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Review - " Cloverfield  " (in theatres) - By Ken Ellis

A Paramount release.
Directed by Matt Reeves.
Screenplay, Drew Goddard.
Starring Michael Stahl-David, T.J. Miller, Jessica Lucas and Lizzy Caplan.

The story of the monster that ate New York (did it wreck Yankee Stadium?!) is a legitimate summertime blockbuster thrill ride that will
make you feel as though you've spent the day at Six Flags. So break out the t-shirts, cutoffs and flip-flops and go see "Cloverfield". It's
action packed and entertaining and might even give you a queasy 'I've just spent the day on roller coasters after I ate hot dogs' kind of
feeling. The film is shot entirely in neo-cinema-verite style using a hand held camcorder, so be ready for the potential for motion sickness.

8.1 out of a possible 10
January 24, 2008
Cloverfield movie poster