Delta's Choice Awards 2011
Best Picture:
"Midnight in Paris"
Best Drama:
"The Descendants"
Best Comedy:
"No Strings Attached"
Best Science Fiction:
"Source Code"
Best Romantic:
"Crazy, Stupid, Love"
Best Animated Feature:
"Gnomeo & Juliet"
Best Action Adventure:
Best Horror:
"The Perfect Host"
Best Foreign Language:
"Sarah's Key"
Best Non-Qualified:
"Love Letters"
Best Actor:
Mel Gibson
Walter Black -  "The Beaver"
Best Actress: Tie
Rooney Mara
Lizbeth Salander  -  "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Viola Davis
Aibileen Clark  -  "The Help"
Best Supporting Actor:
Geoffrey Rush
Lionel Logue  -  "The Kings Speech"
Best Supporting Actress:
Octavia Spencer
Minny jackson     -  "The Help"
Best Director:
Woody Allen
"Midnight in Paris"
Best Movie Quote:
“Eat my shit.”
Octavia Spencer. as minny Jackson - "The Help"
Best Special Effects:
"Super 8"
Best Comedic Performance:
Ken Jeong
Jerry Wang    -  "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon"
Best Dramatic Performance:
Viola Davis
Aibileen Clark  - "The Help"
Best Nude Scene:
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Rooney Maram, Elodie Yung, Daniel Graig -
                      Blomkvist first meets Lizbeth Salander in her apartment
Worst Picture:
"The Tree of Life"
Henry Fonda
Diane Keaton
Stanley Kubrick