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February 28, 2011
Everybody loves top ten lists and I'm no exception The movie year is now over and since we have now
released the
Delta's Choice Awards I figured I could put out my list of the ten best and worst of 2010.
So here they are in order from best to worst my choices for the best and worst films that Hollywood
served us up in 2010.

The Top Ten Best Movies of 2010

#1 - Shutter Island

#2 - Inception

While the many wows of Inception come almost entirely from visual splendor, big ideas or impressive fight sequences, DiCaprio provides
added dazzle with yet another well-calibrated, weight-of-the-world performance. The third act of the film is almost nonstop action
culminating in visual effects-aided heartbreak, but in the denouement a single shot of DiCaprio, his face both a mask and a soul laid
bare, has just as much impact.

#3 - The Social Network

and interest from entrepreneurs. People are meeting, socializing and hooking up online. And friend instantly becomes a verb.Mark didn't
understand friendship, The Social Network tells us, so he redefined it.

"The Internet isn't written in pencil, Mark," she tells him. "It's written with ink."

The Social Network, if it has a practical message at all, tells us that the wonderful promise of online communication brings withit a cadre
of new temptations and problems. And we're shown some of those in an up-close-and-personal way. We're told that the movie's main
characters never paused to consider such things. But we, the users, might want to do just that.

#4 - Letters to Juliet

reunion, and the majority of the film is about the idea of picking up where you left off and dealing with the "what ifs" that so many of us
carry around, weighed down by regret.

The film is charming, adorable, and sweet with many laughs to be had as well. The message of romantic love being timeless and one
that can cross many generations was very well appreciated and felt. The scenery of Italy in the film is gorgeous. There are breathtaking
shots that make you want to hop on a plane after the film is over and go there yourself. There is much to enjoy as the story unfolds. A
very sweet film, with a fantastic performance, and with much to offer a public that longs for some fulfilling story lines.

#5 - Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Eclipse should enthral fans of the series and have them chomping on the bit for the final two movies. And who knows? It might even pick
up a few more fans along the way. Eclipse isn't great, in that "the Academy will be wetting their pretentious pants over it" kind of way. But
yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you liked Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon then you will enjoy this.

#6 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

a masterly build-up to put "I can't wait for Part 2" on every Muggles' lips.

#7 - Hereafter

in London, young Marcus loses his identical twin brother, Jason, in an accident. The twins had grown up poor with an absent, alcoholic
mother, leaving only each other to rely on; add to that the fact that Jason, the older brother by 12 minutes, was the smarter and stronger
one. Marcus now struggles to navigate the world on his own but finds himself drawn to psychics in hopes of receiving guidance from his
brother one last time.

All three of the film's main characters are toiling within their individual states of loneliness in three different countries, even though
they're seeking or making connections to another realm. When their paths ultimately cross - as you know they surely must - it doesn't
have quite the emotional payoff you might have been looking for, but the journey each of them takes is never short of vivid.

We are fully invested in the three individual stories. And if the connections among them seem fragile at best, that only serves to highlight
that the 'Hereafter' and the 'Here And Now' are not so very far apart, but instead two worlds teeming with compassionate beings,
separated only by that filament-thin barrier that separates life from death  and, more significantly, the living from the dead. Life after
death is at once the most personal and universal of human mysteries. "Hereafter" is an attempt to convey the bigness of life though a
story involving disparate characters in different parts of the world.

#8 - Dispicable Me

Vector pirates the pilfered Shrink Ray, forcing our persistent antihero to adopt three girls selling cookies door-to-door in order to use
them to infiltrate Vector's impenetrable fortress. Little does Gru suspect that Margo, Edith and Agnes are more than a match for his evil
genius. Gru steals the Moon, but they steal his heart.

Despicable Me, with its trio of orphaned adolescent sisters determined to find a home, its pair of rival villains armed with enough gizmos
and gadgets to blow up an Xbox, and its horde of squeezable minions more adorable than a paddock of puppies, pretty much covers the
bases. Girls, boys, sentimental moms and wise-cracking dads (or vice versa) will be entertained by one aspect or another of this cleverly
formulaic cartoon that is, by turns, caustic and charming, gross and poignant, silly and sophisticated.

