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The Spiderwick Chronicles
Review - " The Spiderwick Chronicles  " (in theatres) - By Roland Hansen

Mini review - "The Spiderwick Chronicles" - In theaters

“The Spiderwick Chronicles” - its every fantasy movie made in the past several years. Take all the magical creatures from “Harry Potter”,
add a cup of “Golden Compass”, two heaping tablespoons of “Bridge to Terabithia”, mix well. Season to taste with some “Peter Pan”.
Bake for 97 minutes and you have The Spiderwick Chronicles, a surprisingly tasty treat, light and airy, easy to digest. It's an enjoyable if
not predictable movie. Freddie Highmore shows he really is a very good actor. He plays twins, each with very different personalities. The
movie makers blend their scenes together so seamlessly you'll swear they are two separate people.

I recommend taking your kids to see it. You'll enjoy it almost as much as they will.
February 28, 2008
Goblin - The Spiderwick Chronicles
Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolkger and Freddie Highmore - The Spiderwick Chronicles
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