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July 24, 2011
Review - " Friends With Benefits "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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Friends With Benefits
Directed by: Will Gluck
Starring: Mila kunis, Justin Timberlake, Patricia Clarkson, Jenna
Elfman, Bryan Greenberg, Richard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) is dumped by Kayla (Emma Stone) while
Jamie (Mila Kunis) gets the bad news from Quincy (Andy Samberg)
at the beginning of "Friends with Benefits". In discussing their
mutual and similar situations, the two friends, Dylan and Jamie,
decide that things would be so much easier and less complicated if
they could just get it on with each other rather than having the
complication of a relationship. Thus, they become friends with

I think we all know how this film will end, but I still have to say, the
journey was like riding on the best amusement park ride ever and I
knew exactly where that was going to end as well, with me vomiting
into my brother's lunch bag. Still, it never stops me from enjoying
the ride.

I guess I just don't really understand how anybody would ever think
about dumping either Justin Timberlake or Mila Kunis. Mila? I mean
you all saw "Black Swan" right? There's no way I'd dump her. But
just because this all doesn't make sense to me doesn't mean this
wasn't one of the funniest, most thoughtful and touching movies I
have ever seen in my entire life. OK - laying it on a just little thick
there - I've certainly seen more thoughtful and touching films but
FWB still contains plenty of both.
Well, both Dylan and Jamie try to go about their FWB relationship very business-like, but you can tell things are going to
get serious and everybody pretty much tells them so. Dylan hangs out with the wonderful Woody Harrelson, who plays his
best friend, Tommy, who happens to be gay. While I don't normally think of Woody Harrelson as a gay man, he probably
plays one of the funniest gay men ever and since gay men are often very funny in films, this is an accomplishment worthy of
a Nobel Peace Prize or MTV movie award or something. Jamie's mom is played by Patricia Clarkson and she too can see
the writing on the wall, even though she's pretty weird herself.

You can tell things are going to get serious when Dylan invites Jamie to Los Angeles to meet his family. His sister is played
by Jenna Elfman and what a wonderful return to the screen for such a great actress. I was so happy to see her. The kind of
freshness Elfman brings to the screen is something that can only be accomplished by a truly great actress or by three or
four of those pine tree car

Like I said, you can be pretty
sure that Dylan and Jamie
discover that there are as
many complications being
friends with benefits as there
are being in a relationship,
yet it's truly magical to see
their love blossom. Their
friends first approach really
demonstrates the importance
of getting to know a person
and this movie is a lesson for
us all, one that I imagine will
be taught for years to come.