#9 - Kick Ass

Kick-Ass is a story that takes the fantasy of superheroes and thrusts it into the harsh light of day, and the result is something that makes
you laugh and cringe at the same time. As long as you don't have too many qualms about violence or profanity, particularly
coming from a kid, then chances are it'll be one of the funniest things you'll ever see. Combining outlandishly over-the-top action,
hilarious dialogue, and intelligent dark humor, Kick Ass is a wildly exhilarating watch that dared to do it its own way, whether you like or
not. There's only one thing I can say about Kick-ass: It's Kick-Ass!

#10 - How to Train Your Dragon

aggression to burn and a chip on his shoulder about Astrid's fading affection.

The landscapes and skies that fill the screen are lush and layered; sun-dappled wood, leaf, and stone are richly textured; and even the
costumes, tools, weapons and buildings are, for the most part, historically accurate. And the flying scenes are just jaw-dropping,
heart-lifting, joyfully amazing.

Nordic beauty, likable charm instead of cheap jokes, heartfelt characters and story, joyful flying sequences. with How to Train Your
Dragon, it appears DreamWorks Animation has momentarily set aside its Shreked-out shtick and made a dazzling movie. Animated or
not, for kids or whoever, this is an entertaining, thoughtful movie.

When I published my top 5 best and worst half way through the year I made a point to say that these
films may or may not end up in my top (and bottom) ten for the year. As it turned out 3 of the top 5
from the first half of the year DID end up in the top ten for 2010. However, the bottom of the list
didn't follow suit, NONE of the 5 worst movies from the beginning of the year made it to the final
shit-list. My guess is Hollywood released more crap toward the end of the year or I caught the turkeys
on DVD which were released after June. Also, in the halfway point best/worst I only included films I
saw in the theatres and not on DVD. As it turns out ALL of the top ten I saw in the theater but of the
bottom ten only 2 were seen at the cinema. So here are the dregs, the turkeys, the excrement - just
plain CRAPOLA!

The Ten Worst Movies of 2010 (listed from Bad to worse)
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Top 10 best and Bottom 10 worst films of 2010
by Roland Hansen
Even villainy has its share of routine downsides. Competition.
Politics. The difficulty finding good help. The usual stuff.
Don't forget, villains are people too. They have hopes,
parents, and bills to pay, just like the rest of us. Despicable
Me gives us one such villain, Gru, and he has his hands full.

An ambitious criminal whose dastardly deeds have fallen
short of notoriety, he is miffed that his younger rival, a nerdy
fop who calls himself Vector, has heisted the Great Pyramid,
while he has managed to swipe only the Statue of Liberty -
the miniature one in Las Vegas. But Gru has a plan. If he can
capture the Shrink Ray and obtain a small-business loan
from the Bank of Evil to build a spaceship, he is confident he
can swipe the Moon, thus securing his place in the Annals of
Set just a couple of weeks on from the events in New
Moon, life has settled back down in Forks and the romance
of Edward and Bella continues on much in the same vein,
only with werewolf Jacob making his feelings well and truly
known. Rivalries are soon put aside, though, when it is
realised that a vampire army is being created in Seattle by
somebody wanting to come and look for Bella. Knowing
they cannot defeat this army themselves, Edward's family
turn to Jacob's tribe and the two form an unlikely alliance to
fend off the threat.

