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June 25, 2009
Review - " Eight Days a Week "  - (on DVD) By Roland Hansen
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Eight Days a Week works very hard to get across the message that we all deserve to be understood. Many of the
characters seem weird, but by the end of the film there are explanations for all of the bizarre acts, and they are far more
normal than would be expected. It is actually quite a true script, even though there is somewhat of a fairy tale ending. All of
the characters have some truth to them that makes them more than just caricatures and cliché. The DVD includes a
theatrical trailer, subtitles, and Keri Russell frolicking in sprinklers - in a tank top - braless. Yes, It's wet t-shirt time guys!
And the mom from Seventh Heaven (Catherine Hicks) shows a bit of nipple as well.

Though shot in 1996 and well received on the festival circuit, "Eight Days a Week" didn't receive a commercial release until
Keri Russell became famous as the star of TV's Felicity. Despite its raunchy (and often surprisingly funny) gags about
masturbation, urination and other such topics, the film's overall tone is one of wistful sincerity that taps into an adult's
longing for the time when a youthful infatuation could be the entire world.

Yes, "Eight Days a Week" is as lame as it sounds but seeing 20 year old Keri Russell running through a sprinkler in Daisy
Dukes and white tank top is well worth 2 1/2 stars
Joshua Schaefer, Mark L Taylor - Eight Days a Week
Eight Days a Week movie poster
Keri Russell sprinkler - Click to enlarge
Eight Days A Week
Directed by Michael Davis
Starring: Keri Russell, Joshua Schaefer, Mark L Taylor, Catherine Hicks, R.D. Robb.

Eight Days a Week is essentially a teen sex comedy designed for underdog geeks.
This amiably lowbrow coming-of-age flick stars Schaefer as a sex-starved high
schooler obsessed with the leggy blond (Russell) across the street. When Peter (Josh
Schaefer) realizes that the object of his affection will soon be gone, he decides to take
action in winning her over. Peter is in love with his neighbor, Erica (Keri Russell), a
beautiful teenager that is dating a large jerk.  Peter and Erica have been friends for
years, but he is determined to make it something else. Peter's grandfather, Nonno
(Buck Kartalian), tells him the tale of an Italian ancestor who stood beneath his true
love's balcony day and night to prove his devotion, and Peter decides to win Erica's
heart by camping out on her front lawn until she realize that she loves him as well, but
she already has a boyfriend, obnoxiously macho jock Nick (Johnny Green). As Peter
waits all summer long under her balcony, he is privy to many private details. As well as
seeing a great deal of Erica, Peter also discovers all of the quirks that his neighbors
have, all of which are easily explained once he gets to know them. Perfectly cast as the
object of a hormonally charged crush, Keri Russell is the object of the ultimate
girl-next-door fantasy in this independent feature by first-time writer-director Michael
Davis. A likable mixture of puerile humor and tenderheartedness.
Does our stalker friend look a little like a certain Hobbit to you?