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July 24, 2011
Review - " Captain America the First Avenger "
(in theaters) By Roland Hansen
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Captain America the First Avenger
Directed by: Joe Johnson
Starring: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebatian Stan, Tommy
Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci

Chris Evans stars as the World War II superhero and he's the
hunkiest hunk of hunkdom this side of Chris Klein and
Christopher Nolan , which is absolutely awesome because
everyone's first name is Chris. One of my favorite things about
this movie is how it uses special effects to graft Chris's face on
some guy's small, bony body. This is how we first meet Steve
Rodgers because he tries to enlist during World War 2 and is
rejected for being too small and too weak.

In Steve's case, he ends up in a special unit where Tommy
Lee Jones is his commander and eventually he gets turned
into the super-soldier, Captain America. Now, Captain America
doesn't have any special powers except a whole heaping
helping of American pride and a cool shield made out of
Vibranium which has all sorts of cool properties, like bullets
bounce off of it and it makes hot female scientists swoon.
Anyway, Steve pops out of this machine, which is where the
special effects come in because now he's all hunked out. So I
suppose his super power is that he's a hunk.

Steve battles the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) who's this sinister
Nazi agent. The movie opens with the Red Skull leading Hydra
troops to attack a Norwegian village where he believes a
powerful object called "the Cube" to be. We get the sense that
the Red Skull, otherwise known as Johann Schmidt, has become unhappy with the Nazis and is looking to make himself more
powerful with this cube thing. The movie is wonderfully directed by Joe Johnston, who hasn't done a lot lately except for
"Wolfman", but directed "Hidalgo" and "Jurassic Park 3", so he's a big-time director who knows what he's doing and it's great
to have him back. We missed you, Joe!

Everyone will almost certainly enjoy the chemistry between Captain America and his sidekicks: Bucky Barnes (Sebastian
Stan), Union Jack (JJ Field) and Dum Dum Dungan (Neal McDonough). Steve is friends with Bucky before he hunks out, so
it's great that fame doesn't ruin their friendship. They're just so wonderful together, providing not only physical support, but
emotional support too. It's really a rare film that not only allows men to be men, but to also show their caring, understanding
side. It's nice when you can go out and kill Nazis and then come back and have a male shoulder to cry on and discuss your

Another great thing about this movie, especially if you're into comic books, is how it ties together elements of the Marvel
universe so that "The Avengers" will make sense. For instance, the Captain's shield is made by Stark Industries, which is, of
course, the same company that Robert Downey Jr. runs in "Iron Man". I love great movies that make you think of other great
movies. It's like taking a great movie shower. I left the theater dripping in great movies feeling extremely wet.

So you're probably wondering how the Captain will make it to "The Avengers" if he's alive in the 1940's and "Iron Man" is in
the present day. Well, the Captain is frozen and the Incredible Hulk shakes him loose in the arctic (not in this movie, but it's
on the Incredible Hulk DVD in a cut scene). The movie actually opens in present day with the discovery of a bomber frozen in
the Arctic. I won't say anymore
and ruin things for anyone, but
as you can see, the filmmakers
have been planning this all out
and it sounds awesome.

While you're waiting for "The
Avengers", "Captain America:
The First Avenger" will make
that time pass so quick, you
won't even realize there's a
gap between the two. I wish
there was a word that doubled
the value of awesome because
that's the word I'd use to
describe "Captain America".
For right now, I'll just have to
use awesomeawesome.