Delta's Choice Awards Nominations 2006
Best Picture:
All Fully qualified movies are automatically entered into nomination for best picture.
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Best Drama:
Brokeback Mountain
Flags of our Fathers
The Illusionist
Joyeux Noel
Little Children
Loving Annabelle
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Three Burials of Mequiates Estrada
United 93
World Trade Center
Best Comedy:
The Devil Wears Prada
Imagine Me & You
Keeping up with the Steins
Little Miss Sunshine
Mini's First Time
Mrs Henderson Presents
Night at the Museum
Prairie Home Companion
Stranger Than Fiction
Thank You for Smoking
Best Science Fiction or
A Scanner Darkly
Aeon Flux
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Hard Candy
Lady in the Water
Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Mans Chest
The Prestige
Superman Returns
V for Vendetta
X-Men Last Stand
Best Romantic:
A Good Year
The Holiday
The Illusionist
Imagine Me & You
The Lake House
Last Holiday
Marie Antoinette
My Summer of Love
The Oh in Ohio
Stranger Than Fiction
Best Animated Feature:
Ant Bully
Flushed Away
Happy feet
Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown
Monster House
Open Season
Over The hedge
Wallace and Gromit
Best Action Adventure:
Aeon Flux
The Davinci Code
The Departed
James Bond - Casino Royal
Lucky Number Slevin
Mission Impossible III
Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Mans Chest
Superman Returns
V for Vendetta
X-Men Last Stand
Best Non-Qualified:
A Good Woman
American Splendor
Breakfast at Tifanny's
CSA: Confederate States of America
Five People You Meat in Heaven
Happy Endings
Key Largo
Midnight Cowboy
Schindlers List
The Seven Samurai
Best Actor:
Sasha Cohen                         Borat Sagdiyev           Borat
Joseph Gordon-Levitt             Brendan                     Brick
Heath Ledger                         Ennis Del Mar             Brokeback Mountain
Phillip Seymore Hoffman        Truman Capote          Capote
Daniel Craig                           James Bond                Casino Royale
Leonardo DeCaprio                Billy Costigan             The Departed
Jet Li                                       Huo Yuanjia               Fearless
Ed Norton                                Eisenheim                 The Illusionist
Paul Giamatti                           Cleveland Heep        Lady in the Water
Jason Schwartman                  Louis August             Marie Antoinette
Eric Bana                                Avner                         Munich
Wil Smith                                 Chris Gardner           The Pursuit of Happyness
Aaron Eckhart                         Nick Naylor               Thank You for Smoking
Joaquin Phoenix                      Johnny Cash             Walk the Line
Best Actress:
Ellen Page                    Hayley Stark                      Hard Candy
Diane Lane                   Toni Mannix                      Hollywoodland
Diane Kruger                 Anna Sorensen                Joyeux Noel
Queen Latifa                 Georgia Byrd                    Last Holiday
Kate Winslet                  Sarah Pierce                    Little Children
Scarlett Johansson        Nola Rice                         Matchpoint
Ziri Zhang                      Chiyo/Sayuri                     Memoirs of a Geisha
Judi Dench                    Mrs Laura Henderson       Mrs Henderson Presents
Emma Thompson          Nanny McPhee                 Nanny McPhee
Charlize Theron            Josey Aimes                      North Country
Virginia Madsen            Dangerous Woman           Prairie Home Companion
Annette Bening             Deirdre Burroughs            Running With Scissors
Natalie Portman            Evey Hammond                 V for Vendetta
Reese Witherspoon      June Carter                       Walk the Line
Alison Lohman              Karen                                Where the Truth Lies
Best Supporting Actor:
Robert Downey Jr                 James Barris                     A Scanner Darkly
Morgan Freeman                  Mitch Bradley                    An Unfinished Life
Jack Gillenhaal                     Jack Twist                         Brokeback Mountain
Jack Nicholson                      Frank Costello                  The Departed
Mark Wahlberg                     Dignam                             The Departed
Adam Beach                         Ira Hayes                          Flags of Our Father
Ben Affleck                           George Reeves                Hollywoodland
Jackie Earl Haley                  Ronnie J. McGorvey          Little Children
Alan Arkin                             Grandpa                           Little Miss Sunshine
Steve Carroll                        Frank                                Little Miss Sunshine
Phillip Seymore Hoffman       Owen Davian                    Mission Impossible III
Danny Devito                        Wayne the pool guy         The Oh in Ohio
William Shatner                    Ozzie                                 Over The hedge
Joseph Fiennes                    Neil Bookman                    Running With Scissors
Armando Riesco                   Antonio Rodrigues            World Trade Center
Best Supporting Actress:
Emily Blunt                            Emily                                 The Devil Wears Prada
Meryl Streep                         Miranda Priestly                The Devil Wears Prada
Toni Collette                         Rose Feller                       In Her Shoes
Amy Adams                           Ashley Johnsten               Junebug
Abigail Breslin                       Olive                                 Little Miss Sunshine
Kelly Reilly                            Maureen                           Mrs Henderson Presents
Frances McDormand            Glory                                 North Country
Mischa Barton                      Kristen Taylor                    The Oh in Ohio
Lily Tomlin                            Rhonda Johnson               Prairie Home Companion
Evan Rachel Wood               Natalie Finch                     Running With Scissors
Jill Clayburg                          Agnes Finch                      Running With Scissors
Maggie Gyllenhaal                Ana Pascal                        Stranger Than Fiction
Maggie Gyllenhaal                Allison Jimeno                   World Trade Center
Best Director:
Emilio Estevez                      Bobby
Rian Johnson                       Brick
Ang Lee                               Brokeback Mountain
Martin Scorcese                   Departed
Clint Eastwood                     Flags of our Fathers
Cory Edwards                      Hoodwinked
Neil Burger                           The Illusionist
Todd Field                            Little Children
Jonathan Dayton                  Little Miss Sunshine
Sofia Copola                        Marie Antoinette
Robert Altman                      Prairie Home Companion
Je-gyu Kang                        Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo (Brotherhood of War)
Tommy Lee Jones               The Three Burials of Mequiates Estrada
Paul Greengrass                  United 93
Oliver Stone                         World Trade Center
Best Movie Quote:
Actor/Role                                           Film
"God is just an imaginary friend for grown ups."        
Morgan Freeman / Walter Crewes          Big Bounce

