Delta's Choice Awards 2000
Best Picture:
"Cast Away"
Best Drama:
"Cast Away"
Best Comedy:
"Miss Congeniality"
Best Science Fiction or Horror:
Best Romantic:
"The Family Man"
Best Action Adventure:
"Charlie's Angels"
Best Horror:
"Final Destination"
Best Actor:
Tom Hanks
Chuck Nolan - "Cast Away"
Best Actress:
Renee Zellwegger
Betty Sizemore - "Nurse Betty"
Best Supporting Actor:
Tom Cruise      
Frank T.J. Mackey - "Magnolia"
Best Supporting Actress:
Kate Hudson     
Penny Lane - "Almost Famous"
Best Director:
Robert Zemeckis
"Cast Away"
Best Special Effects:
Best Movie Quote:
"we're a little short on money right now, sir, but I'll
consider it an honor and a privilege to suck your
Maria Bello / Suzi Loomis                   Duets
Worst Picture:
"But I'm a Cheerleader"
Top 10 Films 2000        
  1. "Cast Away"
  2. "Duets"
  3. "The Kid"
  4. "Finding Forrester"
  5. "Magnolia"
  6. "Pay It Forward"
  7. "X-Men"
  8. "The Patriot"
  9. "The Perfect Storm"
  10. "Chocolat"