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February 12, 2011
Review - " Just Go With It "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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Just Go With It
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker,
Nick Swardson, Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews, Bailee
Madison, Griffin Gluck.

In the film, a plastic surgeon named Danny (Adam Sandler)
meets women in bars while pretending to be an unhappily
married man. He even sports a fake wedding ring. The
women then bring him home for a night of casual sex. In
order to set up that Danny isn't a complete ass and is really
a good guy with a good heart they show that he does have a
pretty good reason for doing this. One night at a party
Danny meets and falls instantly for a beautiful school
teacher named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). After the two
share a night on the beach, Palmer finds Danny’s fake
wedding ring and tells him not to ever talk to her again.

The next day Danny shows up to Palmers school and tells
her that he filed for divorce months ago and that the
marriage was over. The only problem now is that Palmer
wants the future ex-wife to confirm this story. Danny talks his
assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) into pretending to be
his wife. Things get even more complicated when Katherine
lets it slip that she has two children, which of course would
lead Palmer to believe they are also Danny’s kids.

Next thing we know, everyone is on a trip to Hawaii together,
including Danny’s cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson) who
pretends to be Katherine’s current boyfriend. Katherine runs
into her college friend/enemy Devlin (Nicole Kidman) and in
a panic tells her that she is currently happily married to
Danny. Yes, the lies keep coming. As all this is going on,
Danny & Katherine start to realize their true feelings for each
Just Go with It is as predictable as you would expect. Though, thanks to a few fun moments, it’s better than expected as well.
Aniston & Sandler have good chemistry and Kidman loosened up a bit and had some fun with the role. The biggest laughs
came from Kevin Nealon who played a man that went way overboard with plastic surgery. We also get a great scene with
Rachel Dratch, involving a wayward eyebrow.

If you’re skeptical of Sandler’s standard fare, "Just Go With It" will likely be a refreshing change of pace from the luckiest man
on earth’s typical sophomoric dreck. Aniston can act, Swardson steals the show by impersonating a German sheep trader,
and the action moves quickly despite the two-hour running time.

The film is smartly written and not just in the joke department.  Newcomer Griffin Gluck who portrays one of Katherine’s
children really works the dialogue well.  Portraying a moody, intuitive yet spacy idealist, his performance was noticeable and
very solid.   Giving more credence to the scriptwriters is the character Devlin Adams.  Her fire-cracker red-headed spirit was
well delivered and funny as
hell.  Casting Dave Matthews
(the singer) as the wildy aloof
husband to her was even more

It’s got great laughs, a family
core, and to be honest it was
a downright welcome to see
since its based in Hawaii and
us East Coasters are snow
and blizzard weary.  Take a
date, get a babysitter – this
one’s funny enough for the

Just Go With It is actually
pretty good if you're willing
to just go with it.