Delta's Choice Awards 1998
Best Picture:
"Saving Private Ryan"
Best Drama:
"Saving Private Ryan"
Best Comedy:
Best Science Fiction:
Best Romantic:
"You've Got Mail"
Best Action Adventure:
"Enemy of the State"
Best Horror:
Best Actor:
Brad Pitt
Joe Black / Death - "Meet Joe Black"
Best Actress:
Joan Allen
Betty Parker - "Pleasantville"
Best Supporting Actor:
Jon Voight     
Reynolds - "Enemy of the State"
Best Supporting Actress:
Kathy Bates    
Libby Holden - "Primary Colors"
Best Director:
Steven Speilberg
"Saving Private Ryan"
Best Special Effects:
Best Movie Quote:
"Good morning...Oh, and in case I don't see ya, good
afternoon, good evening, and good night!"
Jim Carey / Truman Burbank      The Truman Show
Worst Picture:
"Jack Frost"
Top 10 Films 1998        
  1. "Saving Private Ryan"
  2. "Meet Joe Black"
  3. "The Truman Show"
  4. "Pleasantville"
  5. "You've Got Mail"
  6. "Enemy of the State"
  7. "Sliding Doors"
  8. "What Dreams May Come"
  9. "Armageddon"
  10. "U.S. Marshalls"