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Review - " Sunshine  " (on DVD) - By Roland Hansen

Sunshine (DVD)
20th Century Fox,
Directed by Danny Boyle,
Written by Alex Garland.

for their dedication to the mission and nothing else matters. In this, the two most believable characters were Chris Evans (Mace) & Cillian
Murphy (Robert Capa). Rose Byrne (Cassie), although nice as eye candy, was way to whiney, crybaby, for a critical space mission and
totally unbelievable and unnecessary. When the team comes across the disabled Icarus I they choose to board it to see if they can
salvage technology to repair their own damaged vessel. There was no believable reason why the director chose to flash on the former
crews grotesque dying faces as the Icarus II’s crew boarded the seemingly dead yet stable Icarus I, except to segue from a science fiction
to horror.

There was nothing I could see in their mission that couldn't have been completely automated even with today’s technology, never mind
technology as obviously advanced as they were 50 years in our future. Although, if it were a drone sent to re-ignite the sun, there would
have been no movie so this can be forgiven. What cannot be forgiven is the filmmakers use of Captain Pinbacker’s literally unfocused
depiction with no explanation as to why he should appear this way. He seemed to phase in and out of reality as if viewed through a
constantly changing waves. And even more unforgivable was, at the end when Capa set off the star bomb, he stood within inches of the
newly formed star, and even put his hand directly inside it, without being completely incinerated instantly. This is especially unacceptable
since they demonstrated many times that anyone or anything even so much as venturing out from behind their shields and into the
sunlight from still millions of kilometers away was completely vaporized in the blink of an eye. Most of the time the film kept to believable
physics and if you overlook these few lapses “Sunshine” can be enjoyed and is a decent science fiction movie. Not great in any way, but
moderately entertaining nonetheless.
January 17, 2008
50 years into the future, the Sun is dying, and Earth is
dying as a result. A team of astronauts is sent, in a super
starship Icarus I, to revive the Sun - but the mission fails.
Seven years later, a new team, in Icarus II, is sent to finish
the mission. They are Earth's last hope, no further
missions are possible as Earth has used up all it's
available resources.

Overall I found "Sunshine" interesting and compelling. The
visuals were stunning and the science plausible. The
director does an excellent job of building tension and
demonstrating the disastrous consequences of even the
slightest mistake. I was often on the edge of my seat in
anticipation of what was to come next. So much for the
positive aspects, more critically, the acting was no more
than ordinary. I think too many of the characters were
much too concerned with their own survival. People
assigned to this type of mission would have been chosen