The action in this movie is far better than the previous film.  
With this movie the wolves actually look authentic when
they are fighting. The movie is filmed in a way that really
captures the action well and it will surprise many people
due to its high quality. Also they finally get into some of the
back story surrounding some of the Cullen's. The audience
finds out the back story of Jasper played by Jackson
Rathbone and Rosalie played by Nikki Reed.
In a club near Harvard University in late 2003, Erica
Albright tells Mark Zuckerberg - future businessman,
future billionaire, future inventor of Facebook - that she
just wants to be friends. She doesn't mean it. Few do
when they're breaking up. Nor, perhaps, would Mark grasp
the concept if she did. You get the sense, watching The
Social Network, that Mark has little experience with
friendship. And in the wake of Erica's rejection, he
flees to his dorm room and opens his soul to his laptop
screen, flooding a blog with bitter put-downs and
unspoken rejoinders - venting and processing perhaps
the only way he knows. And while doing so, he patches
together bits of code and unleashes a bit of vitriol on
women in general - creating an online game of "who's hot,
who's not" on the Harvard campus. He begins working on
a networking site of his own - a site he initially calls Within days of launching, it's the rage at
Harvard. The following month, The Facebook expands to
a handful of othercampuses. Financially backed by roomie
Eduardo Saverin, the site then earns a raid following
among tens of thousands of collegians around the world
In a hellfire and brim-stone opening, the head of the Ministry
of Magic roars that "our world has faced no greater threat."
The forces of 'You Know Who' have seized this and infiltrated
that. The Hogwarts trio have gone into hiding, protect-ing
their families as best they can. When Hermione movingly
whispers "obliviate" and removes any memory of her from her
family, her image fading from photographs as she sadly
covers her tracks, we realize the stakes. And when we see
Voldemort's brain trust meet and torture a random Hogwarts
teacher, the blood tells us this will be the darkest and most
violent Potter film yet.

Spirited chases with Death Eaters and snatchers, cut like a
real action film, break up Harry, Hermione and Ron Weasley's
search for Horcruxes, the evil talismans they must destroy on
"The Chosen One's" way to his date with destiny - aka battle
with You Know Who.

The first third is brisk and witty, the middle third gloomy and
the finale not so much a cliffhanger as a grim, inspiring tease,
This psychological thriller, set in Massachusetts in 1954,
follows U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo
DiCaprio) and his new partner Chuck Aule (Mark
Ruffalo) as they venture to Shutter Island, home of the
fortress-like mental institution Ashecliffe Hospital, to
investigate the inexplicable disappearance of a patient
named Rachel Solondo. To make matters worse, a
hurricane has trapped the two cops on this god
forsaken rock for the time being. As they try to
determine how Rachel escaped and her current
whereabouts, Teddy and Chuck are stonewalled by the
warden (Ted Levine) and the hospital's urbane but
shifty administrator, Dr. Cawley (Sir Ben Kingsley), who
is championing a (then) revolutionary new method for
treating the criminally insane. The deeper Teddy digs
into the mystery of Rachel's disappearance and what is
really going on at Ashecliffe, the more he himself grows

It is a well-acted, handsomely made, old-fashioned
haunted house movie. Shutter Island is a film to be seen
more thanonce - and a film to be savored. It reveals new
depths and undercurrents at every turn. As faras the
twist is concerned, don't get so wrapped up in it that you
miss the double-whammy reality twist at the very end -
and the moral ambiguity inherent in it.
After bandits steal his poker winnings this American legend
makes his way to the next town in search of them. Seeking
out his revenge during a poker game gone bad Doc West
finds himself in the local town jail. When his past is exposed
and a battle amongst the town breaks out in gunfire he will
have to choose sides, between the outlaws or the
law-abiding citizens.

The best parts about it are the full frontal shots of
Terrence Hill's face, showing his steely blue eyes. Simply
put, it's equivalent to any Roy Rodgers episode you
watched back in the day, but without Gabby Hayes. It has
nothing of the panache evidenced by Hill in his spaghetti
westerns, no cleverness of plot, no realism of any sort, and
nothing innovative. It's more or less of a generic western
with mediocre acting and less than mediocre dialog. Your 8
A man coming off a disastrous affair with a married woman
has a lyrical, strange and comedic cross-country journey
in a modified VW bus.  Bass Ackwards follows a man
named Linas on his cross-country journey on trying to
figure his life out. Linas Philips is not only the star in the
indie film but he also directed and co-wrote the script. It is
hard to call Bass Ackwards a comedy, although there are
a few scenes that are worth a chuckle, it is more of an
adventure drama.

