peculiar combination of Chinese
looks with Scottish accent make her one of the few starlets you
can't possible mistake for somebody similar. And let's not beat
around the bush - the Hogwarts uniform doesn't hurt, either.
Katy Perry
first emerged as an international sex symbol then we saw
paparazzi pics of a bikini-clad Perry showing off what
would quickly become known as one of the best racks in
Hollywood, and everything else ceased to matter. Katy
Perry has emerged as the front-and-center all-American sex
symbol in pop music.
Kelly Brook
the Top 10 of most men's magazines' "Sexiest Women" polls. Kelly is
one of those women who has the innate ability to cause shortness of
is one of England's best-known models, who is regularly included in
the Top 10 of most men's magazines' "Sexiest Women" polls. Kelly is
one of those women who has the innate ability to cause shortness of
breath in the male species. Let's face it Brook's list of
accomplishments isn't consummate, exemplary or unique. There’s
just no stopping Kelly and truthfully, we hope she never slows down.
Kirsten Storms
She's a talented, charismatic actress, who's not only gorgeous,
but just plain awesome. 25ish, sexy, hip, quirky, has vitality,
charisma and personality. At the tender age of five, Kirsten
Storms already knew what she wanted to do with her life,
she longed to perform in front of the camera. Pretty and
talented. I find her likable and funny at the same time.
Larisa Oleynik
with her bright smile and everygirl aura, Larisa Oleynik became
the darling of the preteen set playing the title role in “The Secret
World of Alex Mack”. She moved on to High School and became
the object of desire to Joseph Gordon Levitt in the Taming of the
Shrew take-off 10 Things I Hate About You. And apparently our
10 Things cutie shared a Kiss with Delta99 favorite Katherine
Heigl in the movie 100 girls. I'm gonna have to check out that flick.
Leighton Meester
on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester has perfected the art of
Machiavellian seduction, using her charm, beauty and
cunning to get what she wants. In real life, Meester is
noticeably more understated. It's worth noting that Leighton
has been quoted as saying that she identifies with Blair "on
every level, in one way or another." Well, hey, at least she
has the self-awareness to know they're both totally hot.
Madeline Zima
Best known as Claire's lesbian roommate in Heroes. As a
child actor, Madeline Zima was best-known for playing the
precocious Grace on The Nanny. Now that she's moved into
adulthood, Zima is spicing things up as one of David
Duchovny's bedmates on Showtime's Californication.
Mae Whitman
After having played Roxy Richter, one of the Seven Evil Ex's, in
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Mae Whitman is a force to be
reckoned with. Just 23, she has a resume that boasts nearly two
decades’ worth of solid acting experience, including countless
movies, tireless voiceover work, and abundant television gigs. She
is that rarity, a bona fide child star success story.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
This "scream queen" has got quite the set of pipes... but
given that bright smile and foxy figure, we weren't really
pay attention to her voice. Just one glimpse will tell you
she has a very sexy look, and her charm and personality
certainly don't detract from her sexiness. she doesn't have
a reputation for being a wild child.
Michelle Williams Maybe it's the broken heart she
experienced after Heath's death, or maybe it's the way she
carries her daughter on her back around Brooklyn, but Michelle
Williams has that kind of mature beauty that you can only get
once you've had some serious life experiences under your belt.
In 'My Week With Marilyn' Williams manages to embody the
essence of Marilyn Monroe. There are times when we see the
confident, sexy Marilyn and other times her true personality, a
playful, vulnerable girl who just wants people to love her.
Mika Boorem
She was Anton Yelchin's first kiss in Hearts in Atlantis. The
kiss against which all others will be measured and found
wanting. The bikini clad little sister in Blue Crush and had a
Sleepover with Alexa Vega.  The 24 year old petite beauty
has built up a respectable filmography for a young actress.
Minka Kelly
We first fell in love with Minka when she was shaking her
pompons with Panther pride as head cheerleader  on the series
Friday Night Lights. There’s no denying that Minka Kelly is
sexy. From her days as quarterback-kissing Lyla Garrity, to
her brief appearance as a light at the end of Joseph Gordon-
Levitt’s tunnel in the indie smash (500) Days of Summer,
Kelly has been igniting school boy crushes in men of all ages.
Miranda Cosgrove
The latest Disney Cutie (or is that Nickelodeon?) - she rocked
out in school with Jack Black and was adopted by a despicable
Steve Carell. She's one of the hottest up-and-coming ladies in
Hollywood, but Miranda Cosgrove's career luck hasn't translated
to her romantic life. The 18-year-old iCarly star told Seventeen
magazine that she's no stranger to having her heart broken.
Natalie Imbruglia
Hailing from down under, Natalie practically rose form
obscurity to fame with her hit song, "Torn" and follow
up, "Wishing I Was There." Whether it's the urban look
or the timeless beauty of her face, there is something
absolutely appealing about her. It certainly helps that
she is gorgeous - and those pouty lips aren't bad either.
Peyton List
Who knew there would be two Peyton List
nominees? One too you the other just right. The
incredible and stunning 25 year old actress got her big
break when she portrayed Lucy Montgomery on the
soap opera As The World Turns. More recently she's
been seen in the hit TV shows Flash Forward and
Mad Men. She was Shia LaBeouf's love interest in
The Greatest Game Ever Played and had a guest
appearance on "Smallville" as Lois Lane's little sister.
Peyton List
At 13 Peyton is probably a bit too young to make our list but
she's just too damn cute not to nominate. Already  Peyton has
amassed one hell of a resume. She's play a young Katherine Heigl
in 27 Dresses, a young teresa Palmer in The Sorcerer's Apprentice
and a young Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed. And now
she's the new love inetrest in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise.