"If you can't fix it Jack, You gotta stand it "
Heath Ledger / Ennis Del Mar                Brokeback Mountain

"Tell you what. The truth is … Sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it "       
Jake Gyllenhaal / Jack Twist                    Brokeback Mountain

"I wish I could quit you!"        
Jake Gyllenhall / Jack Twist                     Brokeback Mountain

"Do I look like I care?"        
Daniel Craig / James Bond                      Casino Royale

"I don't want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of
Jack Nicholson / Frank Costello)             The Departed

"Am I gay? I’m ecstatic! "       
Eva Birthislte / Eddie                               Imagine me & You

"Shoes like these should not be locked in a closet! They should be living a life of scandal, and
passion and getting screwed in an alleyway by a billionaire while his frigid wife waits in the limo
thinking that he just went back into the bar to get his cell "  
Cameron Diaz / Maggie Feller                 In Her Shoes

"The whole world will know you died scratching my balls"        
Daniel Craig / James Bond                      James Bond Casino Royal

"One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to"        
Sandra Bullock / Kate                              The Lake House

Brandon Ratcliff / Robby                         Me You and Everyone We Know

"Fuck the shit outta me"        
Mischa Barton / Kristen                           The OH in Ohio

William Shatner / Ozzie                           Over the Hedge

"I like to think of Jesus like with giant eagles wings, and singin' lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd
with like an angel band and I'm in the front row and I'm hammered drunk!"        
John C Reilly / Cal Naughton, Jr              Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

"We invented democracy, existentialism, and the blowjob."        
Sacha Baron Cohen / Jean Girard          Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

"I have a bachelor's in kicking ass and taking names."        
Aaron Eckhardt / Nick Naylor                  Thank You for Smoking
"Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no
reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot... But what of the man?"        
Natalie Portman / Evey Hammond)          V for Vendetta

