Delta's Choice Awards 1991
Best Picture:
"Silence of the Lambs"
Best Drama:
"Regarding Henry"
Best Comedy:
"Doc Hollywood"
Best Science Fiction:
"Terminator 2"
Best Romantic:
"Once Around"
Best Action Adventure:
Best Horror:
"Cape Fear"
Best Actor:
Anthony Hopkins
Dr Hannibal Lecter - "Silence of the Lambs"
Best Actress:
Jodie Foster
Clarice Starling - "Silence of the Lambs"
Best Supporting Actor:
Jack Palance
Curly - "City Slickers"
Best Supporting Actress:
Christina Ricci
Wednesday Addams - "The Addams Family"
Best Director:
Jonathan Demme
"Silence of the Lambs"
Best Special Effects:
"Terminator 2"
Best Movie Quote:
"A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver
with some fava beans and a nice chianti."
Anthony Hopkins / Hannibal Lecter      Silence of the Lambs
Worst Picture:
"Nothing But Trouble"
Top 10 Films 1991        
  1. "Silence of the Lambs"
  2. "Regarding Henry"
  3. "Terminator 2"
  4. "Defending Your Life"
  5. "City Slickers"
  6. "Backdraft"
  7. "Once Around"
  8. "Doc Hollywood"
  9. "Career Opportunities"
  10. "If Looks Could Kill"