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August 16, 2011
Review - " My Girlfriend's Boyfriend "  -  (on DVD) By Roland Hansen
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My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
Directed by: Daryn Tufts
starring: Alyssa Milano, Christopher Gorham, Michael Landes, Beau
Bridges, Carol Kane, Tom Lenk, and Heather Stephens.

"My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" features a charmingly devised script with
characters the viewer can grow to love. It's a romantic comedy about
two men who are both in love with one woman.

Christopher Gorham, who played Elder John Groberg in "The Other
Side of Heaven," is as likable and tender as ever alongside former
"Who's the Boss" star Alyssa Milano.

Jesse (Alyssa Milano, Charmed) is a sassy, intelligent woman who
has yet to find "Mr. Right", that is until she bumps into Ethan
(Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty), a writer pushed to the edge of
despair after having another novel rejected by publishers. For Jesse,
the encounter offers more than a chance to inspire the artist in Ethan
again. It also opens a new, romantic chapter in her life... with one
huge complication. Moments after meeting the perfect guy for her,
Jesse meets Mr. Perfect - Troy (Michael Landes, Possession), a
confident and successful advertising executive who makes almost
every moment elegant and romantic. Soon Jesse is in over her head
and grappling with the ultimate romantic paradox: what does a girl do
when she meets "Mr. Right" after already meeting the right guy?

Jesse, a divorced thirty-something waitress who waits on the
down-and-out yet charming writer Ethan. They meet, they banter and
their romantic ball is quickly set in motion. In Ethan, Jesse sees the
to her prayers and a chance to drum up greater inspiration than the struggling writer has seen in years.

But then fate strikes again, Some 10 minutes
later Mr Perfect saunters into Jesse's café,
the dashing Troy (Michael Landes), a slick
advertising executive with the uncanny knack
for making any situation or circumstance
passionately romantic. He and Jesse meet,
they banter and another romantic ball is set in
motion. Suddenly, after years of singleness,
Jesse has two options at her fingertips, and
each one strikes her as too good to be true.
Contrasting Ethan’s nerd-passion and sweet
sentimentality, Troy arrives on the scene with
more suave than all fifteen seasons of The
Bachelor combined. A successful ad exec with
all the elements of tall, dark, and handsome,
he is Prince Charming personified and
proceeds to sweep Jesse right off her feet with every expected accoutrement: roses, candlelit dinners, afternoons of golf at
the club and evenings at souped-up soirees. Jumping between scenes of Jesse’s dates with both boyfriends, it seems a
clear-cut win for Troy in the game of love—and yet Ethan isn’t about to give in either.

Get ready to juggle.

Ultimately, what Jesse discovers about love reflects what the audience discovers about the story itself: Things are not
always what they seem. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is a classic love story turned upside down, a romantic comedy that blends
a warm sincerity with fresh, stylized storytelling and some very big surprises.

Initially, the plot feels painstakingly contrived and cliched. Hmmm … a lonely girl stuck in her shell, contributing little to
society, when all of a sudden, not one, but two fabulous men fall out of the sky and fall in love with her. Milano comes off as
frustratingly wishy-washy.

But keep watching. There is a redemption and sweetness coming. The script, by Daryn Tufts , is quick-humored and
original, making the movie worth a second viewing.

"My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" is exactly what it promises to be: a very romantic comedy.

The film is a clean PG, but not for the whole family. The themes and situations at times, as well as the humor are not suited
for children. So take a date, get a sitter and let the plot and tenderness unfold around you.

aftertaste, this film fits the bill. It’s endearing, engaging, and espouses solid values and appropriate humor, all providing for
a classic, clean story that epitomizes the feel-good. It is a triumph: well-shot, well-written, big-name actors. By all accounts it’
s a movie for the masses but unlike more mainstream fare of the same genre, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend will leave you with a
little more than mere entertainment. A romantic comedy with twist enough to add some real intelligence, this film also gives
you something to think about.

And that, for me, is what bumped this story up to A+ stuff. To watch Jesse caught between two equally intriguing loves but
left with only one choice was crash-course in 'What Really Matters 101'. Being able to contrast the typical Troy story with the
more realistic and haphazard Ethan plot seemed to me an excellent study in what romance has become today — and maybe
what it really should be. In a world defined by vampire romances and Hollywood’s monopoly on what’s hot and who’s not, My
Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is a refreshing return to the realm of a much more edifying reality. It’s a gentle reminder of the
difference between reel love and, well, real love, what sells and what stays. It’s Friday night fodder for some serious
Saturday thought. Romantic comedy going where no romantic comedy has gone before.
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is a boy meets girl,
and then girl meets boy story. It starts out
exactly as you expect a romantic comedy to
go. Jesse is unlucky in love, Ethan is
unlucky in his writing career, she vows to
help him, and he easily falls in love with her.
But then Troy is there to sweep Jesse off
her feet, and before we know it Jesse has a

The ensuing dilemma and ultimate happily
ever after make My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
exactly what it proposes to be: the sweet
fluff of romance for the perfect Friday night
escape. For those looking for a few hours
of light entertainment and a sugary