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June 23, 2008
Review - " Jumper " (on DVD) - By Roland Hansen
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Christian Haydensen, Rachel Bilson - Jumper
Jumper movie poster
Directed By Doug Liman
Written By David S Goyer & Jim Uhls
Starring: Christian Haydensen, Rachel Bilson, Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Bell

Where The Bucket List was something of a travelogue for the geriatric set,
Jumper is something of a travelogue for the teen set. That is pretty much what
Jumper boils down to. Sure, it has a bit more action than the terminal cancer
driven drama, but the end result is about the same - Entertainment

What would you do if you were a fifteen year-old boy who feels out of place at
school and unwanted at home and you discover you can teleport anywhere you
want? If you were like David Rice (and me), you would immediately rob a bank
and set yourself up in a life of luxury and extensive travel. And you would
teleport across the couch when you couldn't quite reach the remote. But what do
you do when you discover that you aren't the only one with this ability and
there's a group dedicated to wiping your kind out? And consequently you've
endangered the life of the girl you've loved since you were five?

David Rice (Hayden Christensen) finds out as a teenager that he has the ability
to “jump,” or teleport. His mother left when he was five and he lives with his
father. After almost drowning one day he accidentally jumps to a library, then
home, then to NYC, then into a bank to steal money. That's about as much time
as the movie allowed for a back story, so you’re up to speed.
Fast forward to today. David has quite a little racket going for himself. With his newfound ability perfected, he lives
in a swank New York apartment bankrolled by jumping in and out of, and robbing bank vaults. One day he comes home from
his latest tryst overseas met by a man in his loft. Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) never reveals where he is from but
immediately tries to capture and kill David. He’s got a bunch of fancy gadgets that are never explained, but we get the
idea they prevent David from being able to jump. Jackson's character is a guy that absolutely HATES Jumpers, he kills
any and all of them without the slightest bit of mercy.

The remainder of the movie is David running from Roland, who happens to be a Paladin (huh?), finding out there are
other jumpers out there, such as Griffin (Jamie Bell) who possess the same ability as him. Sometime in the middle we
briefly find out that Paladins are an organization set on destroying all the jumpers. The ‘why’ is never explained, but
we are expected to make that leap and just go along for the ride. And here's where the questions begin: what are
jumpers? Why do they exist? Why are the Paladins hunting them? These questions are left hanging with little
explaination.  The film is well paced and keeps one involved for the most part, but 20 more minutes of detail could
have helped make “Jumper” a much more polished film. However, "Jumper" is all about the special FX and exotic
locations, not about story. If you're a Jumper, Paladins are not your friend regardless of your never having even done
anything wrong, they will kill you. And they will do anything to get to you, even if it means capturing and killing
your innocent friends and family. So its very interesting to see how something that makes you feel unstoppable and
completely free at first, brings you all this trouble in the end.

You almost expect to hear Jackson intone "I'm tired of these motherfuckin Jumpers in this motherfuckin desert!"

With unexpected cameos
from Diane Lane and
Kristen Stewart, "Jumper" is
plenty enjoyable.  

There's no deep meaning
here, no revelations or deep
emotional impact, just pure
Summer escapism. This film
is what a movie is supposed
to be interesting and