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April 30, 2011
Review - " Hanna "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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Directed by: Joe Wright
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Tom Hollander,
Olivia Williams, Jason Flemyng, Jessica Barden, Michelle Dockery,
Vicky Krieps

A teenage girl (Saoirse Ronan), who is raised by her father to be a
cold-hearted assassin, finds herself at sea when she goes out into the
world after a life lived in isolation.

Hanna is trained from birth in the woods by her spy father (played by
Eric Banna) to exact revenge on a high level CIA operative (played by
Cate Blanchet). In her early teens Hanna deems herself ready and
sets the plan in motion. The movie alternates between intense action
scenes and moments of discovery to a girl who has learned
everything from a book but has experienced very little (outside hand
to hand combat training).

Despite all of the high caliber actors that populate the film’s
supporting roles, it’s Saoirse Ronan’s film and she shines in the
spotlight. It’s unbelievable the amount of young actresses in the last
year that have delivered top notch performances, and Ronan’s may
be the best yet. She is completely believable in every way in an
extremely complex role that has her performing as a super assassin, a
confused teenage girl, and a deprived child who is seeing the world
for the first time due to her secluded upbringing.
Director Joe Wright made an art film out of an action movie. He spent a lot of attention to detail in every way and there wasn’
t a single lazy moment in the film. From camera angles, to lighting, to editing he made every scene interesting without being
distracting. The writers also went against the Hollywood conventions when it came to several parts in the movie. This kept
the story fresh and the impending sense of danger real. There is a mounting cost and urgency in the search for Hanna
unlike lighter action films.

Hanna is a serious film and it keeps a quick pace. Although the film does not have the large explosions and huge FX action
scenes, it’s hand to hand combat is far more intense than its large budget competition. Hanna uses great performances
and strong characters instead of expensive effects and it works great. It’s an expertly crafted movie that is interesting and
captivating right to the last shot and definitely worth your time.