Anne Hathaway What can I say about Anne that hasn't been said already? She's brilliantly talented,
classy, gorgeous beyond description, and a damn fine actress. Anne would've been a natural for the Golden
Age of Hollywood back in the '30s and '40s. It’s clear that Anne Hathaway is one of those actresses who
improves as she ages. While Anne’s willingness to explore her more sultryside has certainly won her a
legion of male fans, she possesses the acting chops that’ll ensure she’s never thought of as just another
pretty face. Anne Hathaway will one day be regarded as one of the all-time greats. Her career is going in
only one direction, and if you don't know it, then you don't know talent.

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway was born on November 12, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York. Anne was raised
within a well-to-do household along with two siblings, and it was her mother, a stage actress, who initially
sparked her interest in performing. Growing up in New Jersey, Anne Hathaway spent much of her spare
time perfecting her abilities as an actress. To that end, Anne became a permanent fixture within many of
her high school’s amateur productions, and she even managed to land a spot in the Barrow Group Theater
Company's acting program, the first time a teenager was admitted.

Anne Hathaway's first major role came in the short-lived television series "Get Real". She gained
widespread recognition for her roles in The Princess Diaries and its 2004 sequel as a young girl who
discovers she's a member of royalty, opposite Julie Andrews and Heather Matarazzo.

She also had a notable role in Nicholas Nickleby opposite Charlie Hunnam and Jamie Bell, and a starring
role in Ella Enchanted. A former top-ranking soprano in New York, Hathaway was reportedly a front-
runner for the role of "Christine" in the 2004 The Phantom of the Opera. However, due to scheduling
conflicts with The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, she couldn't take the role, which was later given
to newcomer Emmy Rossum.

Hathaway soon started to move away from family-friendly films. Following The Princess Diaries 2: Royal
Engagement, she appeared topless in the films Havoc opposite Josh Peck and Brokeback Mountain
opposite Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Her desire to break out of her "Princess Diaries" image. In
interviews, Hathaway said that doing family-friendly films didn't mean she was similar to their characters
or mean she objected to appearing nude in other films.

Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #9
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards - CFCA Award Best Actress for: Rachel Getting Married
National Board of Review - NBR Award Best Actress for: Rachel Getting Married
ShoWest Convention - ShoWest Award Female Star of the Year
Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards - SEFCA Award Best Actress for: Rachel Getting Married
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women    #13
DVD Exclusive Awards - DVDX Award Best Actress for: Havoc
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women    #10
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women    #17
Delta 99 Most Desirable Women    #55
National Board of Review - NBR Award Best Acting by an Ensemble for: Nicholas Nickleby
#9 Anne Hathaway
2008   Delta 99
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