Olivia Thirlby Our predeliction for cheerleaders continues with Olivia Thirlby.
Olivia played Ellen Page's best friend in last years Delta Award winning best
picture "Juno", a high school cheerleader who has a thing for middle aged guys.
This of course caught the attention of the middle age Delta judges and no doubt
help propel her to # 12 on our list. Liv, as she's known to her friends, isn't out to
be a sex symbol. She'd rather be known as an actress. That doesn't mean that
she's without her attractive physical qualities. Her slim and shapely 5'4" body is
highlighted by a bright wide smile, long hair and expressive eyes. Between her
wholesome looks and her strong-willed attitude, Olivia Thirlby might be
described as the girl next door crossed with the acting class overachiever.

Although she isn't in a rush for attention, Olivia Thirlby is still getting noticed for
her acting and her attractiveness by the media circuit. GQ featured Olivia Thirlby
prominently in a February 2008 issue, and she has also been profiled in
CosmoGirl and Glamour. In her hometown of New York, The Daily News called
her "the next hot thing” in a January '08 article. Maybe all the attention had
something to do with Olivia Thirlby's movie Jack and Diane, slated for release in
2010, about a lesbian relationship involving werewolves.

Olivia Thirlby was born in New York, New York on October 6, 1986. Growing
up, she earned her education from Friends Seminary, a Manhattan private school,
but developed a strong interest in Shakespeare by performing at the American
Globe Theatre. With the combination of the American Globe and school theater
productions, Olivia Thirlby was committed to a career in acting.  

As a sign of her commitment, she took additional courses from the Royal
Academy of Dramatic Art and even enrolled at the British Academy of Stage and
Screen Combat for a class specializing in combat. All the training paid off in
2003, when she met with French director Luc Besson and actor Vincent Perez.
The meeting was for a possible role in Perez's directorial effort, The Secret,
alongside David Duchovny. Olivia Thirlby impressed them both and she won the
part of a young woman who is consumed by the spirit of her mother.

Delta 99 Most Desirable Women   #12  Debut on our list
#12 Olivia Thirlby
2008   Delta 99
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