It starts off with Linas in a relationship that is less than
perfect. It is clear that he likes her but unfortunately for
him, she is already in another relationship. As if that were
not bad enough, the friend he is staying with seems to be
fed up with him. Evident that the living situation is far from
The idea of Shank is a great one and it could have
been a brilliant gritty movie but it's executed very
poorly. While the movie questions you to ask
yourself "what if this decision was made and this
happened" and tries to send strong messages
about anti-violence and such, it fails to do so and
succeeds in doing the opposite. So the movie is set
in 2015 and the gangs have taken over, the story
revolves around Junior who witnesses his brother
Rager being murdered by Tugz and so he goes out
on a vengeance mission to find Tugz and kill him.
Shank had a brilliant idea and it was interesting that
it was a British gang
culture movie set in the near
Mr. Jack and Sweet Stephen cruise aimlessly through the
streets of LA speculating about life, death, divine will and
the force of power that predetermines their existence. Mr.
Jack attempts to illustrate to his sidekick the delicate and
natural forces of the universe. Sweet Stephen's
superficial charm and bloodsucking lifestyle sends him
and Mr. Jack on a voyage that is relentless, unengaging,
dark and boring.

Whoever put Zach G.'s picture on the front of this owes
him and anyone who watches this movie an apology. It's
clear that someone was blatantly trying to exploit Zach
Galifianakis's fame to dupe people into renting this waste
of time. Not only that, but there were so few comedic
moments there is no way it should be called a comedy.
Inception is a movie about ideas, quite literally - stealing
them, creating them, their power and their ability to linger.
But this is a Christopher Nolan movie, so of course it's
about Big Ideas, about reality and heartbreak and choosing
how to best live our too-brief lives. The fact that Inception is
also fun and emotional and thrilling, even with all those
eggheady concepts wrapped inside it, makes the movie a
true marvel.

At its core Inception is a heist movie, about a team of
operatives led by haunted soul Dom Cobb (Leonardo
DiCaprio) to venture into peoples' minds and extract the
darkest secrets from their subconscious. In this particular
mission, which will be Dom's last, the goal is a little different.
Japanese business mogul Saito (Ken Watanabe) has
assigned them to the perilous task of Inception, planting an
idea so deep in the subconscious of rival CEO Fischer
(Cillian Murphy) that he believes he thought of it himself.
While in Verona, Sophie goes to visit the home of "Juliet,"
the courtyard and balcony that has become the official
residence of Shakespeare's legendary star-crossed lover.
Every year, thousands of letters are brought to that
courtyard and left there, addressed to Juliet, or mailed by
people who can't make the trip. The Juliet Club, also
known as the Secretaries of Juliet, is an organization of
volunteers who take every one of those letters and write
responses back to the broken-hearted people. There is
something very powerful in the idea of all of these cries of
pain to be not only heard but answered. Sophie's drawn to
the idea, and when she offers to help for a few days, she
ends up finding a letter that's been tucked into the wall for
over fifty years and she decides to answer it herself. A few
days later, the woman she wrote to actually arrives in
Verona, and Sophie ends up drawn into the orbit of Claire
(Vanessa Redgrave), this English woman who had one
perfect summer with an Italian man named Lorenzo a
half-century ago.  She agrees to help Claire track down
her Lorenzo to see if there's any chance for a
Hereafter tackles questions of what happens after we die
and whether we can communicate with those who've gone
before us.

George Lonegan, a reluctant SanFrancisco psychic, made a
living for a while communicating with the dead, until the
psychological toll of learning so much personal information
about strangers became too great. Now he lives in a small,
tidy apartment and works at a factory, even though his older
brother keeps trying to convince him that it's his duty, and of
great potential financial benefit, to share his gift.

