Delta 99 Most Desirable Women
Delta Films
99 Most Desirable Women

Each year the Delta Films executive committee chooses the most
desirable women in movies, television, modeling and sports.
Many attractive women campaign year round for this prestigious honor.
Personal appearances score big points with the Delta Films judges.
The Judges are incredibly honest and cannot be bought.
However their votes can be influenced with sexual favours.
“Desirable” doesn't necessarily mean the most beautiful.

As in most beauty pageants, to us, desirability encompasses
many attributes such as beauty, sex appeal, talent, and
personality. Although hundreds of deserving women are
nominated each year only 99 can make it through our strenuous
process and be named one of the “99 Most Desirable Women”
of that year. The judges carefully evaluate each nominee and
rank them by their desirability rating. The votes are tabulated and
the results are sealed in our secure vault until the awards are