Movie Reviews
A long time ago in a movie theatre far far away two Delta Films
executives sat preparing to watch the critically acclaimed movie
“Equus”.  Early in the film one of the executives turned to the other
and speaking about the actress, Jenny Agutter, said
“If she doesn't
get naked by the end of the movie I’m walking out”
. The joke
obviously lies in the fact that regardless of what does or doesn't happen
in any particular film you ARE going to walk out at the end. And as fate
would have it, very near the end of the film, Jenny
DID get naked. And,
speaking as one who has seen Ms Agutter in the late 70’s, this is well
worth observing. This was, as it turns out,  one of the highlights of this
particular movie experience for these young studio executives.

Thus was born a legend.

From that day forward one of the important criteria for judging a movie was whether or not you
“had to walk out at the end". This may not the most important aspect of cinematic critique but
sometimes not having to walk out is the only redeeming quality some films have. It is not recorded
in history which Delta Films movie mogul said it but it has become as much a part of our every day
movie going experience as "Popcorn?". The question of course has only two proper responses.  
Either 1) "Yes I know."  or 2) you take some and eat it.
Not walking out at the end of a movie