In Paris, TV news anchor Marie Lelay is still recovering from
having survived the tsunami. She had been vacationing with
her boyfriend, who's also her show's producer, when the
massive waves hit the coast. She'd been at the top of her
game professionally. Now, she questions everything she's
made of, having experienced unexplained visions that shook
her up.
Dave Lizewski is your average teen whose only super power
was being invisible to girls. The only way he can get the
attention of the girl of his affection is by pretending to be
gay. One day, after being mugged in plain day, he wonders
why no one ever thought about becoming a selfless
superhero. Dave dons in a ridiculous looking turquoise
wetsuit and becomes the vigilante 'Kick Ass'. After a
YouTube video of him defending a man from a street gang
appears on the internet, KickAss becomes an overnight
sensation. Kick Ass adventures are often hilarious but it is
the duo of Big Daddy and Hit Girl who will get most of your
attention. Unlike Kick Ass, father and daughter play two
highly trained and deadly vigilantes who are after New York
City's mafia kingpin Frank D'Amico. Wielding often
outlandish weaponry, Hit Girl is a foul-mouthed 11 yr-old girl
with a knack for killing thugs in close combat. Her
introductory scene comes with complete and jaw-dropping
shock to both Kick Ass and viewers as she stabs, cuts
throats, and swears with incredible virtuosity.
Hiccup is the laughingstock of his dragon-hunting class,
failing at every turn to take the reptiles down. Even his own
father is disappointed, fearing that his son will tarnish his
legacy as the most bad-ass slayer in town. Hiccup's fortunes
- and, ultimately, those of his society - change when he
secretly befriends a rare type of dragon, exchanging fish for
a little inter-species trust. Apart from Hiccup and Stoick, his
dad, there's Astrid, the ambitious and rambunctious
classmate who's determined to finish first in her class - and
becomes the first to discover Hiccup's secret. With her thick
braid andfeisty little animated face, she evolves from being a
thorn in Hiccup's side to, predictably, his adoring side-kick.
Snotlout is another student in the rag-tag Viking posse, with
Spoof horror in which a group of college kids do a
semester abroad in Romania and realise that if the
partying doesn't kill them, the vampires just might!
Basically, ten concupiscent American college students
take the ultimate road trip by plane and train to spend a
semester abroad at Razvan University in the heart of
vampire country in Romania. The best--if best is an
appropriate adjective here--gag is a homage to the Mel
Brooks' classic Young Frankenstein". On the way to
Castle Razvan, the kids ride in a horse-drawn cart. Every
time that anybody mentions the word Razvan, the horses
fart, and Razvan is mentioned more than enough times
for the horses to fart more than enough times. Of course,
what comedy would be a comedy were it not for mistaken
identities? Our loopy protagonist Rusty (Oren Skoog) has
been carrying on an Internet romance with Razvan honey
Draguta Floca (Irena H. Hoffman) and sees this as the
perfect excuse to make it with her in person. Later, he
discovers to his chagrin that Draguta has a hump on her
back that he cannot see while on-line with her. Cue the
bad jokes: his pals accuse him of wanting to 'hump her.'
#10 - Transylmania
In Skyline, strange lights descend on the city of Los
Angeles, drawing people outside  like moths to a flame.
Once outdoors, a terrifying extraterrestrial force begins to
swallow the entire human population off the face of the
Earth. In a matter of hours, we will all be gone.The entire
movie follows a small group of survivors as they debate
leaving the giant penthouse the aliens seem to be fixated
upon. The acting is laughable, the aliens look goofy and
reminiscent of Sentinels from The Matrix and an ending so
unbelievably frustrating you'll start rubbing lamps wishing
for your 1 1/2 hours of your life back. If your sole criteria in
grading a film is the special effects, this might be a movie
for you. If you like some semblance of plot or the closure of
an ending, you may want to avoid this one. Only the very
cool F/X manage to squeak the 1 1/2 stars out of this
reviewer. The rest of the film isn't TOTAL crap ..... but it
comes pretty damn close. 1 star for the specials effects 1/2
a star for the rest. Too bad they didn't throw in some
gratuitous nudity and graphic sex. It could have made sitting
through Skyline much less torturous.
#9 - Skyline
#8 - Doc West
A young man named Victor realizes the shortcomings of
the Utopian ideals on the hippie commune where he was
raised. Victor's mother is funding the commune where the
guru Insley hypnotizes and seduces women with a
technique he calls "running." Insley manipulates the
minds of these women so that they give him their bodies
and all their worldly possessions. Victor's childhood love,
Becky, returns to take care of her deathly ill father. Victor,
haunted by visions of Becky's death, is desperate to save
her and himself by escaping from the polygamous cult.
Preoccupied with Insley's free love philosophy, the adults
of the community overlook the painful reality that the self
destructive behavior of their children is most certainly due
to early exposure to sex and drugs. To afford an escape,
Victor tries to sell weed but is cut out by rivals competing
for Becky's affection. Finally, Victor is torn between getting
money from his mother who is entirely under Insley's
#7 - Happiness Runs
Remember when M. Night Shyamalama-ding-dong used to
be able to thrill us with the likes of "The Sixth Sense",
"Signs", "The Village", and even the poorly recieved "Lady
in the Water"? Last year he left us wondering "what
happened?" with the truly awful "The Happening" - OK,
Maybe it wasn't so much awful as just awfully boring.

