Delta's Choice Awards 2007
Best Picture:
Best Drama:
Best Comedy:
Best Science Fiction:
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
Best Romantic:
Best Animated Feature:
"The Simpsons Movie"
Best Action Adventure:
"Spiderman 3"
Best Foreign Language:
"Pans Labrynth"
Best Non-Qualified:
Best Horror:
"Pans Labrynth"
Best Actor:
Ryan Gosling
Lars Lindstrom - "Lars and the Real Girl"
Best Actress:
Ellen Page
Juno MacGuff - "Juno"
Best Supporting Actor: TIE
Hal Holbrook        
Ron Franz  -  " Into The Wild"
Javier Bardem        
Anton Chigurh - "No Country for Old Men"
Best Supporting Actress:
Judi Dench        
Barbara Covett - "Notes on a Scandal"
Best Director:
Jason Rietman
Best Movie Quote:
"In my dreams I kiss your cunt, your sweet wet cunt.
In my thoughts I make love to you all day long."
James McAvoy as Robbie Turner - "Atonement"
Best Special Effects: TIE
"The Golden Compass"
Best Comedic Performance:
Jonah Hill
Seth - "Superbad"
Best Dramatic Performance: TIE
Ryan Gosling
Lars Lindstrom - "Lars and the Real Girl"
Jarvier Bardem        
Anton Chigurh - "No Country For Old Men"
Best Nude Scene:
"Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"
Marissa Tomei -  In front of the refrigerator
Worst Picture:
Special Category
Best Film Made in the Boston Area:
Jimmy Stewart
Audrey Hepburn
Frank Capra
Top 10 Films 2007        
  1. "Juno"
  2. "Into The Wild"
  3. "Atonement"
  4. "Once"
  5. "Lars and the Real Girl"
  6. "Waitress"
  7. "The Savages"
  8. "Feast of Love"
  9. "Bridge to Terabithia"
  10. "Enchanted"