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February 7, 2012
Review - " The Double "  -  (on DVD) By Roland Hansen
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The Double
Directed by: Michael Brandt
Starring:  Richard Gere, Topher Grace, Martin Sheen

When a United States Senator is brutally murdered, the
evidence points to a Soviet assassin, code-named
Cassius, long-thought to be dead.  Two men who know
Cassius best are thrown together to catch him.  Paul
Shepherdson is a retired CIA operative who has spent his
career tracking Cassius around the globe.  Ben Geary is
a hotshot young FBI Agent and family man who has
studied the killer’s every move.  Ben thinks he knows
Cassius, but Paul knows he is dead wrong.  Now, time is
running out to stop this merciless killing machine.  This
tense thriller will keep you guessing until the very last

THE DOUBLE is an awesome, mind-twisting thriller that,
as mentioned above, keeps you guessing up until the
very end.  It is well written and very well executed.  There
are several twists inside the plot, and each time you think
you have things figured out...well, you don’t.

I have seen spy thrillers before, but few of them had me
guessing like this one.  THE DOUBLE does an excellent
job of building you up and then breaking you down once
you think you have a solution.  I love movies that do this,
and anytime a director can pull it off with skill, the result is

The acting in THE DOUBLE is great, with Topher Grace
and Richard Gere both giving great performances.  I
thoroughly enjoyed both onscreen; they played off of
each other well, with Gere acting as the veteran and Grace portraying the cocky young hotshot.  I was curious as to
whether or not Topher Grace could pull this off, but he does so with ease.

"The Double" conjures up all sorts of questions considering the premise of the movie and its title: double agent? double
cross? However "The Double" is more of a psychological thriller than a spy movie or suspenseful mystery. The major
twist/reveal happens in the first 30 minutes, which was initially disappointing. But the suspense of whether or not Cassius
will be caught is carried throughout the rest of the movie so well that the patient viewer doesn't feel robbed