"I like you"        
Kristin Adams / Alice                                Where the Truth Lies
Best Special Effects:
A Scanner Darkly
Aeon Flux
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Illusionist
Mission Impossible III
Night at the Museum
Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Mans Chest
She's the Man
Superman Returns
V for Vendetta
World Trade Center
X-Men Last Stand
Best Comedic Performance:
Sacha Baron Cohen        Borat Sagdiyev        Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make
                                                                   Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
Catherine O'Hara             Marylin Hack           For Your Consideration
Queen Latifah                  Georgia Byrd          Last Holiday
Abigail Breslin                  Olive                       Little Miss Sunshine
Alan Arkin                         Grandpa                Little Miss Sunshine
Albert Brooks                    Albert Brooks         Looking For Comedy in the Muslim World
Ben Stiller                         Larry Daley            Night at the Museum
Dick Van Dyke                  Cecil                       Night at the Museum
Owen Wilson                     Jedadiah                Night at the Museum
Parker Posey                    Priscilla Chase       The Oh in Ohio
Wanda Sykes                   Stella                      Over The hedge
William Shatner                 Ozzie                     Over The hedge
Garrison Keillor                 Garrison Keillor     Prairie Home Companion
Jeff Daniels                       Travis Gornicke     RV
Wil Farrell                         Harold Crick           Stranger Than Fiction
Greg Hollimon                   Onyx Blackman      Strangers With Candy
Aaron Eckhardt                 Nick Naylor            Thank You for Smoking
Best Dramatic Performance:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt       Brendan                                Brick
Heath ledger                     Ennis Del Mar                       Brokeback Mountain
Vin Deisel                         Giacomo "Jackie Dee" DiNorscio          Find Me Guilty
Adam Beach                     Ira Hayes                              Flags of our Fathers
Ellen Page                        Hayley Stark                         Hard Candy
Paul Giamatti                    Cleveland Heep                    Lady in the Water
Jackie Earl Haley              Ronnie J. McGorvey              Little Children
Kate Winslet                     Sarah Pierce                         Little Children
Diane Gaidry                    Simone                                 Loving Annabelle
Scarlett Johansson           Nola Rice                              Matchpoint
Ziri Zhang                         Chiyo                                    Memoirs of a Geisha
Wil Smith                           Chris Gardener                    Pursuit of Happyness
Matt Damon                      Bryan Woodman                   Syriana
Bin Won                            Jin-seok Lee                  Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo (Brotherhood of War)
January Jones                  Lou Ann Norton                   The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Nicholas Cage                  John McLoughlin                   World Trade Center
Best Nude Scene:
Down in the Valley            Edward Norton and Evan Rachel Wood        
love scene between Harlon and Tobe, early in the film

Edmond                            Julia Styles, William H Macy        
On the bed before he kills her

Little Children                   Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson        
basement 'laundry room' sex scene between Sarah and Brad

Loving Annabelle              Erin Kelly and Diane Giadry        
The only scene between Annabelle and Simone, Annabelle and the teacher the night before
they get caught

Marie Antoinette               Kirsten Dunst       
Fan scene where she has an affair with the count

Mini's First Time               Nikki Reed and Alec Baldwin        T
he blind seduction by Mini of her step dad

The Oh in Ohio                 Mischa Barton and Paul Rudd        
love scene between Jack and Kristen

Secretary                         Maggie Gyllenhall and James Spader        
love scene between Lee and Edward, near the end of the film

Thank You for Smoking    Aaron Eckhardt and Katie Holmes        
The scene where she watches him on TV as she screws him

Where the Truth Lies        Alison Lohman and Kristin Adams        
Three way scene where Lanny sets up Karen with Alice, Glazed doughnut face "I Like You"
Special Category
Best (and worst) Movie made from TV show

Adams Family
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Beverly Hillbillies
Brady Bunch Movie
Charlies Angels
Dennis the Menace
Dukes of Hazzard
Fugitive, The
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
I Spy
Leave it to Beaver
Lizzie Maguire Movie
Lost in Space
McHales Navy
Miami Vice
Mission Impossible
Muppet Movie, The
My Favorite Martian
Naked Gun  (came from Police Squad)
Saint, the
Scooby Doo
Star Trek (entire franchise rather than specific movie)
Twighlight Zone
Wild Wild West
Anthony Hopkins
Dustin Hoffman
Groucho Marx
Humphrey Bogart
Marlon Brando
Richard Dreyfuss
Tom Hanks
Audrey Hepburn
Barbra Steisand
Bette Davis
Diane Keeton
Faye Dunaway
Jane Fonda
Jennifer Connelly
Jodie Foster
Katherine Hepburn
Mia Farrow
Alfred Hitchcock
Clint Eastwood
Francis Ford Coppola
Frank Capra
Mel Brooks
Stanley Kubrick
Sydny Pollack
Woody Allen