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December 20, 2009
Review - " G_Force "  -  (On DVD) By Roland Hansen
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Directed by: Hoyt Yeatman
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Steve Buscemi, Sam Rockwell,
Tracy Morgan, Will Arnett , Bill Nighy, Zach

G-Force is a team of three guinea pigs and a mole, trained as super
secret agents and fitted with devices which translate their squeaking,
into intelligible human chatter. Unsurprisingly so, they’re able to
understand the human speech as well. The team is made up of
headstrong leader Darwin (Sam Rockwell), feisty martial-arts
specialist Juarez (Penélope Cruz), fearless weapons master Blaster
(Tracy Morgan), and Speckles (Nicholas Cage), the cyber-whiz mole.
These four are aided in their missions by their pet scout Mooch the fly,
their ‘boss’ Ben and his partner, and hundreds of little roaches. The
team must save the world from the evil plans of a household
appliances tycoon, while being chased by F.B.I agents seeking to shut
them down.

This Disney film is a good-natured family flick with an inherent
cuteness factor – talking small animals as the main characters. The
little critters are startlingly real-looking, and the CGI is seamlessly
intertwined with our real world. This combined with its back-to-back
action sequences can charm children, and keep them at the edge of
their seats. However, the film could do with less of the bathroom humor
it seems to be prevalent with, although some did get a few laughs out
of the audience. The plot gets overly formulaic, yet due to an
unexpected twist at the end, G-Force has just enough to maintain adult
interest. As an entertaining family-friendly movie, it does well in
delivering the requisite positive messages underlying the whole story – the importance of family and friends, and the
importance of believing in oneself.

If you're over the age of ten, you're officially too old for "G-Force." This is an innocent, non-threatening action and special
effects extravaganza. It's not meant to inspire, educate, enlighten, or encourage; it's mindless escapism for the little ones,
and nothing more. Knowing this, I find myself in a strange situation, torn between recognizing the entertainment value and the
reality that it's the cinematic equivalent of empty calories.