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The Bucket List
Review - " The Bucket List  " (in theatres) - By Ken Ellis

"The Bucket List", A Warner Brothers release,
directed by Rob Reiner.
Screenplay by Justin Zackham.
Starring Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes and Beverly Todd.

smoking. This is where the film is really carried by the acting talents of two 'A' list Oscar winners doing what they do best.The two men
from diverse backgrounds eventually form an unlikely bond as they go through the same hellish therapy together. Upon leaving the
hospital they embark on a trip attempting to complete a 'bucket list'; a list of things you'd like to do before you kick the bucket. Edward
puts his resources to work as they travel together around the world and go skydiving, drive race cars, riding motorcycles on the Great
Wall of China and pursuing Carter's dream of seeing something majestic. Reiner makes good use of his exotic locales, such as the south
coast of France, the aforementioned Great Wall and the Taj Mahal. His sweeping views of the Himalayas communicate the majestic view
that Edward and Carter seek there.

It is during this trip that the audience discovers who these men are as they deal with their terminal diagnosis and each other. Personality
conflicts ensue and the trip is cut short as this film begins a rather quick end game. If the weakness of this film is Zackham's script, it's
never more apparent than at this stage, where things get wrapped up rapid-fire. One minute, they're on a plane headed to some exotic
locale, the next minute there's a funeral scene, followed quickly by the credits. It is, after all, a 97 minute film. Some of the dialogue could
have used a bit of a brush up as well. Nicholson's "Just because I told you my story, does not invite you to be a part of it!" line seems
more soap opera than cinema. Still, the script does manage to make some very smart statements about two friends who face death
together. It also can make one a bit misty-eyed if you're not careful. But in the end I found the entire film to be not high art or lofty, but
simply entertaining. Principle job accomplished.

6.8 out of a possible 10
January 14, 2008
Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List
The principle job of motion picture
entertainment is to entertain. 'Well,
duh!' you say? Well try telling that to
the many who are ready to write off
"The Bucket List" as 97 minutes of
overly-sentimental junk. In fact, I found
this film to be a well crafted, intelligent,
thoughtful and yes, sentimental look at
life, death, friendship and relationships.
I only wish most sentimental films could
be as well constructed as this one.

The story starts off with Edward Coles
(Jack Nicholson), a cantankerous
health care mogul who becomes a
patient in one of his own hospital after
being diagnosed with cancer. His
roommate, Carter Chambers (Morgan
Freeman), an auto mechanic suffering
from lung cancer from years of