Rene Russo
Talent, intelligence and sex appeal all rolled into one.
With such a winning combination, it's no wonder that
Rene is one of the hottest actresses around. Speaking of
attractiveness, when she took off her shirt in The Thomas
Crown Affair this 50 something goddess definitely made
me stand up and pay attention. She is a great role model
for older women who think age reduces their sex appeal.
Romola Garai
If you like curvy blondes with porcelain skin and eyes of the bluest
sky, this young lady is perfect for you. And if you don’t like curvy
blondes with pure skin and blue eyes, what are you doing here?
Romola Garai has the perfect combination of innocence and
sassiness, not to mention brains, drive, an exploding career, a nicely
padded bank account, and she can play the violin. The only thing this
Hong Kong native is lacking is a charming, handsome man to make
her truly happy. I humbly volunteer for that role.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hails from jolly Old England, where
royalty is still "in" and - lucky for us - pretty girls with a cute pout
often grow up to become gorgeous models. Followers of Victoria's
Secret beauties will recognize this impossibly beautiful model for
making that lingerie look especially nice. Rosie is more famous
these days for replacing Megan Fox in Transformers: Dark of the
Moon. Has Michael Bay found America's next big sex symbol?
Samantha Morton
is proof that good things come in small packages. Despite being
only 5’3”, this naturally busty beauty has deceptively long legs
and curves in all the right places. She also has a refreshing lack of
inhibition, having happily paraded around in the nude in Band of
Gold, Jesus’ Son and Morvern Callar. Samantha’s commitment
to her roles - as well as her commitment to shedding her knickers
- is sure to have us tuning in for years to come.
Sammi Hanratty
has seen and done more than most 16-year-olds.
Hanratty is quickly proving herself to be an amazing
actress. She is no stranger to the big and small screen.
She was recently cast as leads in two feature films that
shot on location “The Lost Medallion: The
Adventures of Billy Stone” was shot in Thailand,
while “The Greening of Whitney Brown,” in which
Sammi plays the title character was shot in Georgia.
Saoirse Ronan
her blonde hair is rich, her skin snow-white, and her figure slender
and willow-like. She stole the film in Atonement. Ronan became
one of the youngest Oscar nominated actresses for her role in the
2007 war drama. Despite her young age, Ronan has proved herself.
she says, earnestly. "I've never really felt like I was a child actor.
Just an actor who happened to be quite young."
Sarah Hyland
from cutie pie to stone cold hottie. Sarah Hyland is not a
teenager, she just plays one on TV, but she isn’t exactly
doing a very good job at debunking the myth that she’s
underage by wearing a
cheerleader outfit like this. Luckily, I
know she’s over eighteen and don’t feel like too much of a
creepy old man enjoying these shots. As those who know
me can attest I've always had a thing for cheerleaders
Sara Paxton
made waves in Aquamarine, and also had roles in other flicks including
Superhero Movie and The Last House on the Left. undeniably beautiful,
Sara Paxton’s youthful veneer hardly prevent her from being truly sexy. As
she matures hopefully she won lose the aura of innocence that seems to
follow her with every new role she takes on. As the old 'Loves Babysoft'
used to claim - Innocence is sexier than you think.
Scout Taylor-Compton
isn't quite the girl next door. She's actually the mortician's
daughter next door. This makes her a natural for horror movies.
Scout Taylor-Compton is Hollywood's scream queen du jour.
Best-known as the new Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween
reboot and its sequel, she hasn't made the mistake of being too
funny, having too much sex or saying "I'll be right back" - all
things that would almost certainly get her killed in a horror movie.
As far as I can tell this chick's clean as a whistle, Scout's honor.
Selena Gomez
With her ethnic roots equally divided between Mexican-
American and Italian, Selena Gomez has the right genes
to blossom into an eye-catching starlet in the years to
come. Since she only turned 18 in the summer of 2010,
we really haven’t had a chance yet to properly catch a
glimpse of her true potential, but her natural cuteness
and eye for fashion ensure that she’ll probably be
looking good for quite a while.
Skyler Samuels
was in that awful Boston filmed movie Furry
vengeance, was the younger sister in Stepfather and
apparently plays the title role in a TV show called The
Nine Lives of Chloe King. At the tender age of 17 she
was voted #12 on the 100 Sexiest Women in Television
so I guess we must be on the right track
Sofia Vergara
If there's one break-out babe on the ABC hit Modern
Family it has to be Sofia. We all know the reason men
everywhere watch the popular sitcom is to get that weekly
dose of Sofia Vergara, owner of the best cleavage on
television. A sex symbol of the highest order. Blessed with
the proportions of a blow up doll on steroids, the busty
Colombian is one of the sexiest women in show business.
With full lips, cascading hair and a body that won’t quit.
Taylor Momsen
Just try and find an attractive picture of Taylor
Momsen from 2011 - just try! That raccoon eye make-
up is just hideous. The blond hair, the impossibly blue
eyes and that million-dollar smile made us feel like we
were watching one of the world’s cutest teenagers
develop into one of the world’s great young beauties.
Then something went wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.
Tina Majorino
you likely already knew that Tina Majorino had a role
as the painfully adorable computer geek Mac on
Veronica Mars, and you probably saw her turn in
Napoleon Dynamite, but did you know that back when
was she was 10 years old she also played that dirty,
tattered child that Kevin Costner rescues in
Waterworld? That's just a little unsettling and weird.