The world is divided into four kingdoms, each represented
by the element they harness, and peace has lasted
throughout the realms of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire under
the supervision of the Avatar, a link to the spirit world and
the only being capable of mastering the use of all four
elements. When young Avatar Aang disappears, the
FireNation launches an attack to eradicate all members of
the Air Nomads to prevent interference in their future plans
for world domination. 100 years pass and current Fire Lord
Ozai continues to conquer and imprison anyone with
elemental "bending" abilities in the Earth and
Water Kingdoms, while siblings Katara and Sokka from a
Southern Water Tribe find a mysterious boy trapped
#6 - The Last Airbender
#5 - Shank
#2 - Bass Ackwards
#3 - Little Fish, Strange Pond (Frenemy)
#4 - I Am
All of the characters were the same. They were uninteresting, bland, and
forgettable. I often caught myself saying, "Now, who is that again?" The
dialogue didn't mix things up either. Everything was on the nose. The message
came before the method on this one in a big way.

This movie has so many flaws. The characters are not developed and seem to
be just a bunch of clichés. Every character's background can be summed up
in one short sentence, like "woman who will do whatever it takes." Moreover,
their actions are random and completely inconsistent at times. A guy says he
only cares about himself one moment and then helps out a detective for no
reason the next.

The premise of the movie is also ridiculous. Throughout the movie, God
interacts with the characters and resolves their problems. But if God was
speaking to all of us, I doubt there would any of the problems faced by current
society or the people in this movie. So, the movie tries to blend reality with
fantasy in a blatantly impossible way and hopes no one will notice.

However, the main flaw is that this movie is told rather than shown. It consists
mainly of scenes where people talk about what they did rather than showing
what they did. Although this approach works great in a written story, it is
unbearably boring to watch. It's like the cast sat down and talked about what
they would act out instead of really acting it out.

I Am is a great example of what happens when you have someone with access
to enough money to buy or rent the best equipment and thinks he can make a
film. I can hear it now: forget story, it'll look awesome! I'm sorry to say, but you
made moving pictures with sound, but a film it is not. Here we have the reason
why Christian filmmakers get such a bad rap. Not only is this an awful cliché
driven Christian film, it is an awful film - period.
ideal, he seeks to start over by making a cross-country trip to New York.

The main purpose of Bass Ackwards is Linas searching for affection and attention which is reiterated throughout the film. This is first seen
through his girlfriend in the beginning then through his temporary job working with llamas. He demands rhetorically that the llama must say
it loves him before feeding it. All he wants is love and to the point of near suicide.

Although I understand the film is about the journey, it gets repetitive to see the same basic shot of the VW van he is in coasting along the
interstate over and over. They add up to be a lot of what you see during his trip. Cutting out at least half of those cuts may have kept Bass
Ackwards more interesting.

After watching this film I have yet to find a reason why I sat through the whole thing! It is lack lustre, lacking in comedy, lacking in story line
and the plot outline is an over descript outline of its reality. If you enjoy watching paint dry then you may just enjoy this film!
#1 - My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done
a man begins to experience mystifying events that lead him
to slay his mother with a sword. The film is basically about
a psychologically troubled man called McCullum who one
day kills his mother with a sword. He holes up in his house
with two hostages while a detective arrives on the scene
and talks to his two closest friends, his fiancé and
theatrical director. From here we are told various things in
flashback about McCullum, while still observing events in
the hostage situation.

