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July 9, 2011
Review - " Monte Carlo "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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Monte Carlo
Directed by: Thomas Bezucha
Starring: Selena Gomez, Katie Cassidy, Leighton Meester, Cory
Monteith, Andie MacDowell, Brett Cullen, Catherine Tate, Luke
Bracey, Pierre Boulanger

I am a huge fan of "The Princess Diaries." That's the movie where
Anne Hathaway discovers that she's a princess. Chances are if you’re
not a sixteen year old girl, or the kind of person who enjoys films that
sixteen year old girls do, then Monte Carlo will be of little interest to

No doubt you will be able to tell this based on the three lead
actresses, Selena Gomez of Disney fame; Leighton Meester of Gossip
Girl fame, and Katie Cassidy of various-television-shows-including-
Gossip-Girl fame, plus she’s also David Cassidy’s (70s pop star)

There are no surprises pulled when our three girls, friends Grace
(Gomez) and Emma (Cassidy), and Grace’s step-sister Meg (Meester),
find themselves in Paris on a shonky tour that Grace has been saving
her pennies for.

A chance encounter with a wealthy heiress, Cordelia Winthrop Scott
(also Gomez), who happens to look identical to Grace, gives the girls
an idea which sees them fly on a private jet to Monte Carlo. For the
following week Grace plays the part of Cordelia, including dressing up
for balls, playing polo and falling in love.
In fact all three girls deal with issues of the heart, with Emma’s love interest played by Cory Monteith from television’s Glee.

This is the sort of cheesy romantic comedy most seen as a Disney channel straight to TV/DVD movie, so it’s surprising that
it has received a theatrical release.

She had the perfect air of snotty uncaringness. Aside from that, the men are not bad to look at it, including Cory Monteith
(Glee), Pierre Boulanger, and Luke Bracey. Overall, Monte Carlo is a fluffy piece of fun. Perfect for when you just want 90
minutes to go by while watching attractive scenery and beautiful clothes and characters.
However, it couldn’t have
been released at a better
time with school holidays
beginning and young girls
looking for some light
entertainment, Monte Carlo
will deliver on the love,
laughs and hunky boys.

Gomez is a strong
character actor, being able
to (almost) flawlessly
transition between Grace
and Cordelia with a rather
believable stereotypical
British accent. She has
great comedic timing and
carries the film better than
her less equipped co-stars,
whose roles could have
been played by a host of
other actresses.

Raised as a child of Disney,
Gomez has a strong
recording career but her
future in films could be
bright should she pursue
the roles now played by the
likes of Kate Hudson and
Anne Hathaway.

Those critical of a
predictable happy ending,
unrealistic characters, over
the top scenarios and
overly attractive actors
playing “normal teenagers”,
should steer clear of this
film. However, for those who
enjoy a shamelessly cheesy
and feel-good story and
pretty frocks, there’s plenty
to enjoy in Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo is not ground
breaking in either plot or
acting. However, I am a
sucker for both Leighton
Meester and Katie Cassidy.
Both of them are adorable
in the movie. I was also
pleasantly surprised with
Selena Gomez, although I
liked her best in her role as
the British heiriess, Cordelia.