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September 1, 2009
Review - " Hannah Montana - The Movie "  -
(on DVD) By
Roland Hansen
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Hannah Montana movie poster
Vanessa Williams stars as Hannah’s publicist, Vita. Great to see her even if she is just playing “Wilhelmina Lite”. Tyra Banks’
cameo is a hoot. Other superstar placemats include Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and, reportedly, Bucky Covington (who I did
not recognize. Where was he?). Overall, I thought Hannah Montana – The Movie was okay. Though I can’t say it made me
race home to catch the Disney Channel reruns of the show I do have a better understanding of why the franchise is so red

I enjoyed some of the music. The “Hoedown Throwdown” segment got my toes tapping. Cool dance moves that might catch
on. My other favorite tune was whipped out during the final act. Miley comes on stage with a heavy strings section in tow and
then she belts out this song called “The Climb”. I sat there thinking that if Ms. Cyrus keeps performing tunes of that caliber I
might be inclined to buy an album.

I also liked the message about respecting your roots. Miley makes it very obvious that she is not thrilled about the down home
charm of Crowley Corners. Eventually Granny Ruby (Margo Martindale) loses her patience and talks some sense into her
snotty granddaughter. I’m all for movie messages and this was a key lesson for all the wannabe superstars out there to never
forget where they come from and never look down on their birthplace.  

Make sure to keep a hawkeye out for Granny Ruby’s
plate collection. Pause the shot of the plates and see
if you can recognize all the country icons featured on
them. I got Elvis and Minnie Pearl, off the bat. I think
Roy Rogers and Willie Nelson might've been on there.
Take a chance and see how many faces you can
recognize on the shelf.

The comedic antics were nice. Probably the most
elaborate scheme involved poor Miley trying to be in
two places at once (a scenario I would guess she's an
expert in by now).There she was literally running back
and forth across the street to play Hannah for a suave
town dinner and transform back into herself for a date
with Travis.

Whoops, I forgot to mention that Crowley Corners is in
danger of being “citified” by a slimy developer played
by Barry Bostwick. It leaks out that Miley is a good
friend of Hannah Montana and the town begs her to get the celebrity to help them save their home. So, Miley will have to
once again play two people and hope that no one catches on.

Amazingly, her BFF Lilly forgives Miley for ruining her birthday bash and rockets down to Crowley Corners to help. Sure, Lilly
could've just played Hannah which would have saved Miley so much drama and grief. Nah! That would’ve made things far too
easy and a lot less intense. Plus, we needed the duality crisis to affect Miley’s relationship with Travis because we gotta know
who he’ll choose; the farm girl or the blonde bombshell? Hannah’s connection to the town also gives a certain gossip rag
reporter (Peter Gunn) a very good reason to snoop around Crowley Corners for clues and get physically abused for our

In the middle the film did degenerate into sillyness with a keystone cops bit with Miley's briother and father and a revolving
door. That part should have been left on the cutting room floor. Since I don't watch the Tv version I can't say if this sort of
hijinks is a normal part of Hannah Montana but it really didn't fit with the tone of the movie. Other than that the film was played
pretty much straight. Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way about "Hannah Montana – The Movie" was the conclusion.
I’m probably going to spoil the end but I’ll have to so I can make my precious point.

I kinda also wish there was more Lilly coverage. I realize the movie was all about Miley and Hannah but I figured Miley’s
partner in antics would get a lot more screenage than she did. I also wish there was a little more time spent on the blooming
relationship between Robbie and Lorelei (Melora Hardin). But I give major kudos to the refreshing change of pace with Miley
encouraging her dad to date rather than the usual insecure child that tries to keep their single parent, well, single.

The movie has been did pretty well at the box office since the April 10th premier so I don’t think I have to encourage y’all to
see it because you already have or you’re going again. As for me, I can’t say I’ve been converted to the House of Cyrus but I
can appreaciate what the youngsters (and oldsters) feel when it comes to experiencing “The Best of Both Worlds”.

Most people will write off Hannah Montana – The Movie as uninspiring fluff meant to keep the children hypnotized under the
pop siren’s spell so they can buy more Hannah related merchandise. And, ok, that’s kind of true. But flip the coin and you
might find a fun and giggly flick about a young girl who thought she had everything she ever wanted in fame and fortune but
eventually discovered that the real treasure was at home with family and friends……and a hunky cowboy, to boot.
Miley Cyrus on stage as Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus on horseback from the Hannah Montana Movie
Hannah Montana - The Movie
Directed By: Peter Chelsom
Starring: Miley Cyrus, Billie Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jason Earles,
Vanessa Williams, Margo Martindale, Lucas Till

I don't watch the show, although I have seen a couple episodes. I did
not see the filmed live concert. I do not own any of the albums.
Still, I felt a pang of curiosity about Hannah Montana – The Movie.
Before I give my “non-fan” opinion of the film here’s the setup.

As most of us already know Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is a regular
young girl that attends school, goofs with her friends and gets good
parenting from her dad, Robbie (Billy Ray Cyrus). Miley aspired to be
a singer so she and her dad came up with this idea to create a
second identity that would absorb all the fame and publicity and
craziness of pop stardom so that Miley could lead the life of an
ordinary teen. That alternate persona was dubbed Hannah Montana.

The film begins with Hannah continuing to conquer the world through
spectacular concerts, fabulous music videos and hit songs on the
airwaves. But dad is worried that Miley is getting too caught up in
Hannah’s glamorous life. When Hannah crashes her best friend Lilly’s
(Emily Osment) Sweet 16 party and gets in a shoe fight with Tyra
Banks (herself) dad puts his foot down and drags the mini-diva down
to Crowley Corners for a “Hannah detox”. Miley is determined to keep
Hannah alive and pursue her mega-sized career. Until, of course, she
starts to enjoy herself in the quaint Tennessee town. Fresh air,
friendly neighbors, and a hunky young cowboy named Travis (Lucas
Till) makes Miley re-think the possibility of a “Hannah free” lifestyle.
See, I got that the film was about Miley
rediscovering herself. Her dad saw her drowning in
Hannah’s ocean of craziness and threw the girl
a life preserver. I figured Miley would realize that
she didn’t need the Hannah wig anymore and live
the rest of her existence as Miley and only Miley.
Then the townspeople urge Miley to put the wig
back on and Miley is like “Sure, okay”. I figured the
moral of this story would promote that sage and
ancient adage to be yourself. Instead, this film was
encouraging this girl to continue leading a double
life. The town tells Miley that continuing to play
Hannah will help her keep her normal life and after a
couple of days of pondering that moment I think I
understand the logic a little better but I still think it’s
a kooky decision.