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June 19, 2009
Review - " The Proposal "  - (in Theaters) By Roland Hansen
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The Proposal - Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock
You can guess what happens from there. There's nothing particularly original about The Proposal. This formulaic routine
has been done to death in countless romantic comedies. The thing is, for films of this nature to work, there has to be good
comic timing and chemistry between the leads.

For the most part, Bullock and Reynolds make a fairly entertaining on screen couple. This despite the fact that Bullock is
twelve years Reynolds' senior. They're daring, too, all in the name of laughs. Bullock actually plays against type here.
Usually, she's the cute girl next door type. Here, she's the bitch next door type. Meanwhile, Reynolds takes the subtle route
making you all but forget he's the same guy who played Van Wilder.

Mary Steenburgen has real warmth as Reynold's mom. And as the groom's grandmother, Betty White gets to use her
considerable comic talent and timing to throw out some real zingers that are sure to get you smiling. There's also a fun
storyline featuring Oscar Nunez as a guy who happens to have multiple jobs, including the town's only male stripper.

It also provides us with a wonderful scenic town of Sitka, Alaska (although it was filmed mainly in Rockport, Mass., and no
actual footage of Alaska appears in the film).

The comical situations tend to get a little absurd, as is often the case in films of this nature, but some of the gags are
actually quite of funny. As stupid as it is, the bit in which a naked Bullock inadvertently falls on top of a naked Reynolds,
works surprisingly well even though the events that lead to the payoff are incredibly forced.

The Proposal is what it is. It's silly and labored, but it does have moments of undeniable charm and it also has the lovely
Betty White. This wily veteran pretty much lights up the screen every time she's in the frame. Whatever the case may be,
When this movie was all over, I knew the best way to describe its overall vibe. The Proposal is, in a word, "enjoyable."

It's light and funny, it's silly
and sweet, and it's a good
time. You may find yourself
ahead of the plot, so don't
expect any big surprises
there. But just sit back,
relax, smile, laugh and
enjoy the ride.

In spite of the much hyped
nude scene between
Reynolds and Bullock, you
will have to walk out of this
Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock - The proposal
The Proposal
Directed by Anne Fletcher
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Mary
Steenburgen, Craig T Nelson, Malin Ackerman, Oscar Nunez

Romantic comedies, as a genre, seem to be suffering the past few
years. Last year gave us the likes of "27 Dresses", "Definitely Maybe",
and "Made of Honor". So far this year we have "Bride Wars", "New in
Town", "He's Just Not That Into You", and of course "My Life In Ruins".
All standard, run-of-the mill, albeit mostly enjoyable and fairly bland
films. Where's "When Harry Met Sally"? Where's "Sleepless In Seattle"?
(Save us Meg Ryan!). Now the reigning queen of Rom-Coms, Sandra
Bullock, comes to us with another standard, run-of-the mill, albeit mostly
enjoyable and fairly bland flick. Although this one is actually pretty
funny. You'll definitely (maybe?) get a few laughs.

In "The Proposal", Bullock plays a tough-as-nails boss who learns she's
about to be deported back to Canada. Her solution is to make her
assistant (Ryan Reynolds) marry her if he wants to keep his job, and
convince the government their relationship is the real deal. Truth be
told, Andrew can't stand his boss, but if he's ever going to have a shot
at a better position, he'll have to play ball. In typical sitcom fashion, the
fake vows are exchanged and the zany antics ensue. Faster than you
can say; "Fish out of water", Andrew drags Margaret to his home town
so that he might convince his family that they really are in love, thereby
convincing authorities that Margaret isn't trying to pull a fast one.