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November 5, 2011
Review - " All's Faire in Love "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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All's Faire in Love
Directed by: Scott Marshall
Starring: Christina Ricci, Owen Benjamin, Ann-Margret, Matthew
Lillard, Cedric the Entertainer, Louise Griffiths, Chris Wylde, Bill Engvall

All's Faire in Love was filmed a few years ago and made the rounds of
various film festivals throughout 2009. It recieved a limited release (75
screens) in late October 2011. I managed to catch it at my local
cineplex at this time. Due to the 2011 limited release All's Faire is a
fully qualified movie for 2011 and eligible (although unlikely) to win any
and all Delta's Choice awards for this year.

Set in the world of Renaissance Faires - unique societies of actors,
singers, glass-blowers, ale merchants, sword-smiths, and other crafts
people dedicated to preserving the living memory of the golden age of
the European Renaissance - All's Faire in a film reminiscent
of such successful films as Shakespeare In Love and The Princess

The tale begins when college football star Will (Owen Benjamin)
arrives at "All's Faire in Love... Renaissance Faire" to work off his
class non-attendance obligation to Prof. Shockworthy (Cedric the
Entertainer) by joining the rag-tag peasant Greenbriar Theater
Troupe. The same is true for Kate (Christina Ricci), a performer who
left her investment banking opportunities to join her cousin Jo (Louise
Griffiths) to blossom on stage and in Will's heart. Will and Kate get the
chance to prove themselves when the Faire's chief benefactress
create the ultimate competition to determine who will be a "Royal" and
who a "Common Peasant" threatening to hand over the Troupe's most
coveted Shakespearean stage at the Faire - to a the treacherous and devious Troupe of Royal lead by Rank (Chris Wylde).
Will and Kate must overcome all manner of opposition and treachery to prove their worth, win the day, and perhaps...
together ...fall in love.

I especially enjoyed Chris Wylde's over-the-top performance as Sir Rank. He was deliciously bombastic, conceited, lame,
and overacted his role as far as I think it would be possible. He's the guy you love to hate. Every comic romance should have

I thought this movie was great fun! It went a bit overboard in a couple of areas, and it didn't portray Shakespeare in a
positive light, but it was all for one of the best causes around: comedy! I thought most of the comedy worked fine, and Sir
Rank was absolutely my favorite character. I think Owen Benjamin's understated wise-cracking character was perfect and
oftentimes hilarious. Frankly, the rest of the cast was just a backdrop for these two. No award-winner, this, but I certainly
enjoyed watching it.

Shortcomings included the whole bit about having allegedly slept with Princess Jeanette. Did Crocket actually do it, or did he
just do her nails, like Will? If Crocket were wronged, and Will then went through the same experience, why didn't they talk
about it and set the record straight? In general, alcoholics don't have the surplus wherewithal to also be major participants in
Renaissance Faires, so Jeanette's
entire character was somewhat

But the whole concept of a story
set during a Renaissance Faire
is great! It adds several extra
dimensions of acting-within-acting,
and motivations-within-motivations.
Were the witches real witches or
just pretending? Did Crocket really
believe in the curse, or just
pretend to? A lot of the elements
were played to some comical
extremes here, and while it wasn't
terribly realistic, it certainly served
its comical purpose very well. I
had a great time watching this,
and I hope word spreads about
this movie so it reaches a larger