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May 6, 2011
Review - " Something Borrowed "  -  (in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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Something Borrowed
Directed by: Luke Greenfield
Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John
Krasinski, Steve Howey, Ashley Williams, Geoff Pierson, Jill Eikenberry,
Jonathan Epstein, Leia Thompson, Sarah Baldwin, Mark La Mura,
Lindsay Ryan, Kristen Day, Christopher Peuler

The major plot point of Something Borrowed hinges on the old “I’ve
been in love with you since college, but I could never tell you!” routine.
Poor, dutiful lawyer girl Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) has, since
childhood, cowered meekly in the shadow of her dazzling blond best
friend, Darcy (Kate Hudson), who looks out for number one. Darcy
throws a surprise 30th birthday party for her best pal, only to hijack the
birthday toast by reiterating how totally, over-the-moon happy she is to
be engaged to blandly handsome dullard Dex (Colin Egglesfield). Little
does she know — because she barely seems to know anything —
Rachel has been in love with Dex since they were in law school
together. Darcy insinuated herself into their seedling romance and
somehow ended up with the engagement ring; through it all, Rachel
stood by meekly, saying, “Whatever.”

But on the night of Rachel’s party, after having a few drinks too many,
she and Dex play kissy-face and land in bed together. The next
morning, Rachel is mortified, believing — quite rightly, no matter what
Darcy’s flaws may be — she’s betrayed her best friend. Dex is just
confused, one minute pulling Rachel closer, the next pushing her away.
She pouts nobly as, right in her line of vision, he gambols on the beach
with his self-involved blond goddess. He sends lavish rose bouquets to
Rachel’s workplace, even as he caves in to his fiancee’s every whim.
Meanwhile, Rachel’s platonic best guy pal, Ethan (John Krasinski), looks on with big puppy-dog eyes: You can pretty much
guess what his problem is.

Something Borrowed, based on a story by
Emily Giffin, is the type of romantic comedy
which The show biz industry cranks out regularly,
but almost never seems to get exact.

Nonetheless movie director Luke Greenfield
does make the romance work. And in case the
comedy is almost never laugh-out-loud hilarious,
it is occasionally chuckle-worthy and rarely
dreadful or ridiculous. Regarded as
sentimentally bright flick, if not an outstandingly
humorous one. And, if you desire to watch free
movies online, this is a pretty good one.

Goodwin plays Rachel, a hard-working attorney
who, as the film starts, is being feted for a
surprise 30th birthday party, set up by her
life-long best friend Darcy (Hudson), and Darcy’s
fiancé, Dex (Colin Egglesfield). However that evening ends up, through a confluence of circumstances, with Rachel
sleeping with Dex. Ok now what?

As it turns out, Dex and Rachel were law-school research associates and Rachel had a great infatuation on Dex. However
because he’s so good-looking, she imagined he was outside of her league – after which she let Darcy grab him away the
moment she introduced them. At this point she’s set to be Darcy’s maid of honor at her marriage ceremony to Dex.

However they must go through the long summer of will they/won’t they teasing while Dex attempts to make up his mind
what direction to go and Rachel tries not to betray her buddy’s confidence any more. Circling Rachel like a satellite is her
best friend Ethan (John Krasinski), that’s obviously a much better selection for her but who isn’t going to stand the chance
alongside the picture-perfect Dex.

As mentioned, the picture just isn’t especially hilarious. However it relates to a plausible and intricate scenario that’s
emotionally complex in a legitimate way, without having done anything egregious or merely plain idiotic.

However, Urman’s script almost never provokes the type of laughs you wish for in a authentic romantic comedy. There are
moments that will surprise you — and Krasinski has a method of reworking even mundane lines to make them seem

Goodwin is definitely an actress who invites you in, with her open face and feelings which never lay very much underneath
the surface. I really don’t consider she is a
movie star, in the sense that I don’t think
people will see this picture because Goodwin is
in it – yet she IS an outstanding actress.

I’ve always been a fan of Kate Hudson’s crazy,
quirky roles. But as Darcy, she was an
obnoxious, spoiled brat. It was a little irritating,
but taking a step back, that means she was
doing a helluva job! She won’t be up for an
award, but she played the part perfectly.

Something Borrowed is no one’s thought of a
fantastic flick. But it keeps its eye on the ball
good enough to drag you in and also keep
you, even if you won’t chuckle as frequently as
you want. Romantic comedies are mostly for
the ladies, but I had a good time. It’s the typical
two girls and one guy story, but it was done
fairly well.