The set up is quite promising really. There is potential for
an interesting story. And the film does have some good
oddball actors at its disposal, like Zabriskie, Willem
Dafoe, Brad Dourif, Chloe Segvigny, and Udo Kier. But
maybe Michael Shannon is a weak link in the central role,
as it is very difficult to empathise with him. This may not be
Shallow, super-sucky supernatural spoof of bloodsucker sagas called "Transylmania" based on an abysmal script by Patrick Casey and
Worm Miller. Unless you have been sniffing glue or inhaling lead-based paint, you may find it challenging to laugh at most of their
ridiculous routines. Everything here qualifies as lowest common denominator humor with loads of bouncing breasts and butts to ogle in
what amounts to high school skits on a big budget. Yes, you guessed it the regurgitated gags take swipes at women, repetitive
puking, drugs, homosexuals, transsexuals, masturbation, bodily fluids, sheep testicles and severed heads. One really bottom of the barrel
scraper gag includes a prank about Siegfried, Roy and a tiger puppet. Truly, a tasteless, brainless comedy
year old will probably like it, and there is nothing objectionable in it to prevent him or her from watching it: quite bloodless, nothing nuanced
or obscure, no sexual innuendo. The violence consists of a snake being shot in the tail, a villain being shot in the hand and a kid wounded in
the shoulder (who of course recovers completely). It all ends well, just like a Roy Rodgers show.
The protagonist is not even likable, wearing the same look on his face throughout the movie. The gratuitous nudity starts at the beginning of
the credits and does not stop. The massive amounts of drug scenes are so unbelievable as are the scenes with Jack Danials and beers
when all the character's are looking for money. This is the reason why Indie films are so hard to get made. This was just a culmination of
stupid dream sequences, stupid characters and horrible acting. The actors just weren't cutting it for me, the performances of them were just
boring and plain annoying. A climax that really never comes... that scenario never takes off and ends up being pointless.
beneath the ice outside their village. Upon rescuing him, he reveals himself to be Aang, Avatar and last of the Air Nomads. Pretty as it can
be, The Last Airbender is fartoo muddled and rushed - and surprisingly amateurish from a storytelling standpoint - to attract viewers
outside its built-in fan base. "The Last Airbender" is the opening chapter in Aang's struggle to survive. Much like the first Star Wars sequel
the movie ends half way through the story. As bad as this film is we can only hope that the rest of the story is never told.
future but everything about it was just terrible, from the acting to the directing. The characters in Shank were just uninteresting, everything
about them was unlikeable.

The acting isn't terrible but it is quite bad, especially Kaya Scodelario which came as a surprise considering she's a good actress in Skins.
The direction wasn't really great either, the whole movie just felt like a feature-length music video. Shank should have been serious, what
with the story and the messages but there were a few things in the movie that took the seriousness away. Shank is a good idea and, in the
hands of somebody better could have been a great movie but in the end, it was dull, boring in most parts and offers nothing new.
Dark, yes, I'll give them that. It's kind of like the "abstract art" that nobody really gets but so-called "deep thinking" critics say they love just
to make you think that they know something that you don't. It was less than an hour an a half long and it still seemed to go on forever. If
you like movies that no one else does and get a sense of superiority because you heard of and were a fan of Zach G prior to The
Hangover, this movie might be right up you alley. If you're like the rest of us who laughed yourself silly at his roll in The Hangover, SKIP
Frenemy or Little Fish, Strange Pond or whatever other name they have to change the movie to in order to not scare people away.
entirely Shannon's fault of course as the character he is playing is somewhat hard to like; nevertheless, Shannon is often too over-the-top
and it becomes tiring. For whatever reason, the characters never really draw us in so that we care enough.

This film is boring and stagnant. From all the takes of all the scenes, I'm sure only the ones with the worst acting performances were used.
It is a long succession of uninspired scenes lacking any highs or lows, with actors who are clearly sorry that they committed to doing the
film. None of them ever credibly interact, and they read their lines like an eight year old would a memorized poem beyond his or her
understanding in front of a classroom.

All the characters are one-dimensional and there is no real explanation given why Mrs. McCullum was killed. From the outset, her son is
notably deranged, but that's about it and the rest is hubbub. The best part is the end (as usual in horrible flicks), when you realize that the
suffering is over and you don't have to wait more for storyline, since they have none.