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August 30, 2011
Review - " 2012: Ice Age "  -  (on DVD) By Roland Hansen
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2012: Ice Age
Directed by: Director: Travis Fort
Starring: Stars: Patrick Labyorteaux, Julie McCullough, Nick
Afanasiev, Kyle Morris, and Katie Wilson

It's certainly no surprise with the year 2012 fast approaching we get
inundated with "end of the world" disaster flix. The big villain in
Asylum's latest B-movie is a glacier that moves "really, really fast."
Actually to call this a B-movie is an insult to B-movies everywhere.  
Yup, it's a war with ice that has volcanoes underneath.  Whoever
came up with the saying that "imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery" obviously never came across an Asylum film, and they were
probably the better for it. I have to admit that I love the balls behind
simply taking the titles to two hugely profitable films and simply
mashing them together like it's no big thing, especially when you're
ripping off a third film entirely (in this case, The Day After Tomorrow).

When a volcanic eruption in Greenland sends a glacier hurtling
toward North America, Bill Hart (Patrick Labyorteaux), along with his
wife Teri (Julie McCullough), and son Nelson (Nick Afanasiev), must
make a death-defying escape from their Maine home as the giant
iceberg crashes through New England. The Harts must find daughter
Julia (Katie Wilson) in the chaotic streets of New York before the city
is wiped out by the onrushing glacier. And as a new Ice Age settles
over the eastern sea board, their path is made all the more
treacherous by blinding snowstorms and lethal gales of flying ice.
North America becomes a disaster area as extreme climate changes and a deadly sliding glacier threaten to take out the
Eastern United States.  A scientist (Patrick Labyorteaux) who’s team has been tracking the volcanic activity, finds his family
in the glacier’s path and immediately grabs
his ex wife (Julie McCullough) and son to
escape the catastrophe.  His plan is to
travel by car, plane, snowshoe, dogsled,
tobogan or any other available vehicle to
New York, where his daughter and her
boyfriend live in order to save her.  Along
their way the family encounters natural
disasters, law enforcement officers and
crazed survivors.  Will he be able to make it
to his daughter in time?  Will he and his ex
reconcile their differences before everyone

So the plotline itself is your typical end of
the world storyline.  Family heads to
dangerous area to rescue their daughter
while surviving many near death encounter with the elements and other survivors.  How the reunion plays out is almost
laughable in that they are able to find said daughter in such a huge area with minimal effort.    The Asylum has done a ton of
these natural disaster movies and clearly have a routine for turning them out.

The computer effects are done really poorly and it looks like something that a high school kid will do in Photoshop and
Microsoft movie Maker on XP. The acting is ..... ummmm .... perhaps adequate? You have to give the actors credit for at
least trying to be believable in this low budget fiasco - I've seen worse performances, but not many.
2012: Ice Age is another lower budget end
of the world movie with horrible effects and
cookie cutter storyline.  It is one of those
genre movies that tend to blur together.  
You aren’t going to glean anything great
out of the movie but to disaster film genre
fans it is worth catching the next time it airs
on Syfy Channel.  I can’t recommend a
purchase as this is a one watch movie - if
even that.