Ellen Page
With the DVD release of mega hit and Delta's Choice best picture
"Juno", the theatrical release of "Smart People" and Delta's
attendance at the Boston Independent Film Festival showing of
"The Tracey Fragments" no performer is more in the hearts and
minds of Delta FIlms than
Delta's Choice Award winning Actress
Ellen Page.

Ellen debuted at # 24 on the
2007 Delta 99 Most Desirable Women
Page was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Martha Philpotts, a teacher, and
Dennis Page, a graphic designer. She attended the Halifax Grammar School until grade 10,
spending some time at Queen Elizabeth High School, and graduating from the Shambhala School in
2005. She also spent two years studying in the Interact Program at Vaughan Road Academy in
Toronto, Ontario. Growing up, Page enjoyed playing with action figures and climbed trees.
1997 Pit Pony - Maggie Maclean - TV movie
1999 Pit Pony - Maggie Maclean - TV series
2001 Trailer Park Boys - Treena Lahey - TV series
2002 The Wet Season - Jocelyn  
2002 Marion Bridge - Joanie  
2002 Rideau Hall - Helene - TV series
2003 Love That Boy - Suzanna  
2003 Going for Broke - Jennifer - TV movie
2003 Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story - Young Lisa
2003 Touch & Go - Trish  
2003 Ghost Cat - Natalie Merritt - TV movie
2004 ReGenesis - Lilith Sandström - TV series
2004 Wilby Wonderful - Emily Anderson  
2004 I Downloaded a Ghost - Stella Blackstone  
2005 Mouth to Mouth - Sherry  
2005 Hard Candy - Hayley Stark  
2006 X-Men: The Last Stand - Kitty Pryde  
2007 An American Crime - Sylvia Likens  
2007 The Tracey Fragments - Tracey Berkowitz  
2007 The Stone Angel - Arlene  
2007 Juno - Juno MacGuff  
2008 Smart People - Vanessa Wetherhold  
2008 Jack and Diane - Diane  
2009 Whip It - Bliss  
2009 Peacock - Maggie
Ellen Page - Juno
Ellen Page -Smart People
Ellen Page - Juno
Page began acting at age 10, appearing in the telefilm Pit Pony, which would later spin-off a television series. This led to roles in a number of
small Canadian films and television series—notably playing Treena Lahey in Season 2 of Trailer Park Boys. At 16, she was cast in an
independent film shot in Europe, Mouth to Mouth.

Page starred in the 2005 movie Hard Candy, and gained praise for "one of the most complex, disturbing and haunting performances of the
year". As the title-character star of Juno, Page garnered substantial praise; A. O. Scott of the New York Times noted her as being
"frighteningly talented" and Roger Ebert said, "Has there been a better performance this year than Ellen Page's creation of Juno? I don't think
so". Page was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Juno, but lost to Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose.

Page next starred in Smart People, which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and received a wide release on April 11, 2008. Page
has roles in three films unreleased as of January 2008: An American Crime, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival; The Tracey
Fragments, which is scheduled for a U.S. release in early 2008; and The Stone Angel.

In 2008, Page will star in Michael Lander's Peacock, opposite Cillian Murphy; and Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It!. Page is also
attached to star in Peter Stebbings' The Defender as well as Jack and Diane opposite Olivia Thirlby, with whom she co-starred in Juno.

Page hosted Saturday Night Live on March 1, 2008 with musical guest Wilco (special appearances by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rudolph
Giuliani and Vincent D'Onofrio.)  For her traditional opening monologue, she mocked the stylized dialogue of the movie Juno with cast
member Andy Samberg, who impersonated Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody. Page's SNL characters included Miley Cyrus, Peter Pan, Virginia
Hastings' stepdaughter, and a young woman named Marty who realizes she is a lesbian after attending a Melissa Etheridge concert.
ACTRA Maritimes Awards
2003 - Outstanding Female Performance, Marion Bridge (Won)
Annual Aint it Cool Award
2008 - Aicn’s Best Actress, Juno (Won)
Atlantic Canadian Award
Best Canadian Actress, The Tracey Fragments (Won)
Austin Film Critics Association
2007 - End-of-Year Award / Best Actress - Hard Candy (Won)
2007 - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award
2008 - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
DC Film Critics Award
2007 - Best Breakthrough Performance, Juno (Won)
Delta's Choice
2007 - Delta's Choice - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
2007 - Delta 99 Most Desirable Women #24
Film Independent's Spirit Award
2008 - Best Female Lead, Juno (Won)
Florida Film Critics Award
2007 - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
2007 - Pauline Kael Breakout Award, Juno (Won)
Gemini Awards
2005 - Best Supporting Actress, ReGenesis (Won)
2004 - Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series
                 Mrs. Ashboro's Cat
Gotham Award
2007 - Breakthrough Actor,  Juno (Won)
Hollywood Award
2007 - Breakthrough Actress of the Year, Juno (Won)
Independent Spirit Awards
2007 - Best Female Lead, Juno (Won)
Las Vegas Critics Award
2007 - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
National Board of Review - NBR Award
2007 - Breakthrough Performance by an Actress, Juno (Won)
2007 - Breakthrough Performer, Juno (Won)
Phoenix Film Critics Society Award
2007 - Breakthrough on Camera, Juno (Won)
Santa Barbara Virtuosos Award
2008 - Juno (Won)
Satellite Award
2007 - Best Actress in a motion picture, comedy or musical, Juno (Won)
St. Louis Critics Award
2007 - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
Toronto Film Critics Award
2007 - Best performance by a female, Juno (Won)
Utah Film Critics Award
2007 - Best Actress, Juno (Won)
Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards
2008 - Best Actress in a Canadian Film, The Tracey Fragments (Won)
Women Film Critics Circle Award
2006 - Best Equality of the Sexes, Hard Candy (Won)